"A Christmas to Remember"

Copyright 2002
Adele Previte

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter Three
Bad Timing

The snow was starting to come down harder than before.  The visibility was beginning to deteriorate as nightfall drew closer.

Keith was beginning to have difficulty seeing out of the window of the hover car he was driving.  And as he gazed at his watch, the time was growing short as well...

Nearly four-thirty now...

The roads were becoming difficult to hover through, as the craft was having a hard time determining where the ground was.


"WHOA!" the Voltron Commander shouted, as he swerved to miss something in the road.

A large animal had dashed across the road Keith had been traveling on...

Keith managed to miss the animal crossing the road... but instead,  managed to hit the tree just to the side of the road, bringing the hover car to an abrupt halt suddenly.

Keith's head slammed into the control board, as he was propelled forward by the impact. Knock out for only a few minutes, Keith slowly came around to his senses, trying to assess what had happened.

Dazed somewhat, he looked up, and upon seeing the tree directly in front of him, he surmised that he must have hit it while attempting to avoid the animal in the road.  He got out of the hover car and looked at it.

It was damaged beyond repair.

"Great..." Keith moaned with frustration.

He pulled back his coat sleeve to activate his wrist COM...

"Oh, that's just perfect!" he shouted out loud.

The wrist COM was damaged too.

"It must have broken during the crash," Keith thought to himself.

With no means of transportation, and no way to call for help, he became aware that his situation had turned precarious.  And the weather wasn't making things much easier to deal with...

Without a warm place to stay for the night, he knew he'd freeze to death in a matter of hours...even with the shelter of the hover car to protect him.

The howling winds were producing near zero wind chills as it was.  No telling if that would let up any time soon.  In fact, more than likely, it would only get worse.

And it was Christmas Eve besides...

Keith reached his hand into his pocket, and grabbed onto the box that was there.  As he looked up into the blackness, and with the wind whipping through this jet black-hair, he suddenly took a deep breath in and let it out slowly...

"Well, Princess," Keith said out loud to no one but himself.  "Looks like your gift might not get to you after all.  At least, not tonight."

He stood outside and squinted in the distance...he could see the Castle of Lions from where he stood.  It wasn't that far away... an hour's walk in good weather.  But in bad weather... a few hours at least.

And that was far too long to be outside this evening.

Keith suddenly kicked the car with his foot, and then got back into it, slamming the door as the got inside.  His options were limited.  And the nearest village was probably an hour's walk in the bad weather, from where he was now.

Keith surmised that either he would die walkingor he could try to stay in the car...and hope someone at the Castle would come looking for him.

It was going to be a long, silent night...