"A Christmas to Remember"

Copyright 2002
Adele Previte

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Chapter Two
Party Plans

The Castle of Lions continued to take the full brunt of the blustery winds, as the snow continued to fall from the sky, faster and faster, as the minutes passed.  The clouds were thick and dark, but somehow, the snowy ground seemed to lighten up the sky.

Allura stood at the window that overlooked the balcony...in the front part of the Castle.  She watched the snow as it fell horizontally past her view from the window, wondering to herself where Keith could be.

It had been hours ago when he had left the Castle in a hover car.  He said he had some things to do...and that was all he said.  There was no mention as to where he was going, or what his purpose would be on  such a miserable day as today.

But it was Christmas Eve, and the Princess had assumed it had something to do with gathering presents for the Christmas Eve Party she had arranged for the evening.  Perhaps he was getting some additional gifts for the children, who were attending from a nearby village.

Allura had already gathered so many presents, as it was, that she was worried if the children would be able to carry them all back home with them...especially with the weather as nasty as it was currently.

The children where expected, along with their parents or guardians, sometime after six o'clock.  And it was already three-thirty now.

"Looking for a falling star, Allura?"

Allura turned around and smiled as Lance entered the room.  He returned her smile and walked up to her to join her by the window.

"I have a weather reportand I'm afraid it's not looking real good right now." Lance said. "Its forecasted to get worse later."

"Maybe we should cancel the party, then." She said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Lance shook his head. "Nah, I think it'll be okay. If nothing else, we can transport them back to the village in the lions later."

"I know, but I'd hate to risk anyone getting hurt in this." she replied.

"You know, Princess," Lance began. "Snow is a kid's best friend.  The kids will love this!  It can't snow enough, if you ask me!"

"Yes, but I'm worried about them being exposed to the elements like that." She replied. "You can develop frostbite without even realizing it."

"Yeah...but its still a lot of fun!" Lance proclaimed.  "And I plan on commanding the first snowball war of Christmas!"

Allura smiled. "You realize, of course, that Keith will probably outthink all of us."

"He's not invited!" Lance chuckled. "We can't have a real commander involved!  He'd only turn it into a military operation somehow!"

Allura's hand flew to her mouth as she let out a giggle.  Lance likewise joined her in the laugh.

"Speaking of Keith," Lance continued. "Where is the fearless one?"

"He's gone out...but he wouldn't say where to." Allura replied.  "Only to say that he had some things to do."

Lance smiled to himself...knowing exactly what Keith was doing.  He would have done the same, had he had someone special on Christmas.

But there was no doubt, that Keith would never actually tell the Princess how he felt about her...at least, how they all thought he felt about her.

"Aw, don't worry about him, Princess." Lance said. "Keith will be back before you know it!"

"But he's already been gone most of the day." Allura sighed. "And the weather is getting worse. I'm getting worried, Lance."

"Well, you could always call him on the COM." Lance reminded.

"Oh no!" Allura gasped.  "I...I just couldn't do that! He'd think I was spying on him!"

"Well then," Lance smiled. "I guess you'll just have to look out that window until be comes back.  That is what you're doing, isn't it?  Gawking out of the window, waiting for him to come back?"

Allura's nose wrinkled suddenly. "I beg your pardon!" she huffed.  "I'm...I'm not gawking out the window, looking for him!"

Lance winked at her. "Sure you're not, Allura!" he said playfully. "I believe you!  But you know, now's not the time to be naughty and tell fibs... not with Santa Claus so close to coming!
You'll get nothing for Christmas!"

"You mean, Santa 'Hunk' Claus, don't you?" Allura giggled. "He's still going to be Santa for the children, right?"

"Yeah, and Pidge is going to be the elf, although that took some convincing to do." Lance replied. "Pidge was thinking we were picking on him again."

"I think he's grown up quite a lot." Allura replied. "At age 19, he's as tall as you boys are right now!"

"Yeah, but he's still self conscious about it...you know...all of us still calling him, 'squirt' and all.  He still thinks about it..." Lance said.

"Well, perhaps we should all make a conscious effort not to repeat those types of nicknames to himif they bother him so." Allura replied.

"I guess you're right, Allura." Lance said with a smirk. "But its more habit than anything else."

Allura returned her gaze back out the window. "Its getting worse," she said with regards to the weather.  "I wish I knew where Keith was."

Lance looked out with her.  "He'll be okay."

Allura sighed...  "I sure hope so, Lance."

"He's a smart guy, Princess.  He won't do something that would jeopardize his safety." Lance smiled. "He'll be back soon."

Allura offered only a nod of her head in response.

Lance turned around and began walking away. "I'll catch you later, Princess. I have some stuff to do before the party starts!"

Allura nodded in reply once again, never letting her gaze be removed from the horizon...

"Oh Keith," she sighed gently. "I hope wherever you are, that you're safe."