"A Christmas to Remember"

Copyright 2002
Adele Previte

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Chapter Thirteen
The Christmas Miracle

Keith returned to his quarters, and changed his clothes, getting into his red jumpsuit.  After a nice soothing hot shower, he felt refreshed, and more like himself once again.  But his heart was saddened.

Allura told him that the team had decided last night, to wait until he had returned back home, to exchange gifts with each other.

Keith had a present under the tree for everyone on the team, in the main team lounge area...everyone, that is...except the Princess.

The heart crystal was lost, after carelessly leaving it behind at Gabe's place.  And the fact that he couldn't seem to find the log cabin again, left an unsettled feeling in his soul.

But it was less troubling to him, as was the thought that he would have nothing to give to Allura, now that he had lost the gift he had so carefully picked out for her.

But he was alive... and that was gift enough, according to Allura, who had already been told of the lost present.  She fluffed it off as immaterial, saying that the fact that he was safe and back among them, was gift enough, as far as she was concerned.

Her kindness never failed to warm his heart to the utter most.

Lance had returned from the Royal stables, bedding down the horse that Keith had rode in. The horse seemed happy enough, and after instructing the attending stable hands to feed the animal, Lance left and returned to the Castle.

He stood in the lounge, waiting for his friends to arrive so that they could open presents. He began dividing them...

Six for himself...
Six for Pidge...
Six for Coran...
Six for Hunk...
Six for Keith...

...And five for Allura.

Lance knew that Keith's present was lost...the one he was going to give Allura.  He had heard the story from the Princess.  But she seemed less concerned with it, then he would have been, had it been him.  He smiled, thinking of the lesson she had taught him in that one act of

Pidge flew in with Hunk, and following behind them was Coran. Allura came in next, and moments later, Keith had arrived.

Before they opened presents, Allura stood among her friends to say a few words to them all.

"I know I speak for everyone in this room, when I say, that there is no greater gift in the universe, that can compare to the gift of our Commander and friend, being reunited back with us once again, on this Christmas morning. And although the presents may not be even in
numbers, I can say that I am the richest person in this room, as I have the greatest gift that ever there was.... the gift of friends that I love...so very much. Friends that could never be replaced...by wealth, or fame, or prestige.  No gift in this world can compare to the gift of love that is in my heart of each of you."

A note of silence fell upon the room, as everyone reflected on what the Princess had just said.

Keith suddenly stepped up toward her, and took her hands into his. "I know I speak for all of the guys, when I say, that your friendship to us all is stronger then anything this world can offer.  We're a family.  And together, we're stronger for it."

Allura smiled warmly, and returned the squeeze that Keith affectionately gave her.

"And," Keith added. "My heart truly has never known more happiness,  then when I'm with you, Allura. When I'm with all of you! Christmastime has a whole new meaning to me, ever since I came to Arus.   Ever since...I've met you, Princess."

The tears welled up in her eyes uncontrollably, and she suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around Keith's neck.  He likewise reached out and held her close to him...seemingly oblivious to the other people in the room.

"Okay!" Lance said out loud suddenly, not missing a beat on the teasing.  "Let's not get carried away here!   You'll need a room soon!"

"LANCE!" Everyone shouted at him at once.

Lance laughed out loud, his hand suddenly flying to the back of his neck to rub it nervously.

"Let's open the presents!" Pidge pronounced, attempting to change the tone of the moment.

Allura helped Keith hand out the presents that Lance had separated, and each of them opened them up, one at a time.

After nearly a half-hour of opening presents, the servants began to bring in coffee, tea and desserts. The servants laid them out on the table in the lounge, and everyone began to dig right in...fighting with Hunk, as he quickly was the first to start shoveling the sweets into his mouth.

Pidge went over to the tree and turned on the lights. As he leaned back up, he saw another small present, tucked neatly in the confines of the branches, near the top middle of the tree.

He reached up and grabbed for the small-boxed gift, wrapped in gold wrapping paper, with a white bow on the top of it. It was addressed to Allura...

"Hey everyone!" Pidge announced. "There's another present we forgot about!"

Everyone turned to look at Pidge, who was now holding the small-boxed gift in his had.

"Who's it for, Pidge?" Lance asked.

"The Princess!" Pidge replied, as he began walking up to her. "It was sitting in the tree."

Keith had just taken a bit of his Danish, when his eyes caught sight of the gift that Pidge was bringing over to Allura.  He nearly choked as he looked at it...

"How in the world...?" he began to say out loud, but silenced himself as Allura accepted the gift.

"Oh my!" she gasped, feeling the weight of it in her hands.

"Well, open it up, Allura!" Lance said suddenly. "Don't keep us guessing!"

She popped open the wrapping paper from the sides of the small package, and quickly unwrapped the gift, revealing a white box.  Allura lifted the lid...and as she removed the tissue paper, she gasped suddenly with joy.

Inside of the box was a beautiful heart-shaped crystal, strung on a delicate golden chain. There was a card in the box as well...

She read it...and smiled contently...and then looked up at Keith suddenly.

"Who's it from, Princess?" Hunk asked, his mouth full of coffeecake.

"Yeah, Princess!" Pidge echoed Hunk's thought. "What's the card say?"

Allura smiled and returned her gaze to the card and the heart crystal.

"It says... Merry Christmas, Allura. All my love, Keith." she said sweetly.

Everyone turned to look at Keith. "Hey," Lance said suddenly.  "Hey Princess, I thought you said that Keith told you he lost the present the bought you!"

"Keith?" Allura asked him, as she held out the gift to him.

"Yeah, Keith!" Pidge spoke up suddenly, looking to his Commander for an answer.  "So tell us the scoop!  We're you just playing with us?"

"I don't understand, Keith," Allura said to him, now holding the crystal in her delicate hand.

Keith stood bewildered...

"I...I did lose it! I swear I did!" he said back to them all. "I...I don't understand this!  Where did it come from?  I left it back at Gabe's house.  And that's when I tried to go back, and suddenly couldn't find the house anymore!"

"Well, sounds to me like a Christmas angel maybe brought it here!" Hunk teased.

"Oh, knock it off, Hunk!" Lance chuckled back.

"No, he's got a point!" Keith suddenly said out loud. "Somehow, this got here...and it wasn't by me!  It was gone ...I'd swear it was gone!   And now..."

"You said you couldn't find this guy, Gabe's house again?" Pidge asked Keith. "Are you sure you were in the right area?"

"Yeah, maybe he brought it to the Castle, and someone brought it in here?" Hunk added.

Coran shook his head. "I have heard no reports of anyone coming to the Castle this morning.  I have no explanation as to how Commander Keith's gift was brought here. I was never informed of any visitors to the Castle today...so no one brought it here. I surely would have heard of it, if it had been so."

Allura looked at Keith again. "What was this man's name again?" she asked him.

"His name was Gabe." Keith replied.

"Gabe," Lance uttered slowly. "As in...Gabriel?"

"As in Gabriel, the Archangel?" Hunk added.

"As in... the Christmas angel?  Wasn't he the one, according to the Bible, the one that foretold the birth of Christ?" Pidge asked.

Everyone was silent for a moment...

"Oh, come on, guys!" Keith replied. "You can't really believe that Gabe is... is a..."

"What other explanation do you have?" Lance asked. "This guy shows up out of nowhere, rescues you from the cold, feeds you, clothes you, takes care of you..."

"And said he knows me...and said that I knew him too." Keith said suddenly.

"Whoa, this is so weird!" Pidge replied. "Keith was rescued by Gabriel...the Angel from Heaven?"

"I...II don't know," Keith said slowly.

"Well, you couldn't find the cabin again." Lance added. "And the gift shows up out of nowhere!  What would you call it?"

No on said another word for several seconds.

Allura looked down at the gift in her hand... the heart crystal that Keith had bought for her.  She raised her eyebrows suddenly and then her eyes to look at the bewildered Voltron Leader, who was standing right beside her.

She smiled tenderly... "I'd call it...a Christmas miracle!" she proclaimed.

Everyone paused for a moment...and then, nodded slowly in agreement with Princess. Coran cleared his throat suddenly...

"It is indeed, a Christmas miracle." He echoed the Princess's statement.  "And we have much to be thankful for. The return of our Commander...and our friend."

"Yeah," Hunk added. "That alone is a miracle!"

"After flying in that storm last night, I would say that it's all nothing short of a miracle." Lance agreed.

Coran rose his cup of tea above his head. "I purpose a toast!  To the Christmas miracle!  And to the man known as 'Gabe'.  Whoever he is, whether land dweller or heaven dweller, may he know that he has brought joy into our hearts this day."

"To Gabe!" the team shouted, raising their coffee and tea toward the ceiling.

Later that day, Allura stood quietly in the ballroom... the very same one that the children's Christmas party was in the night before.  The room was now empty...save the enormous Christmas tree.

The wrapping paper was still on the floor. The Princess instructed the staff to leave it until after Christmas, wishing them to enjoy themselves during the holiday.

As she walked up to the chair where 'Santa' had sat in, a weak smile came over her face. She remember the small girl who had lost both of her parents last year. Her heart went out to the little one.


Allura whirled around and saw Keith standing in the doorway.  She smiled at him.

"I'm so sorry, Keith!" Allura replied. "I didn't hear you come in..."

"Its okay." he replied back, as he walked into the room to where she stood. He looked at the tree. "How'd it go...the party, I mean?"

"Fine." she returned.

He nodded. "I'm sorry I missed it."

"Me too." she replied.

He looked at her...and suddenly noticed that she was wearing the heart crystal around her neck. He rose his finger up to her throat and touched the crystal.

"It suits you." he said with a smile. "I somehow knew it would."

"Its lovely, Keith!" she beamed. "Thank you, so much!"

"I'm glad that you like it." he replied.

"Its absolutely beautiful, Keith!" she said.

He paused... and then decided to brave it...

"Just like you are." he said quietly.

Keith looked up and saw all the decorations hanging from the ceiling.  He then got a wonderful idea....

"Hey...how would you like a Christmas dance all our own?" he asked Allura.

"Here?" she returned.

"That's what ballrooms are made for, aren't they?" Keith replied.  Then he raised his voice. "Computer... christmas music, please!  Play...  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!"

The music suddenly began..
a soft rendition of the song
echoed throughout the ballroom.

Keith bowed to Allura...
"May I have this dance,
Your Majesty?"

Allura giggled, and
then nodded her head.
"I'd be delighted!"

They danced together...
until the song ended.

Just outside the Castle confines, a figure dressed in a dark coat and dark looking pants, stood silently in the snow.  The gray bearded older man, known only as Gabe, had a smile on his face as he looked at the Castle of Lions from a distance.

"Well," Gabe said contently. "Looks like another happy ending."

He looked up to the sky and took a deep breath of air into his lungs...feeling privileged to have been used by the Master of the Universe, to rescue yet one more lost soul.

Arus's future depended on the Black Lion pilot's survival.  And had there not been a heavenly intervention, Commander Keith would have died last night.

Gabe continued to smile contently. He turned, he began to walk away from the Castle. And as he did... a bright light engulfed him suddenly, surrounding him completely.  His body changed from the vision of an older man...to that of a winged creature...an angelic host.

An angel...

Once again, Gabriel was honored in being used by the Master, as the deliverer of good news. And on this Christmas Day, Arus's good news was the life of Commander Keith...and man who would have a special  purpose, and a very important role to play in the future of this lanet...and its princess.

The light shone again around Gabriel...and he disappeared, leaving behind him, the happiness that he had been a part of...

And the gift of the heart crystal...give to a Princess, who's heart was as pure as gold itself, given to her by a man, who's own heart was as noble and pure as hers was.

"Faith, hope, love...these three.   But the greatest of these...is love."

The End

(Bible reference located in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13)

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