Special Thanks!

I would like to acknowledge and offer thanks to the following:

·Thanks to World Event Productions: for the creation of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and Voltron: The Third Dimension, and the cast of characters.  Without WEP's inspiration to adapt Voltron, formerly known as "Go-Lion" from Japan, we fans would have nothing to write about! 

·Megan Miller, E-mail guru from WEP: She has been an encouragement to me!  She convinced me that I'm not a loony 38 year old (well, actually, I am!) for liking Voltron so much.  Thanks Megan!  Thank you also for the suggestion to copyright my stories.  I appreciate the idea.

·My husband, Rich: Always my biggest fan!  I love you, Hon!  You've sacrificed your time on the computer and your Saturdays off to help me get everything in place!  God couldn't have given me a better, more loving man to spend the rest of my life with!  Even Commander Keith can't hold a candle to you! 

You can visit my husband's video production webpage,          by clicking on the yellow title. 

·My friend, Amber: Thanks for giving me the encouragement as a fellow Keith and Allura fan to continue to press on in my efforts of making my site a reality!  And thank you for your outstanding friendship!  Nice Job on                     , Amber!  Keep up the good work!  (Please visit Amber's site by going to my Links Page when its up and running!)

·To Shannon: Thank you for being so kind to me, and for allowing me to borrow some of your pictures from your site.  I truly appreciate your kindness!  (Please visit Shannon's site by going to my Links Page.)

·Last, but not least, I'd like to thank God...for giving me a creative brain!  You're an awesome God!

Son of Keith
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