"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Chapter 28
The Final Farewell

As the sun peaked over the Castle wall, Pidge rose from his bed, eager to finish calculations on the trip home that the five future Voltron teamsters would soon be taking.  He went back to bed after the team meeting, and actually intended only to get a quick nap.  But instead, found that he had fallen asleep for far longer than he had planned on. 

He rushed down the hallway to the Castle armory, to get a jetpack that he could use to go to the landing strip where the other Voltron Lions rested overnight, under the guard of a force shield.  The shield was really a precaution that Keith wanted to take, just in the event that Lotor would decide to sneak around Planet Arus during the night and try to destroy the future Robot Lions. 

When Pidge arrived by jetpack to the landing, he found evidence of an intruder present.  There were mechanical devices lying about, and what appeared to be some sort of upscale microcomputer sitting on Blue Lion's paw.

Pidge pulled out his blaster "Who's there?  Show yourself or get blasted!"  He shouted.

From behind the Blue Lion's paw, a small figure darted out "Don't shoot, Uncle Pidge!  It's just me!" 

"Tyler!  What are you doing out here alone?"  Pidge scolded.  "You should have taken someone with you!  What if Lotor snatched you?  Where would your team be without you?"

Tyler flipped his hand at Pidge and responded, "No way, Uncle Pidge!  The Lotor of this time is way too stupid to think of that!  He's much smarter in my time period!"

"Even so...you should have been more careful!"  Pidge said again, suddenly finding he sounded much like Keith. 

"Relax, Uncle Pidge!  I've got everything under control here!"  Tyler reminded.  "Come on, let me show you the lions of the future!  There's been several improvements over the years!" 
Tyler's invitation caught Pidge's interest, and so he decided to take Tyler up on his offer. 

"Okay...nephew..." Pidge said; still not used to the terminology.  "Give me the grand tour!" 

As Pidge and Tyler investigated the great wonders of science, back at the Castle, the teams were just coming around to the day.  Of course, Keith was in his old familiar spot...in the Castle Control Room. 

He was busily looking over the instrument panel when a voice interrupted his concentration...and it brought to mind a familiar scene in his memory...


He looked up from his console and gazed over toward the door.  There she stood, as beautiful as she could be.  It was hard to believe that he no longer had to hide his feelings for her. 

"Princess!"  Keith responded and stood up to move toward her.

Allura smiled one of her smiles that always took his breath away.  "Am I intruding?"  She asked.

"Not at all, Allura."  Keith smiled back.  "What can I do for you?"

She gracefully moved across the room to meet him.  "Hold me."  She said simply.  "Hold me...  and never let me go."  She thrusted herself into his arms.  He held her close to him.

A very different response then the one he once got once before, as he recalled...

Keith's eyes squinted tightly together as he held Allura close to him.  All in all, it was not a very good memory, since it ultimately had to do with the strange cloud formation that took her life.  He shook off the memory and concentrated on this present moment...holding her in his arms.

Allura looked up into Keith's eyes and he quickly opened them to meet her gaze "Coran is waiting to talk to you again."

Keith's mood suddenly changed. 

"Yeah, well I don't want to talk to him anymore!  I'm in no mood to argue!" Keith said, his face now sporting a frown.  "He's got his point of view and I've got mine.  He's not likely to change his either.  And I'm certainly not changing mine!"

Allura looked up at Keith;  "No... you're wrong!  He wants to apologize to you for his behavior previously!" 

Keith suddenly broke off the embrace, and held her at arm's length, looking her over for a moment. 

"What did you say to him?" he asked her, his eyes growing cross.  "I really don't like you fighting my battles for me, Allura."

"He's like a father to me, Keith!  Once he saw that he was acting like a jealous parent, he realized he was wrong.  He wants to tell you so.  Go find him, Keith, please?"  Allura glared into Keith's eyes, and he hadn't the heart to say no.

Keith took a deep breath and sighed out loud.  "Okay, okay Princess.  I'll go talk to him right now.  Where is he?"

"He's in his study.  Hurry, Keith, so he can join us to see the kids off."  Allura said as she tugged on his arm to move him toward the door. 

"Okay, I'm going already!  Would you mind the store while I'm gone?"  Keith asked.

"Go!  I'll take care of things here."  She insisted, now pushing him out the doorway.

Keith walked down the hallway, thinking in his head what he would say to Coran.  He knew Coran was set in his ways, and somehow, understood what he was going through in letting the Princess make her own decisions.  Coran was used to being Allura's advisor.  The thought of someone else interfering with his counsel had to be a hard pill to swallow for a man of Coran's stature. 

Keith came up to Coran's study and buzzed for entrance.  The door slid open and Coran stood there, looking at Keith for a moment. 

Both men said nothing for a few seconds. 

Coran finally started off "Ah, Commander Keith!  Princess Allura had informed me you might be coming by for a visit.  I am honored to have you here."  He said warmly. 

This was a switch from the reception Keith had received previously from Coran.  Keith smiled cautiously. "Uh...thanks... Coran.  Look about our last conversation..." he started to say.

"Uh... yes...well, I need to talk to you about that.  Please, won't you come in and have some tea, Commander?" Coran offered.

Keith returned a smiled and stepped inside.  As the door slide shut behind them, Allura, who was still in the Control Room, clicked off the monitor that was fixed on Coran's stateroom entrance. 

She smiled, knowing that peace would finally reign with the two most important men in her life.  A sigh of relief came over her.

The time had come for the future travelers to return to their own time period. The entire group had met up with Pidge and Tyler at the landing site.  They came over on hover-car.

"Everything is ready to go, Princess Andretta."  Said Tyler.  "I checked over everything with Uncle Pidge and Hunk.  Everything is in order to begin our travel forward in time.  I have all the calculations fed to the computer disc and inserted into Black Lion's control panel."

Andretta looked over her group.  "Okay gang, ready to go?"  She asked.

"Ready when you are!"  Susanna replied.

"Yeah, me too.  I'm ready to go home!"  Kyle exclaimed with excitement.

"Me three!"  Kevin added happily.

Andretta turned around and looked behind her.  She glared at her mother and father of the past, Lance, Pidge and Hunk.  Coran too. 

Sven had said goodbye previously, then returned to his quarters to take a nap before he planned to head back to Pollux. 

It was hard to say goodbye to them, even though she knew they would be waiting for her there in the future, everyone except Coran, that is. 

Andretta walked over to Coran first; following closely behind her were Kevin and Kyle. 

"Coran, I know you won't believe this, but I'm going to miss you."  Andretta said with a smile.  She gave Coran a hug.  "I've gotten to know someone very special, whom my mother regarded with high esteem.  Thank you for everything."

"Oh my"  Coran said, and then naturally returned the hug with one of his own.  "Thank you, Princess Andretta, for showing me the future of Planet Arus.  I can now rest assured knowing you five will be protecting Arus, and Voltron will still be the defender of the our planet and the universe, for generations to come." 

Andretta gave Coran a nod in agreement.  "It's good to know that you trust us. Thank you again, Coran...you're a dear man." 

Meantime, Susanna was saying her goodbye to Lance.  "Well Dad...I'll see ya."

Lance winked. "Sure you will, kid!  And, I'm sorry for any grief I gave you about Red Lion."

"Don't sweat it, Dad!  You once said you'd be around to make my life miserable until the day you die.  I hope that's a long time from now."  Susanna grinned. 

Lance chuckled and embraced his future daughter.  "That's what my mom used to say to me.  Funny, I thought I'd never say that to my own kids." he found himself saying aloud.  He then chuckled.  "Hey, can you give me some idea when I'm gonna meet up with your Mom?"

Susanna gave him a twisted smile.  "Why do you want to know that?"

Lance shrugged his shoulders.  "Well, I don't want to look like some bum off the street the day I met up with her.  I want to impress her with my suave personality!"

"You're too much, Dad!"  Susanna said, returning Lance's hug.

Pidge and Tyler were hugging goodbye too.  "See you, squirt."  Pidge said, running his hand abruptly through Tyler's mop of brown hair.  "Stay out of trouble in the future!" 

"Yeah, and you stay out of trouble here in the past."  Tyler said.  "And for heaven sake, invent something new to do your diagnostics. This stuff's so old, a dinosaur is likely to crawl out of it!"

"Hey...you're talking about our state of the art equipment!"  Hunk shouted in fun.  "I bet the future has nothing like this."

"Yeah, and we don't want it either!"  Tyler laughed. 

Kevin and Kyle were just finishing their good-byes to Keith and Allura.  "Well, thank you for all you're kindness.  It's been wonderful seeing what your life was like here in the past."  Kevin said. 

"Yeah, it helps me to appreciate all you're doing now that will affect us in the future."  Kyle added. 

Andretta walked up to Allura and hugged her goodbye. 

"I'll miss you."  Allura said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"But you'll see me again."  Andretta said.  "And Mom..."  Andretta hesitated for a moment.

"Andretta, what is it?"  Allura said.

"I love you...so much!"  Andretta finished, hugging Allura with all her might.  "I just love you, Mom!"

Allura was somehow feeling daughter-like warmth for Andretta.  "I love you too, Andretta."

Andretta looked up at Allura, tears streaming down both of their faces.  "You'd better go now."  Allura encouraged.

Andretta moved toward Keith and hugged him tightly.  "Dad, I want you to be happy."

"I will be.  Don't you worry, Andretta.  I will be."  Keith replied returning her hug. 

Andretta broke off the embrace and reached into her jacket pocket.  "I have something for you."  She said and placed the item in his hand.  She then looked up at him and smiled. "I want you to have this." 

Keith opened up his hand.  He stared at the item resting in his palm.  It was a small rose petal with a tiny white spot on the top.  He looked up at her, confused by the gift. "Thank you, Andretta.  But forgive me, I don't quite understand its significance."

"I know you don't, Dad.  But someday soon, you will.  I know it's not much, and its message is vague, but it's something to remember me by, okay?"  Andretta winked.  "Remember me."

Keith looked at it, and then looked up at the future Princess of Arus.  "Thank you, Andretta.  I'm proud to know you're my daughter in the future."

They hugged again.

Andretta whispered tearfully into his ear.  "You know, in the future, you and I don't always see eye to eye on a lot of things.  But I want you to know...you're the best dad a girl could ever have!  Don't forget me, okay?"

The tears rolled down Keith's face as he closed his eyes.  "I won't." he repeated softly.  "I promise, I won't."

"Come on, Andretta," shouted Kevin.  "We have to go now."

"Coming!"  She replied.  Then she turned back to the entire group.  "This has been a wonderful experience.  I'll never forget this!  Thank you...all of you!"

Andretta turned and ran for her Black Lion.  All five future lions roard to life within moments.
As they lifted off and rose to the sky, the five lions formed Voltron. 

When they had flown out of site, Hunk sighed,  "Wow, so that's what we look like forming Voltron.  Spectacular site, isn't it?"

"It sure is, Hunk" Pidge replied quietly, tears forming in his eyes.  "It sure is."

Allura sighed heavily.  "Oh Keith, I don't know why, but I feel so...empty."

"Yeah, me too.  I'll miss them."  Keith replied, now slipping his hand into his pocket, safely hiding the rose petal Andretta left him.  Then he turned to everyone:  "Come on gang, let's get back to the Castle of Lions.  It's been a long few days."

The group started back for the hover car.  Suddenly, Coran got an alert from the Control Room. 

"Yes, what is it?"  Coran asked over the COM.

"Sir!" said the Castle guard.  "We're picking up a significant energy mass entering our air space.  We are tracking it, sir, and it appears to be on fast approach, heading toward Arus!  It will be here in eight minutes from now!"

"What kind of mass?"  Keith butted in.  "What's its dimensions?"

"Commander, it actually appears to be several ships traveling closely together. With one large object behind it!"  The Castle attendent reported.  "It most likely could be Doom ships..."

"With a Robeast in tow, I'll bet!"  Keith finished the sentence.

"The kids!  They're going to run right into it!"  Hunk shouted.  "We've got to warn them!"

"Pidge, try to raise them and tell them to activate Voltron's long range scanners, quick!"  Keith commanded.

"Read you, Keith!"  Pidge replied.  He opened up his wrist COM.  "Planet Arus calling Voltron!  Princess Andretta, please respond..."

"Voltron here...this is Princess Andretta.  Pidge, is that you?"  She said over the COM.

"Yes Princess, and you're about to run into big trouble!  Arus's scanners are picking up unidentified objects heading toward the planet.  Turn on your long range scanners and prepare to intercept!"  Pidge replied.

"Tell her we're coming!" Lance shouted.

"Back to the Castle everyone...go!"  Keith shouted as he started running for the hover car.

The team rushed back to the Control Room.  The attendant rose and yielded the chair to Keith, who nearly knocked him out of the way. 

"Commander..." said the attendant, "Sensors have now positively identified the objects as Doom Fleet ships, several thousand of them, with a Robeast right behind them."

"Lotor!" Allura said, just above a whisper.   "Oh no..."

"Oh yes, and coming back to take the Princess by force, I'll bet!"  Hunk said. 

"He can't have her!"  Pidge said, his face suddenly becoming crossed.

"What are we doing here?  We've got to go up and help the kids!  Lotor is going to mistake them for us and bombard them!"  Lance shouted. 

Keith looked up at Coran.  "Call Sven from his quarters and get him down here.  Tell him what's going on and tell him to man the controls here with you."  Keith then directed his team:  "The rest of us are going intercept Lotor!"

Just then a message came in over the COM...

"Princess Andretta calling Castle Control!  Come in Castle Control, do you read me?"

Keith quickly spun around in his chair and opened the COM.  "Andretta, this is...uh...this is  Keith!"  Keith stumbled addressing himself to her.  He pushed it aside.   "What's the situation up there?"

"Well Dad, it doesn't look good.  Looks like Lotor is massing a huge attack on Arus.  They have a pretty nasty Robeast up here too.  It's gigantic in size!  Tyler is getting a reading on it now and should have some results in a moment as to its possible strength capacity."

"Andretta, we're going to join you up there!  Just hang tight!"  Keith replied hurriedly.

"No Dad, we have the situation under control here!" Andretta replied back.  "Hold your position." 

"Yeah, stay where you are!  We'll be okay!"  Kyle added over the COM. 

Allura bent over Keith's shoulder and spoke.  "No, it's too dangerous!  We're coming to join you!"

"Come on team, you heard the Princess...let's form Voltron!" Lance cried.

"To the lions...fast!"  Keith shouted, activating the lion shuttle tunnels.  They rose above the floor of the Control Room, yielding the five hidden passageways.

Coran sat down in the control chair as Keith dashed away with the rest of the group, heading for the lions.  Coran opened up the COM to Sven. 

"Sven... come in Sven!  Your presence is urgently needed in the Control Room!  I will explain why when you get here!"

"Sven here... on my way!" he said, his thick Norwegian accent slurred with exhaustion. 

Coran closed the COM and watched the radar.  A look of concern came about him.

"The children must return safely home, or..."

He never finished the thought.

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