"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Chapter 25
Back to Arus of Old

Princess Allura and the present Voltron Force had guided the new adventurers back to Planet Arus.  The original Voltron Force was still in the form of their robot lions, and the future team also returned to robot lion form. 

As they all neared final approach to home, Lance opened a COM message to the rest of his team.  "Wait till Coran gets a look at what 's coming!  When he sees two sets of Voltron lions, he's gonna flip!"

It wasn't long until a COM message came up from the surface of the Arus. 

"Calling the Voltron Force!  Come in Black Lion!"  It was Coran, just like Lance had predicted.  Everyone giggled at his call.  His hail had a distressing tone to it. 

"Castle Control...Black Lion here.  I'm reading you, Coran...go ahead."  Keith returned back the hail, silencing the group first, from further snickering.

"Commander, am I seeing things, or are there actually two sets of each lion?"  Coran asked with a puzzled tone.  "Tell me this is just an illusion!"

Keith chuckled himself, in spite of silencing the group.  "No Coran. You're not seeing things.  This is going to be a pretty long story.  Request permission to bring all the lions down."

"Uh...yes, of course, Commander.  Is the Princess with you?  Did you succeed in your mission?"

"Which princess is he referring to?" Lance chuckled with his teammates over the COM, poking fun at Coran.

"I'm sorry, Commander, I didn't get that last transmission" Coran said annoyed at the assorted giggling he was hearing over the COM.

"Okay, okay, knock it off, you guys."  Keith said, attempting to silence the team.  "Yes we succeeded." he replied to Coran.  "The Princess is safe, and right here with me in the Black Lion."

"May I speak with the Princess?"  Coran asked anxiously.

"Which one?"  Lance responded aloud to Coran, still trying to stifle his snickering.

"What do you mean, which one?  There's only one Princess of Arus!"  Coran replied, obviously irritated by now.

"Not any more.  There are two princesses now!"  Pidge said, in a 'matter of fact' tone.

Coran was now very upset"Commander Keith, please explain!  If this is some inept attempt at humor, I really do not find it very appropriate!"

"Like I said, it's a long story.  We'll land and fill you in on the details."  Keith interrupted.  "Black Lion out."

Coran saw the screen go off.  He turned around and shook his head in both anger and disgust.  Besides the obvious display in the lack of military protocol, the bad attempt at lightheartedness frustrated him even more.  All he wanted, was to make sure that his Princess was safe and sound.  Still, he was wondering how there could be two of each lion, coming in for a landing!  Unless Hagar had cast another spell on Voltron...

"Oh dear!" He moaned aloud, thinking of the possibility. 

Coran waited by the entrances that led to the lion caves, in the Control Room.  While waiting for the team, he began to ponder further the horrible thought. 

What if Hagar had indeed cast a spell on them and multiplied the group times two?  Incredible to think that this could happen!  Perhaps that's what Lance meant by 'which princess'.  Coran dismissed the thought as absurd.  There must be another logical explanation.  He just had to wait for the team's return to get it. 

As the team started to emerge, the first person he ran to was Allura, who came up the number one chute on Keith's back.  Her arms were tightly around his shoulders.  As Keith's feet came to rest firmly on the floor of the Control Room, he quickly swung around so that Allura's feet also could reach the ground, and she could then release her grip on him.  

Coran instantly ran to her...  "Oh Princess, what a terrible ordeal you've been through!  Please come with me and I will escort you to your chambers immediately!  I will instruct your personal maids to have you properly bathed and changed out of that dreadful gown!"

Allura turned and looked behind her.  "Wait a moment, Coran.  There are some people that have returned with us to Arus that I think you should meet."

Coran gave Allura a troubled look. "Your Highness?  You know security protocol does not allow any unauthorized personnel in this area.  You know this!  I'm surprised at you, Allura!"

"Yes, but these people you simply must meet."  Allura insisted with a sweet smile.

"Commander, you approve of this?"  Coran turned and asked Keith, now standing off to the side with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Oh yeah."  Keith said with a wink toward Coran.  "She's right, you have to meet them!"

Now Coran was totally confused.  For Commander Keith to disregard protocol, this had to be of great interest.  "Very well.  Bring forth our guests."  Coran conceded.

Pidge shouted behind him into the tunnel... "Okay gang, come on up!"

The five future travelers emerged through the tunnels, one by one.  They looked around in wonder. 

"Just like at home...a bit older, instrument wise, but just like home!"  Kyle said, his mouth hanging open just like those of his fellow explorers. 

Andretta approached Allura.  "Mom...is thisCoran?"  She said with finger outstretched toward the stately looking gentleman standing in the middle of the room.

"M-o-m?"  Coran gasped.  Then he turned quickly to the young woman beside Allura.  "Young lady, what do you mean by addressing her in that fashion?  You will address her as: Her Royal Highness, Princess Allura!"

Allura and Andretta looked at each other and giggled, as if they were school girlfriends laughing at a great secret.  "I remember you telling me how strict he was. You really weren't fooling!"  Andretta said with her hand covering her month, much in the same manner Allura did.

Kyle and Kevin were standing with Keith.  Coran's ears fell on their conversation next.

"Hey Dad, this is so cool!"  Kevin said.  "Can you show us your quarters?"

Coran turned around back to the Princess.  With his mouth still hanging wide open, he again overheard another conversation coming from the area where Lance, Sven, Pidge and Hunk were standing with two other...guests.

"Hey Dad, why is that old guy over there just staring at us?"  Susanna asked, pointing to Coran.

"Old guy?"  Coran thought to himself.  "Well, I have never!"

"Oh, that's Coran.  He's Princess Allura's advisor.  He's a bit stuffy."  Lance responded.  "He grows on you though."

Susanna studied him for a moment.  Then turned back to Lance. "He's not what I pictured him to be...not after all the stories I've heard from you, King Keith and Queen Allura."

"Wow, Uncle Pidge, this is beyond the my wildest dreams!  I've got to admit though, this is some pretty old technology."  Tyler noted.

"Old?  What do you mean...old?"  Pidge bounced back.  "This is state of the art techno-dynamic equipment here!" 

"Not to me, its not!  I trained on this stuff when I was 7 years old!"  Tyler replied back, scratching his head.  "Then, we got rid of it."

Pidge sighed heavy.  "Yeah, I guess from your point of view, it is pretty old stuff." 

Coran was off to the side absorbing the various conversations.  Within a few minutes of the arrival of the new group, he'd finally had enough.

"Princess!  I demand you explain this situation to me at once!  What in the name of King Alfor is going on here?  Who are these people?  Why is this young woman referring to you as 'Mom' and to Commander Keith as 'Dad'?  Why is the other woman referring to Lance as 'Dad', and the other youngster referring to Pidge as 'Uncle'?  There needs to be an explanation for this, and I will kindly accept it now!" 

Allura giggled a bit once again as she moved over toward Coran, laying her hand on his shoulder.  "Oh Coran!" she continued to muse over his reaction.  "It's alright!"

"Princess, I do not find this humorous in the least!  I expect much more from you, young lady!" Coran scolded Allura like a father would his daughter.

Allura grabbed Coran by the arm and walked him over toward the group. "Coran, this is going to be a shock to you, I know.  I would like to introduce you to the future Princess of Arus: Andretta.  She is my daughter, Coran.  And Keith is her father.  The two boys with Keith are Kevin and Kyle. They are our sons: Princes of Arus...Arus of the future."
Allura had a wide smile on her face.

Coran blinked for a moment.  He turned and looked over at Keith, nearly appearing like he was going to have a fainting spell.  "Please tell me you two are married....in the future."

"Yes we are...don't worry!"  Keith added, smiling sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders.  "It appears that I am King of Arus, with Allura as reigning Queen."

"Marvelous...a pilot and our Princess... what would King Alfor think?"  Coran said to himself.

"Well, what do you think?"  Allura said.  "Aren't you surprised?" 

"I do not understand this...you mean to say that this group of young people are...are"

"Yep, we're from the future." Tyler said, finishing Coran's sentence.

Coran looked toward the youngster standing next to Pidge.  "And you are?"

"I'm Tyler, sir.  This here is my Uncle Pidge...in the future."

"I see."  Coran said quietly, suddenly raising his hand to his head, feeling a suddenly headache approaching.  "And you must be Lance's daughter?" pointing to Susanna, who was standing near Lance. 

"That's right.  I'm Susanna, sir." She said, seemingly not interested in any of this at all.

"Isn't she just like me?"  Lance said, puffing up with parental pride.  "A chip off the old attitude!"

Now that the introductions were complete, Coran turned back to Princess Allura.

"Princess how in the world did they end up here?"  Coran asked quietly.

"Well, as Keith had alluded to, it's a long story, Coran.  Why don't you sit down and we'll tell you what happened." Allura said, gently grabbing Coran's hand.

"A very good idea, Princess.  I think I shall have a seat."  Coran said, obviously bewildered. 

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