"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Chapter 22
Here Comes the "Unhappy" Bride

Lotor prepared himself for his long awaited wedding to Princess Allura.  Just moments from now, he would have her as his bride...finally.   He had thought about this day for several years.  She had consumed his mind like nothing had ever done before. 

From the first time that he saw her, he knew he must possess her.  He could still recall it like it was yesterday.  

He recalled how his heart skipped a beat when he first set eyes on in the beautiful young Princess of Arus.  From that day on, he knew he had to have her for his own.  Nothing was more important.  Not even defeat at the hands of Voltron seemed to matter as much as possessing her.  His temporary infatuation with Allura's cousin, Princess Romelle of Pollux, seemed to ease his troubled thoughts...but not enough to satisfy his growing desire for the Arusian Princess.  He had to have Allura...and that was all.

Lotor had dressed in his finest Doom military uniform.  It appeared to help disguise the terrible disfigurement that he had suffered at the hands of Voltron. He reached up his good hand, fingering the metal plate that held together what was left of his face.  Lotor grunted angrily, as he brought up the robotic arm and looked at it carefully.  Thanks to the melding Voltron Force, he was no longer a whole man.  

Voltron still had to pay for that atrocity.

He turned and spoke to Hagar, who had just entered the room.  "Old witch" he sneered.  "Is my bride ready for her marriage of destiny?"

"Our slaves prepare her, even as we speak.  She should be ready soon.  I will go check on them."  Hagar replied, turning around to leave the room.

"Good.  I don't want to be kept waiting any longer.  I've waited long enough." He replied to her.

As Hagar left the room, Lotor looked out his port window into space.  He began to think to himself... "You can't save her now, Keith.  At last, Allura is finally mine, and without any interference from you or your bumbling comrades.  And when she is married to me, I'll take control of that miserable little planet of hers, and order the Voltron Force put to death starting with you!'

Lotor threw back his head and let out an evil laugh that echoed throughout the main hall.

Hagar entered into the room
where Allura was being prepared. 
Allura was dressed in a black gown
that pulled out at the bottom
with a hoop slip. 
Lotor's slave girls hurriedly
finished preparing her. 

Allura's hair was left flowing down over her shoulders, per Lotor's insistence.  She had a strange arrangement of flowers in her hair; black, white and purple colors.  They matched the bouquet that had been prepared for her to hold. 

Hagar became inpatient with the girls "Be swift!  Prince Lotor is waiting to begin!"

The slave girls moved away from Allura.  "Turn around, Princess.  Let me see you." Hagar demanded.

Allura slowly turned around to face Hagar at the door.  "Too bad your father wasn't here to give you away.  You know, Princess, I was almost your father's bride at one point.  It was only when his temperamental subjects wouldn't accept me for what I was, that our relationship was destroyed!  They forced your father to turn against me!"

Allura looked up at her.  "And is this your punishment toward him?  My father did what he thought was best for everyone, I'm sure.  Even for you, Hagar, although you may not believe it.  Its not too late.  You can help me escape!  Your heart is not completely cold.  Somewhere inside is the heart my father once loved!"

Hagar looked at her for a moment.  She wasn't sure what to do.  She remembered Alfor's gentle touch.  She looked at Allura's face, and saw Alfor's resemblance.  Her lips puckered.  "Oh, my beloved Alfor" she remembered sadly.  "Things could have been so different for you and I, my love." 

For a moment, an urge to help the daughter of her once true love surfaced.  Then suddenly, she shook it off.  "Nice try, Princess.  But my allegiance is to Doom now!" 

Allura hung her head down low.  "I feel sorry for you, Hagar.  You're trapped in a lie that you refuse to let go of.  Lotor is lying to you!  He's using you like he's using me...as a pawn to get whatever he wants!" 

Hagar hovered quickly up into Allura's face.  "The only reason that you stand here alive is because Prince Lotor wishes it!  If it were up to me, Princess, you'd be dead and Planet Arus would be ours... and Voltron would be a memory!" She barked back.

Allura's heart was beating wildly.  Hagar was so close to her face, that Allura could smell her foul breath.  She knew Hagar was angry, and had the power to destroy her in a second.  But she also knew that somehow, Hagar didn't really want to do that. 

Hagar had on what Lance would call a "poker face": a mask to prevent people from seeing what's really inside.  Allura decided to take a chance and confront Hagar, in an effort to sway her over.  At this point, she had nothing to lose...except her life.  And really, what would that be like as Lotor's wife?

"Hagar, I know you don't want to do this."  Allura stared back at her.

"Don't push me, Princess, or Lotor's bride will have a sudden accident, while on her way to her wedding!"  Hagar hissed.  "I don't need you telling me what to do!  I'm telling you what to do!  Now, come with me.  You're groom awaits you!"

Hagar started to move toward the door.  When she turned, Allura still remained in the same spot she had been in.  "I said, let's go, Princess!"  Hagar sneered.

Allura stood still.  "I'm not going, Hagar!  I'm not marrying that...that monster!  Do what you want to me, but I'm not going!"  Allura turned around and faced the other direction.

"Then I'll drag you if I must, but you are going!"  She screamed.  Hagar raised her globe and sent out a brilliant green light from the tip.  The light acted like a rope and wrapped itself around Allura's waist. 

Allura turned around as she felt it wrap tightly around her, preventing her from moving...

"No, Hagar, leave me alone!"  She struggled to get away from it, but the evil magic had hold of her.  "Let me go, Hagar!  Don't do this!  Please!"

"You're coming with me, Princess!  No more delays!  Lotor is waiting for you!" 

She began to drag Allura behind her.  Allura struggled furiously to get free, but Hagar's magic was too strong. 

As Hagar dragged her down the hallway, Allura was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness.  She began to weep fearfully as she realized that the Voltron Force was apparently not going to be able to find her in time to stop this dreadful wedding. 

Blue Lion had failed her too, apparently. 

She had always dreamed of marrying a handsome, kind-hearted man.  Her dreams had always focused on someone... like Keith...a hero who would protect her and rule by her side forever. Hope was fading with each step she was forced to take.  Her visions of Keith were fading as she entered the main hall where Lotor was surely waiting for her.

Marriage to Prince Lotor would spell the end of Allura's happiness.  It truly looked bad for the young Princess.

Who would save her now?

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