"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you. Enjoy!

Chapter 21
Search for Allura

Keith had received permission to return to duty...against his doctor's better judgement.  But he wasn't so much, concerned for himself.  The Princess had to be found, though he knew it wouldn't be easy finding her.  

Before being discharged, he was fitted with a support brace that concentrated on keeping him in a position that would not allow him to further damage himself.  It was quite uncomfortable.

"I didn't know how much I'd miss the restraining field."  He thought to himself, walking around gingerly, trying to get used to the awkward thing. 

But Keith's discomfort was minimal compared to his desire to tear Lotor limb from limb.  How dare he take Allura away against her will?  Did he think he'd actually get away with it? 

But he did he did get away with it! 

Keith was obviously frustrated at the security systems in the Castle that allowed Lotor to waltz in undetected.  In the first place, if they had been tuned in to detect cloaking devices, Lotor wouldn't have made it in the Castle.

He couldn't dwell on that though.  It happened, and it's over and done with.  There was nothing he could do about it now.  His immediate concern was to concentrate his thoughts on a plan to rescue the Princess. 

"If he hurts herI swear" He grumbled to himself, grinding his teeth together in anger. 

He was a little surprised with himself.  His military training had always helped him keep his emotions under control.  But now, this was personal... it concerned the Princess.  His tolerance was low when it came to someone endangering her welfare.  Especially, the certain someone from Planet Doom: whom he had grown to despise.

Keith walked slowly from his quarters, where he had stopped to first, after being released from the infirmary.  There, he caught a quick shower, and was now headed down to the Control Room. 

When he reached it, he found that everyone was waiting for him  Lance... Pidge... Hunk... Sven... and Coran.  They were making plans to track the Princess.  Pidge had the center floor.

Keith approached him.  "Well, what do we got, Pidge?"

Pidge sighed.  "I don't think we have any way to find her, Commander.  She wasn't wearing her tracking device.  Either that, or Lotor took it off before they left the Castle."  Pidge said.

"Yeah, but how did he know what it was?"  Hunk asked.  "I think she just didn't have it on.  How many times have we all told her to make sure she has it on all the time? "

"Come on, Hunk, does it really matter whether she did or didn't have it on?"  Lance barked back.  "Lotor's no dummy!  He'd figure it out and get rid of it anyway!"

"Okay guys, that's enough!  Now, listen up!  We've got to put our heads together and come up with a plan.  This is no time for bickering!"  Keith said sternly.  "What options do we have?" The Voltron Commander asked his teammates.

No one responded.  Pidge sighed again.  "I don't think we have any, Keith."

"What do you mean, we don't?   Don't is not an answer!  There has to be a way to find her! There has to be!"  Keith shouted.  "I won't accept don't as an answer!"

"Perhaps the answer is more simpler than you think, my young friends..."

Everyone turned around. 

"King Alfor!"  Shouted Hunk.  "Look guys, its King Alfor!"

Coran fell to his knees.  "Your Highness!"  He said humbly.

"Arise, old friend."  Alfor said.  "The answer to your question is here on Arus." 

"King Alfor, I don't understand.  What is the answer?  How can we save the Princess?"  Keith asked as he slowly approached the transparent image of King Alfor.

"My young friends, the guardians of Planet Arus will guide you.  Trust in the robot lions.  They will lead you, and guide you straight to my daughter.  Let the spirit of the lions show you the way.  But for them to guide you, you must trust them with your heart.  Farewell."

King Alfor disappeared from sight.  All were silent. 

"Of course" Keith whispered to himself.  "Allura has always said to trust in the lions."

Keith turned around and faced the group.  He had a look of determination in his eyes.  "Prepare to launch the lions!"  He said with an even voice.  "They'll bring us to Allura."

Pidge, Hunk and Sven shook their heads in amazement.  Was Keith serious?  What kind of plan was that: to leave their course and direction to a bunch of robot lion ships?  The group just stood there.  It was Lance who finally walked forward toward Keith. 

"Keith?" Lance started to question his friend. 

Keith looked at Lance and smiled.  "Trust me, Lance." 

Lance looked at Keith for a moment.  Something in Keith's dark eyes it was as if Lance understood what it was that his commander had felt.  "I do trust you, Keith."  He said back.

"You heard the, Commander!"  Lance shouted as he turned to face the rest of his team.  "Let's go Voltron Force!"

"GO!"  shouted Hunk and Pidge.

Keith moved over to Sven.  "Are you up to coming along?  I know it's been a long time since you were in battle.  I'll understand if you feel you need to stay behind."

"Are you kidding, Keit?"  Sven replied with a smile.  "I wus hoping tings weren't going to be too boring here!  I'm ready when you are.  It'll be good working wit you again."

"Same here, pal!"  Keith said as he and Sven shook hands and smiled at each other.  "Now, lets get going!" 

"God's speed." Coran said as they ran for their lion shuttles. Keith walked as quick as he could to the Black Lion shuttle bay, with Lance trailing him in an effort to look after his stubborn friend.

After they got into the air, Keith radioed the group.  "Okay everyone, listen up.  King Alfor said we needed to trust the lions.  I believe him.  I think they can lead us to Allura.  Place your controls on auto.  Let's see what happens next." 

Keith closed his eyes for a brief moment.  "Hope this works..." He thought.

"Green Lion, on auto."  Pidge said.

"Yellow Lion too."  Hunk shouted.

"Red Lion's on her own."  Lance responded.

"Blue Lion here.  I'm on auto."  Sven responded also. 

Keith was last.  "Black Lion...on auto...now!" 

The five robot lions hesitated at first.  Suddenly, they seem to come alive.  On their own, they began to fly together in formation, with Blue Lion now apparently taking the lead. 

"Dis is amazing!" Sven said, astonished at the way the lions were reacting.  "I don't believe it.  Dey're flying by demselves!"

Pidge was stunned.  "Whoa... this this is just...incredible!  I've never seen them do this before!"

Lance spoke from his cockpit in Red Lion.  "Okay kitty cat!  Bring us to the Princess!"

"Pidge, what course are we heading in?"  Keith asked, trying to concentrate on the mission, his head still a bit fuzzy.

Pidge shuffled his controls to verify a course that the group was on.  "Commander, our current heading is toward sector 13.  Do you think that's where Allura is, Keith?  What if the lions are wrong?  What if she's not there?"  Then what?"

Then what indeed: what if they were heading in the wrong direction?  What ifs...too many factors to think about.  If they were mistaken, then Allura was lost to them. 

Keith suddenly recalled in his mind a conversation that he had with Allura some months ago about trusting in the spirit of the Lions of Arus.  It was like it happened yesterday...

"Keith, I don't understand it all, but according to the archives of Arus, the spirit of the Lions of Arus have always been protecting our planet.  I can't explain it, but I feel in my heart that it's true." 

He still recalled her saying it so clearly.... "We must trust in the Lions."

Alfor said it too... "Let the spirit of the lions show you the way.  But for them to guide you, you must trust them with your heart." 

"Trust the Lions..." Allura's voice echoed in Keith's head...over and over again.

Those words that her voice repeated so clearly to his mind... it was as if ...she somehow was speaking them right to him from where she was. 

He closed his eyes for a moment, as if he were listening to the voice of her very heart.  He could feel that this was the right thing to do.  It defied all logic, all military strategy, but it somehow felt right.

"Trust in the Lions."  He could hear her voice over and over again. "Trust in the Lions.  You must trust them, Keith..."

Sven radioed Keith over the COM...  "Hey, Keit!  Blue Lion iz pulling ahead of everyone!"

Keith opened his eyes suddenly and looked at his instruments, finding that it was true.  Blue Lion seemed to definitely be leading the pack.  "Maybe Blue Lion is sensing Allura's thoughts right now."  Keith said to Sven in response. 

"Maybe you're right, Keit.  Da Princess must be very frightened being all alone wit dat mad man."  Sven responded.  "Perhaps, being in tune with Blue Lion is how we find her!"

Well, that settled it in Keith's mind.  He knew he was doing the right thing by turning control over to them.  His thoughts strayed to Allura, wondering what she must be going through at this moment.  He only hoped they would be in time to prevent whatever horrifying thing Lotor had planned. 

He placed his hand on the side window of Black Lion's cockpit and gazed at the Blue Lion, obviously leading the others. 

"Come on, Blue Lion..." Keith said, his eyes closing for a moment once again.  "Find Allura, big guy.  Take us to her!"

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