"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Chapter 20
Unhappy Bride

...She was just crowned Queen of Arus.  It was an exciting day for all.  Now, she was about to be married too.  Allura could see herself being married for life to him.  Keith was so handsome.  She had always felt they were right for each other.  It was her royal status that kept them apart for so long.

Now, all that has passed.  It was time to start a new life with Keith as her husband and her King.  He would be corrinated as Prince consort first, becoming a member of the royal court, then crowned King after the two were wed.  Allura could hardly contain herself. 

But as the time grew nearer to when she would walk down the isle, she suddenly felt alone. 

Suddenly, something was wrong... 

A sudden wave of fear came over her, like a chill in her body.  Things didn't feel right at all.  Why was Keith not there any longer?  She felt in her heart that he wasn't nearby.  Where could he be?  It was then that she felt a sharp coldness again.   She knew that there was someone else close by... someone unwelcome. 

She turned and screamed.  Lotor was there.  "Oh, my darling" he said.  "Don't wait for Keith.  He can't treat you like I do.  He's not meant for you.  I am.  I'm already a Prince of the royal house of Doom.  And you are about to become the bride of Doom."

Suddenly, Allura saw him swing his real arm at her and connect with her face.  She fell hard to the ground from the impact.  Allura looked up and saw Lotor, smiling an evil smile.  "I'm sorry, my dear...did that hurt?"  He said, chuckling contently.  "Get used to it, Allura!  You can expect that as your reward for each time you disobey me... my wife!"

Allura screamed again.  "No. Lotor!  I told you I won't marry you...ever!"

"But you will!  There's no one else for you, but me!  And you will be my bride shortly, Allura!"  Lotor laughed and turned to walk away.

Allura dropped her head to the ground and started to cry.  How can he do this?  If he loved her so, then why would he make her do this against her will?

"NO... NO... NO, NO, NO!" She cried.  "No...no...you can't do this!  I won't allow it!  Keith...Keith, where are you?  No...no...I won' let you..."

Allura jumped up awake immediately.  She looked around and saw she was still in her cell.  She sat up and leaned against the cold wall.  Her long blonde hair was now tangled and stringy.  She had smug marks on her face, from where she had laid her head on the floor. 

She had to find a way out of this.  Keith and the others certainly weren't going to be able to rescue her now.  She doubted very much that anyone would even know where to look for her.  It was up to her to figure out a way to escape.

"Allura...if you want to be free, you've got to do this yourself."  She thought quietly, remembering her early days as a new member of the Voltron Force, and how Keith had taught her survival techniques she especially remember his very good advice...

"Remember, Allura no matter what situation you find yourself in, keep your head.  Think about what you're doing, before you do it."

Allura stood up and started surveying the cell, looking for strengths and weaknesses: anything that would give her ideas on how to break out.  Keith had taught her to survey her surroundings.  It was part of her combat training.  She had her back to the cell entrance when she heard an unwelcome voice cut off her concentration...

"Ah, my darling bride to be!'  Allura turned around quickly.  Lotor took notice of her.  She was dirty from head to foot.  "I see you need to freshen up a bit."  Lotor grimaced.  "I've never seen you so...dirty.  It's unbecoming of you, Allura."

"What I need, is to be returned to my planet, and the people I love, Lotor."  She hissed back. "I'm being made to marry you!  If you were a true prince, you'd be ashamed of yourself for your behavior!" 

"Why should I be ashamed?  In time, you will learn to love me, dearest."  Lotor chuckled.  "Like it or not, you're mine, Princess."

"I couldn't love you, Lotor, you know that.   Love isn't something that is bred out of evil.  Love is about caring, sharing, and talking to each other..."

Lotor immediately cut off Allura in mid sentence.

"I do that now!  I care very much for you.  So much in fact that I'm sharing my life of Doom with you.  And as for talking, well my dear, you and I have done plenty of that too."

"The only thing you've done is successfully kidnapped me from my home!  But you won't get away with it, Lotor!  The Voltron Force will find me and save me." Allura replied calmly. 

"Voltron Force?"  There is no Voltron Force without Blue Lion's pilot, is there?"  Lotor laughed. 

"I believe in Voltron."  Allura said quietly, as she slowly turned around to sit on the filthy wooden stool in the corner of the cell.

"You mean you believe in those dolts who pilot Voltron!  Well, Allura, you are mine, and not even Voltron is going to take you away from me!  You had better get use to it, you are going to be the bride of Doom.  You should feel happy you're marrying someone of royal decent."

Allura didn't respond to Lotor's last comment.  She just sat silently in the shadow of the cell.  She tried to remain positive, and not let Lotor to see her cry.  That would give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had broken her spirit. 

Lotor looked at her there.  "I will be waiting for you in the main hall.  Be sure to look your best.  I don't want to be disappointed on our wedding day!" 
Allura could feel the blood rushing out of her face. She kept her head bowed low.  The thought of being Lotor's wife....absolutely disgusted her.

Lotor turned and walked away.  The Doom Solider resumed to his military position in front of the cell.

Allura looked up toward the only window in the cell.  She could see the stars.  Not really knowing where she was in the vastness of space, she focused her attention on one, brilliantly lit star.  She imagined, for a moment, that it was her beloved home, Arus   Even though she knew in her heart that it probably wasn't Arus at all.  Her thoughts fell on the boys.  They must be looking frantically for her by now. 

She imagined that the news of her disappearance must have been told to Keith by now.  Her thoughts suddenly stopped on Keith.  She could see his face... hear his voice in her head.  If only...

"Oh Keith..." she whispered the silent plea.  "I wish your heart could hear me."  

Then, the tears started to flow down her cheeks.  She had doubts that anyone would ever find her.  And she had no way of letting anyone know how to find her.  She was frightened... her shoulders quaking as she wept in silence.  Lotor had her just where he wanted her this time. 

And nothing less than a miracle would save her from him now.  Still looking out the window, she sent a plea out into the darkness, to the one that she hoped would hear it most of all...

"Blue Lion, I know you can hear me!   Please, show the others where to find me.  Please Blue Lion, I need you.  Help Keith to find the way.  Help him to trust his heart."  Allura dropped her head into her hands.  

She could feel hope slipping away from her...

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