"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

A Black Day for Wedding Bells

Lotor was holding Princess Allura by one hand in her quarters as she struggled to get free.  He was on an audible link with the Revenge...

"Hagar!  Stop wasting time and scan us out of here!  Before her miserable friends try to stop us!"  Lotor shouted at the old hag.

Hagar responded over the communication system:  "Keep your metal on.!  I'm working on it!"

"Well work faster, old crone, they'll be here any second!" Lotor shouted.

"Stand by, my Prince."  Hagar responded. 

Lotor looked over at Allura, who was still trying to get loose.  "Don't worry, my sweet, soon we'll be out of here and safely on the Revenge."

"You won't get away with this, Lotor!  The Voltron Force will track you down like and rescue me!" Allura said, trying whatever she could to intimidate him into leaving without her.

"Ha!  They won't know where to start looking!  Let your precious Voltron Force try to save you.  If they can!"  Lotor scoffed back at her.

Suddenly, Allura's chamber door opened and Lance, Pidge and Hunk stood there along with the Royal Castle Guard.  Allura sighed with relief that the boys were finally here to help her.

"Well ...well... well!  If it isn't Lotor!"  Lance said.  "Didn't we tell you already that Allura couldn't come out to play?"  He mused, but held up his blaster, spealomg in a more serious this time.  "Now, let her go, Lotor!"

"Hurry boys, he's going to scan us up to the Revenge!"  Allura shouted, struggling for her freedom.

"Let the Princess go, Lotor!"  Hunk shouted, drawing his weapon at him.  "Or so help me, I'll blast you back to Castle Doom!" 

Lotor looked down and saw the lower halves of his and Allura's bodies start to disappear.  "Well, lovely chatting with you again.  But Allura and I do have to run now.  We have a wedding to attend...ours!  Farewell, fools!"

"Fire!"  Shouted Lance.  Everyone started shooting laser guns at Lotor.  However, because he was being scanned, they bounced right off of him: the scanner acting like a protective shield around Allura and himself.

"Help me!  Please!  Lance... Pidge... Hunk...!" Allura shouted frantically, as she faded away from site.

Suddenly, they both were gone. "Quick!  Get to the lions!"  Lance shouted orders as he turned and pushed past the guards.  "We've got to stop them from leaving Arus's orbit with the Princess!"

The team ran for the lion shuttles. 

Meanwhile, Keith was still trying to raise someone on the COM.  In frustration, Keith attempted to get out of bed.  But with the restraining field around his body, protecting him from further injury, moving was impossible. 

"Somebody better answer me here soon!"  Keith said, as he became even more frustrated.

It was Coran who finally answered the hail. "Commander Keith, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, but what's all the noise about?  Why are the Castle's alarm systems going off?"  He said, wondering if Allura was okay.

"We have a situation, Commander!  There is an intruder in the Castle, and he has apparently made off with the Princess!" Coran advised him.

"WHAT?"  Shouted Keith.  "I've gotta get out of here!"  He said, trying once again to defy the restraining field.

(In reality, Keith was moving around in his bed, and struggling slightly against the medical restraining field...)

"No Commander, stay there.  Hunk, Pidge and Lance have gone after the intruder.  You must remain out of harm's way."  Coran responded.

"Out of harm's way?  Are you kidding, Coran?  Allura's in trouble!  I need to help!"  Keith shouted. 

"Commander, you are not medically cleared to return to duty. Please remain where you are.  Your presence will only serve to cause further confusion."  Coran said.

Keith pounded his fist into the bed. "I want to know what's going on!" 

"As soon as I get a full report, I will pass it on to you.  For now, remain in your bed until further notice.  Coran out."

Keith shook his head.  Then he looked up toward the ceiling.  "Whoever you are..." he thought, "If you hurt her, I swear that no doctor alive will keep me from finding you!"  Keith concluded his thought, gritting his teeth, and feeling helpless to save her. 

Red, Green and Yellow Lions were in hot pursuit of the Revenge.  Lance hailed them first:  "Lotor, this is Red Lion.  Return our Princess now, and you can leave unharmed.  If you force us to fight for her, we will!"

Lotor appeared on the COM.  "Come now, Lance!  And just what do you three expect to do in your miserable robot lions?  Without Blue and Black Lions, there is no Voltron.  And with no Voltron, you're no threat to me!  I'm giving you a chance...give up now, and I'll spare your pathetic lives!"

"That's it!"  Shouted Hunk.  "Lion proton beams...fire!" 

From Yellow Lion's mouth shot out a wide-angle beam of light that hit the shields of the Revenge. 

"Oh, that was good, Hunk...very good!"  Lotor teased.  "Now, watch what I can do.  Fire Anti-laison missiles!" 

Out of the Revenge came three missiles. 

"Watch it everyone!  Those things have enough power to do some serious damage!" Shouted Lance.

"I've got it covered!"  Cried Pidge.  "Lion claw missile attack!"   Green Lion's paws released three explosives.  As they reached the Anti-laison missiles, they exploded with a mighty force, causing a lot of smoke cover. 

When the smoke cleared however, the Revenge had vanished.  Lance angrily called out to Pidge.  "Any sign on the sensors?"

Pidge intensely searched for the ship. "No, they got away!"

"Oh great!  We lost the Princess!  Now what?"  Hunk shouted. 

"Lets get back to the Castle of Lions, and get a plan in place!"  Pidge responded.

"Who's gonna tell Keith?"  Hunk asked, not wanting to even be in the same room with him once he finds out.

Silence fell over the group.  It was Lance who finally spoke up. "I'll tell him.  I was in command.  It was me who lost her, it should be me to tell him."

"Lance, you didn't lose her."  Pidge said quietly.  He was already thinking, trying to come up with a plan to present to Keith.

"I was in command.  I accept responsibility."  Lance replied solemnly.  "Come on, let's get back to Arus."


Meanwhile, on the Revenge.  Princess Allura was locked away in a prison cell.  Doom guards came to look after her every twenty minutes.  The cell was not very accommodating...cold, dingy, and very dirty.  She sat in the corner of the cell, quietly thinking to herself.  Her thoughts were disrupted by the sound of Lotor's voice...

"Ah, my love!  Soon we'll be husband and wife, and then we'll return to Arus and reclaim our throne!"  Lotor sneered at her.

"I won't marry you, Lotor."  Allura said quietly, but firmly.

"Oh, I think you will.  Because unless you do, I will destroy Planet Arus, and everyone on it!" Lotor threatened her.

Allura stood up and ran to the force field that secured the opening to the cell.  "You can't do that!  My people haven't done you any harm!"

"No, but they seem to mean a great deal to you.  So, unless you want to see your father's monument destroyed along with the rest of your rotten planet, filled with all those poor, innocent fools you rule over, you'd better re-think your final decision!" Lotor threatened.  "The choice is yours, Princess."

Allura looked straight at Lotor.  Tears began to well up in her eyes.  "You're leaving me no choice.  I have to marry you to save my planet!"

"Very true, my dear.  A wise decision.  My doom guards will soon take you to your dressing room where you will be adorned in a beautiful black wedding gown.  I've always wanted to see you in black."  Lotor winked at her.  "It's my favorite color!"

"Surprising" Allura huffed.  "As black as your heart, Lotor."

Lotor sneered at her, then turned and walked away leaving her standing there.  Allura's face sank.  How can she marry that...that thing?  But, what choice did she really have?  If she didn't, Planet Arus will be destroyed.  If she did, Planet Arus will be enslaved.  Which was the lesser of the two evils? 

Allura sank down to the cold cell floor, laying down across the ground, and resting her head on top of her arms.  She began to weep silently. 

"If only..." She never finished the thought. 

And yet, she knew in her heart that if he could, Keith would find a way to save her.  At least, that's the only hope she had to hold on to right now. 

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