"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Chapter 17
"Dream-State" Intruder

Allura returned to the Castle.  She was carrying the disc player that Pidge had loaned to her. The Princess approached her chambers.  As she entered into them and walked over to her writing desk., Allura opened her top drawer and placed the disc and the player inside and closed it again.  Still bewildered about her conversation with Pidge, she realized she couldn't think about that any more right now.  Her main concern needed to be the present vulnerability of her planet, now that Voltron was minus a pilot. 

She decided to make her next stop the Castle's Control Room.

During all of this time, Lance had been trying to reach Sven on Planet Pollux with no success...up until now, that was.  He finally was able to cut through the subspace interference that the cloud had created, and get a visual and sound image.  Princess Romelle, Princess Allura's cousin was on the other end of the transmission.

"Lance, what a surprise to see you!  How are you?  And how is my cousin, Allura?"
Romelle said.  Her striking resemblance to Allura always gave Lance the creeps.

"Allura is fine.  I need to ask Sven a favor.  Keith was badly hurt in our last run-in with Lotor here on Arus."  Lance said to her.

Romelle gasped, her hand flying to her throat.  "Oh no!  Is Keith alright?"

"He will be.  He's down for a while, though.  We need someone to pilot Black Lion while he's out.  I'd like to ask Sven if he would do it."  Lance said.  "Is he there?"

Romelle shook her head.  "No Lance, I'm afraid he's not.  He and my brother, Prince Bandor went on a diplomatic mission to Planet Lear.  I'll tell him to contact you as soon as I hear from him."

Allura entered the room just in time to see her cousin on the screen.  She rushed over to greet her.  "Cousin Romelle!  Its good to see you!"

A smile came over Romelle's face as she returned Allura's greeting.  "And to you as well Allura.  How are you doing?" 

Allura looked down.  "Sadly, not so good.  Keith's out of commission, and without Black Lion's pilot, I'm afraid we have a bit of a security risk without Voltron."

"Yes, that's what I understand.  As I told Lance, Sven isn't here right now, but I'll have him contact you immediately when I hear from him.  In fact, I'll try to reach him now.  Please take care of yourself, and I'll talk to you soon."  Romelle said, preparing to sign off. "Give our best to Keith and wish him a speed recovery."

"I will, Romelle.  Thank you."  Allura responded.  Romelle then disappeared from the screen and it became dark again. 

Lanced turned around and looked at Allura.  "Well, that's that.  Only hope Lotor isn't poking around.  Just to be safe, Princess, I don't think you should leave the Castle."  Lance urged.  He knew Allura could be stubborn when it comes to telling her what she can and can not do.  He was waiting for resistance. 

He didn't have to wait long for it. 

Allura never failed to disappoint him in the 'don't boss me around' attitude department...

"I don't need a bodyguard, Lance!  I'll be just fine."  She protested.  "And besides, Lotor's nowhere near Arus.  The space defense systems are at ease, and the sensors are clear." 

"I don't care what these stupid instruments tell me!." Lance said sternly.  "If his ship is cloaked, our sensors would have a hard time picking it up.  He could be hovering undetected over us even now."

"Lance, you're such a pessimist!  I'm a big girl, and can take care of myself!" She again defended. 

"Yeah, I've heard that song before!"  Lance said under his breath.  Then he turned to look at the monitors again.  "All the same, I don't want to take that chance.  Stay around the Castle, Princess, where we can protect you.  I mean it...that's an order!"  He gave Allura a sharp look.  "I AM your commanding officer while Keith is out of commission!  Besides, you know he'd agree with me!" 

Allura huffed at him.  "Yes sir!" she snapped sarcastically, giving him a phony military salute in utter defiance.  The trouble was that she knew he was right. Keith would never allow her to go out of the Castle, especially after what happened.  Still, she didn't like the idea of being treated like a baby...especially by Lance...a guy that's usually in more trouble then she is.

Lance ignored her temper tantrum and instead turned fully around and sat down at the control room command chair.  He had a lot of work to do in Keith's absence.  Allura turned around angrily, preparing to leave the control room. 

She had it in her mind to drop in on Keith and tattle-tale a bit on Lance, and his power-hungry attitude.  Maybe even to cry on his shoulder regarding the controlling behavior of his second in command, Sir Lance-he-knows-a-lot, The Fat-headed Lion Knight of Arus: a takeoff on the fable of Sir Lancelot: The White Knight of Camelot...a book Keith had let her read once. 

Before she stormed out, Lance called out to her.  "Hey Allura, I'm getting a message from Sven!  Hang on a minute!"

"I'm going to see Keith, can't it wait?"  She said, now totally annoyed with Lance, and playing stubborn just to spite him.

"No, it can't!  If you're going to see Keith, bring him a copy of this."  Lance declared, speaking of the incoming message.

"Don't you think we should give him a rest from duty right now?  The last thing he needs to see is work!"  She scolded. 

"Actually, I think this will be perfect for him.  This way, he'll see what's going on, and it might help him to chill out." Lance replied, downloading the e-mail message and printing it for Allura.  He then got up and handed it to her.  "Please Allura...I'm asking you to bring this to him.  Either you do it, or I will."

"I didn't say I wouldn't bring it to him, Lance!  My goodness, don't let command go to your head, okay?"  She swiped the paper from his hand and turned toward the door. 

"First Keith lies to me...then Lance thinks he can smother me with orders!"  Allura frowned.  Then she sighed, disappointed in herself suddenly, "Well, Allura.  He's right you know.  He's only being that way because he's looking out for your well being.  But still...he could do it with a little less attitude!" She turned and left the room, heading down the hallway to see Keith...after she makes one stop first.

Keith was awake, somewhat.  He was still exhausted from the surgery, and still very weak.  But he found he was too exhausted to find sleep. He was about to call for a sedative, when Allura dropped by.

"How are you feeling?" She asked with a smile, standing in the doorway.

He turned his head toward her, and a smile quickly found its way to his face. "Pretty tired, I guess.  But don't worry about that!  Come on in!"  He said, glad to have the chance to see her.

Allura walked over and sat in a chair next to the bed.  "I won't stay long."  She said.  "I just wanted to bring you this communication that we just received.  It's from Sven."

Keith took the paper from her hands and started to read it.  Sven was on his way to join them as temporary pilot of Black Lion while Keith recovered.  

"It would only be for about a week... two at the most."  Keith thought. 

Modern medical science reduced the recovery time significantly.  Where it used to take several weeks, it's now several days to recover from major injury.

He read over the e-mail communication carefully as Allura watched.  "Keith, I wanted to talk to you about something very important."  She said, realizing that he was deep into reading the communication.

"Uh oh, its about Lance, isn't it?"  He finally replied, half-focusing on the paper, and half-paying attention to her.  "I know already.  He called me."

"When did he call you?" Allura asked sharply.

"Uh...just a few minutes ago." Keith said, still concentrating more on the e-mail then on her.  "He said you two got into it....something like that."

"Yes...something like that, indeed!" she scoffed.  "He's positively impossible, Keith!  He wants me to stay inside the Castle!"

"That's not a totally bad idea, Allura." Keith said softly, still reading.

"I didn't necessary think it was a bad idea either, Keith.  It was how he said it that angered me.  You know... reminding me that he is in command while you recover and that I have to do what he says." Allura said softly.  "He doesn't have your tender, yet firm hand of command."

"I'm sorry, Princess.  He can sometimes let command go to his head!   Hope he's not being too bossy!" 

"Oh, don't worry 'Sir Lance' and I will get along just fine!"  She said with a giggle to her voice, thinking about her new nickname for him. She suddenly became more serious.  "I did want to ask you about something very important." 

"Shoot, Princess.  What's on your mind?"  He responded, avoiding her gaze, and continuing to read the e-mail from Sven.

"About something I heard.... 'My dying again'...can you explain that?"  She asked with her gaze straight on him, waiting to see his reaction.

Keith stopped reading almost immediately.  He looked up at her..."What are you talking about?"  He could suddenly feel the blood rushing from his face.  "Where did you hear that from?"

Allura looked up at him.  "You were babbling about it when you dozed off earlier."

Keith looked down at the e-mail again.  "I was probably really out of it."  He hated to continue to lie to her.  But he heard Alfor's warning to him repeating in the back of his mind.  "I really don't know what you mean, Princess." He said quietly, pretending to return to reading the e-mail message.

Allura suddenly tossed the disc player she got from Pidge onto his lap.  She had retrieved it from her bedroom before she came to see him. 

"Oh, I think you do, Keith.  I've received this disc. It was in Black Lion.  It has recorded information about a previous time line.  One in which you came back in time, in order to change the course of events that lead up to my apparently death."

Keith didn't say a word.  He just sat expressionless....

"Well, aren't you even the least bit interested in how I got this?" She questioned him, looking for a response.

His jaw dropped open a bit before he spoke.  "Uh...I guess so." He replied hesitantly.

"Pidge gave this to me.  He found it in Black Lion's control panel while performing a routine diagnostic!  Now, are you ready to tell me the truth, Keith?"  Allura dryly asked.

She knew she was betraying a trust from Pidge...but she had to find out the truth from Keith, personally. 

Keith put the paper down in front of him.  He looked over toward her.  "I never intended for you to find out about that."

"Keith, I'm shocked!  How could you keep something like this secret from me?  And to change the course of events like this...maybe I was suppose to die!" Allura said sternly.

"No!  I made a mistake that cost you your life!  I couldn't repeat that mistake again.  I saw your father at the crypt the night of your funeral.  I was shocked to see him, frankly.  I asked him if he could tell me how to go back into time..."

Keith then explained to her the conversation that he and her father had that evening.
He recalled everything in detail to Allura...

After listening to Keith's tale, Allura shook her head.  "My dear father.  Still looking after me."  Her eyes welled up with tears.  "I appreciate what you did.  But what I don't appreciate is the outcome!  You could have gotten yourself killed!"  She again became stern with him.  "Did you ever think of that?"

"But if I didn't do it, you would still be dead" Keith said softly, as he looked into her blue eyes.  "I couldn't let that happen.  I told you before.  I'm expendable.  You're not." 

"You're not expendable, Keith!  Not to me!  I don't want anything to happen to you!  I can't...uh...I mean...we can't go on without you."  She almost gave herself away.  "After all, you're our commander." 

"I see" Keith said, breaking a weak smile in her direction.  "I'll try to be more careful in the future.  After all, I don't want to get a reputation like Lance for being a 'daredevil', as you put it earlier."

Allura looked at him fondly.  She had a feeling for him.  But she wasn't sure what to do at this point.  How much is gratitude, and how much is affection?  What could she say now that would possibly mean as much as 'I love you'?

"Thank you, Keith...for saving my life."  She settled with.  "You really are a true friend.  Like my father said."

"You're welcome, Princess.  You must know that I would give my life again and again to protect you."  Keith said. 

Allura felt herself start to blush.  She smiled shyly and bent down her head.  Keith reached over and grabbed her hand.  "Besides, it'll take more to keep me down for the count!  You know that!"  Keith smiled confidently, letting out a brief chuckle. 

Allura smiled and laughed along with Keith.  They had run out of words to say.  They just looked at each other. 

"Well, I should let you get some rest."  Allura said as she stood up.  "I'll check back with you later, okay?" 

"Promise?"  Keith asked with a wink.

"I promise.  Now get some rest."  She commanded with a smile. "And that's a royal order!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"  Keith grinned.  "I'd bow in half, but my other half hurts right now!"

"You're excused this time."  She responded with a giggle.  "Get some rest!" 

She turned and walked out the door.  Keith smiled as she left.  She was so beautiful.  He had to remember his place...or he might try to kiss her. 

Feeling still restless, he called for the nurse to get him that sedative patch to help him sleep.

Lance was still uneasy about being the leader of the team.  He wasn't used to this type of responsibility.  He wasn't going to wish this on himself again, anytime soon.  "Hope Keith hurries up and gets better." he thought to himself, as he was going over log data.  He was getting a bit antsy, and was getting tired of reviewing the flight logs repeatedly for inaccuracies.  So he decided to walk around the Castle.  While walking around, he decided to take a detour.

Lance walked by medical infirmary, just to peek in on his friend and commander.  Keith was fast asleep.  The instruments around him were beeping back and forth, keeping rhythm with his breathing and life signs.  Lance decided not to bother him.  He did however, stop and ask the attending physician how he was fairing. 

"He's been having bouts of restless sleep I'm afraid.  His vitals indicate active Dream State.  His condition is progressing, slowly, but steadily."  The attending physician showed Lance the charts of Keith's progressive recovery.

"Well, keep us posted of any change."  Lance replied and turned to leave the lab. 

Lance passed by Keith's bed one more time as he turned to leave.  "Get well, buddy.  We need you."  Lance quietly encouraged, placing his hand gently on Keith's head. 

Lance couldn't get past the feeling that Lotor might try to take advantage of Arus's vulnerability.  They needed Sven to help out until Keith was well again.  He decided to go and wait for Sven's arrival. 

Keith, asleep in the medic lab, was not resting peacefully.  His mind was racing. Was Arus going to be okay without Voltron?  And what about Lotor  Was he still poking around Arus? 

His head slightly moved as he wrestled with his thoughts.  Where had Lotor gone after the cloud had been defeated?  Even in his dreams, he was still trying to figure out what Lotor's next possible move might be.  Was he here on Arus?  Would he even dare to be?  What was Lotor up to now?  

Things seemed so strange to Keith all of a sudden.  It was like he was traveling down a long tunnel somewhere.  Was he dreaming?  Or was he awake?  He saw the picture of Lotor in his mind...

"I knew he was here!"  Keith thought to himself.  "What's he up to?" 

He also was thinking about Allura's discovery of his time travel.  He hoped nothing would come of it.  He knew it was dangerous to mess around with someone's future.

Keith's subconscious continued to drift on He was again on another journey in his mind.  And he suddenly saw Lotor, on the prowl once again.

Indeed, he saw that Lotor wasn't near the Castle, but was IN the Castle.  He had made his way in there through Hagar's magic, and some deception.  He phased in from the Revenge, which was cloaked on the far end of Arus's atmosphere.  Lotor was disgusted that he was unable to capture the Princess with his plans of the cloud.  So, he felt he needed to try the direct approach entering the Castle undetected by security. 

Lotor was wearing a personal cloaking device, which allowed him to walk around undetected. His plan was simple...capture the Princess and get back to the ship.  But where to find Allura? 

This was a big Castle.  Assuming that Allura was probably injured in some way from the impact of the attack on Blue Lion, he thought he would try to find a medical area somewhere. That would be the best place to start.  Part of his reasoning was to make sure his love was not severely injured.  

Lotor moved quickly through the Castle.  It was during that time that he heard the voices of two of his arch enemies...Hunk and Pidge.  They were walking in his direction.  Only one way to know if Hagar's device was working properly. And that was to test it here and now. 

Hunk and Pidge were talking about the disc Pidge had found buried in Black Lion's circuitry.  Lotor listened in as they passed by...

"So, that's why Keith was acting so weird.  Is any of this possible?"  Hunk asked Pidge.

"Obviously it is.  And the weirdest thing about it was that I did the programming that sent him back here.  The best I can figure is that when I set the coordinates into Black Lion, I must have placed the disc into it as well."  Pidge responded.

"Kinda like a recognition thing.  Right PidgeO?"  Hunk giggled.

"Yeah Hunk, something to remind me of what was going on. Its amazing how the time jump didn't affect the memory disc I placed there.  But then, Black Lion was a constant part of it all."

"So, has the doctor said when Keith can return to duty?"  Hunk asked.

"No, not yet.   I guess it really depends on how fast he progresses.  No telling how long that could be."  Pidge replied his head down as he walked.

Hunk stopped Pidge;  "Do you realize that he could have died out there a few days ago?  What was he thinking, pulling a stunt like that?  He'd have jumped all over one of us for doing something like that!"  Hunk said, shaking his head.  "What would make him act like that?"

Pidge shrugged his shoulders "Search me but if this tape is accurate, I could guess he was trying everything he could to redeem himself of whatever command mistake he made.  I'm just guessing, of course.  The main thing is that he saved the Princess, and survived to tell about it."

The two of them started walking again and talked all the way down the corridor, and never even noticed Lotor was there.  "It worked!"  Thought Lotor to himself.  "And it seems it was Keith who bore the full brunt of the blast!"

This meant that Allura was fine, and even now, walking around the Castle. Or was she with Voltron's commander?   He must be recovering well enough, or there would have been a more solemn mood over the two fools that just passed his way.

"Too bad."  Lotor grinned.  "That would have made taking Allura away from here much easier with him out of the way!"  The thought about the part of the conversation of Allura's death unsettled the evil Prince, but he chose instead, to focus all of his energy on making his escape with the Arusian Princess as his hostage.

Lotor made his way around the corridors of the Castle.  He suddenly stopped as he found himself at the doorway to the Castle's medical facility.  He quietly looked in through a nearby window. 

There was Keith.  He was in a hospital bed, asleep... and an easy target.  But his rival was not his victim right now.  He crept around the corner of the hallway.  Suddenly, he stopped.  There she was!  Allura...his love... and she was talking to some man in a white coat.  He was probably the doctor.  He approached quietly, so as not to tip off his presence.
Lotor listened into the conversation... 

"So he's finally asleep?"  Allura asked Dr. Gorma.

"Yes Princess.  I'm afraid he's been a bit jumpy.  But the sedative should help him out."  Dr. Gorma replied.  "He'll be out for a while, unless anything short of an earthquake wakes him."

"Well, since that's not likely, I guess I'll return to my chambers and get some rest too."  She said, reassured that Keith was in good hands.  "Goodnight, Dr. Gorma."

"Good night, Your Highness."  Dr. Gorma replied, bowing once again in respect to his Princess as she took her leave of him.

Allura was walking down the hallway, unaware that Lotor was now behind her, following her.  She strolled around the corner to her chambers.  As the door swished opened, and she walked inside her chambers, she felt a chill...like a breeze rushing past her.  She chose to ignore it, and continued to walk into her room as the door swished shut behind her. 

She moved toward her dresser and picked up her brush and sat down.  She took her hair down from the clip it was in and started to brush it.  Her hair was like very long and thick silk, flowing around her shoulders with each brush stroke. 

She paused for a moment worrying about Keith's condition...and hoped it wouldn't be long before Voltron's commander was back on his feet.  Not that she couldn't trust Sven to pilot Black Lion, just that she felt more confident taking orders from Keith.  She swore she could sometimes read his mind.

It was then that she saw the shift in the air behind her...it looked like it was moving.  But how can that be?  She passed if off as her eyes playing tricks on her.  Her sleep pattern has been off lately, and that could have something to do with it.

She went back to brushing her hair and dismissed it all as sleep depravation.

Allura closed her eyes, and continued to mindlessly brush her hair.  When she opened them, she jumped in her chair.  "Lotor!"  She shouted, seeing what appeared to be his image standing right behind her.  "This can't be my eyes now!"  The thought flashed in her head. 

She stood up quickly and pushed the chair back abruptly.  It seemed to bounce off the image and go in a different direction. 

Allura held the brush in front of her, franticly scanning the room for a blaster.  Her brush would have to do as a line defense for now.  Lotor suddenly disengaged his cloaking device. 

"But how...?   What are you doing here?" She asked, staring at him. "How did you..."

She didn't finish the question.  Allura threw her brush at Lotor, and immediately ran for the door.  She never made it.  Lotor tackled her from behind.  His mostly metal body slammed the wind out of her as they hit the ground. 

"Pleasant seeing you too, Allura!"  Lotor said. "Didn't your mother ever teach you its not nice to be rude to guests?"

Allura struggled to catch her breath.  She gasped hard to recover.  As she lifted her head up from the ground, she began struggling with him instantly. 

"What do you want, Lotor?"  She struggled.

"I think you know the answer to that!"  Lotor grinned.

Allura kept struggling to get up from beneath him.  But his metal strength was so great, that she couldn't get leverage.  "Get off me!"

"Oh, I will, but first, you are going to hear all the wonderful wedding plans I have in store for us!" Lotor mused.  He had waited for this opportunity for a long time, and chuckled over how simple it was to get into the Castle.  Thinking about it, he should have attempted this a long time ago.

"No Lotor!  I told you I'd never marry you...ever!  Haven't you gotten that yet?" Allura shouted in anger, mostly hoping someone would either hear her, or that she could trigger the noise alarm in her room, which would send a signal to the Control Room.

"Oh, but you'd marry that twit, Keith, right?  Is that the man of your dreams, Allura?  Well, be sure that if you don't come with me now, I'll kill him where he lies!  He's an easy target."  Lotor was attempting to threaten her.

"No, Lotor, leave Keith out of this!" She said in a seriously low voice.  "This is between you and me!" 

Oh, but why?  He's such a sap, that killing him might be sporting.  I'm sure even though he's hurt; he'd put up a grand fight.  Then, after toying with him for awhile, then I'd kill him, just for fun!"  Lotor teased.  "What do you say?"

"NO!  Leave him ALONE!"  She shouted back and struggled all the more, trying to claw at the fleshy part of his face with her fingernails. 

Lotor stood up and grabbed onto Allura's wrist with his metal hand.  It had a steel grip, like a pair of handcuffs.  She couldn't break away.

"You're hurting me!"  She winced in pain, still struggling.

"It hurts me each moment you're not by my side, Allura!"  Lotor barked back.  "But that's about to end...right now!"

"Lotor... doesn't' it mean anything to you that I don't love you?  Your love for me is one-sided.  I will never love back!  How could I?  When you treat my planet and my people the way you do?  When you hurt hundreds of innocent people, and destroy their lives?  Can't you see that this is never going to work?" She struggled, tears starting to form in her eyes from intense anger.

"You'll grow to love me, Allura.  And more importantly, I'll have Arus to rule, with you by my side.  Together, you and I will rule the universe!"  Lotor mused once again.  "So you see my dear...you won't be gone from your planet for long. We'll rule together here, and Voltron will be our slave, plundering the galaxy for whatever we desire!"

"I don't want to rule the galaxy!  I want to be left alone!"  She shouted back.  "Now let me go, Lotor!"

She struggled with him for a moment, but it was like struggling with a steel cage. 

"You'll never get away, Allura." He sneered.  "Face your destiny. It will be much easier on you."

"And what about my friends, Lotor?  What's to become of them?"  She gazed at him with anger in her eyes.

"Oh, don't worry my dear.  I won't kill them as long as they follow my orders.  If they resist me though, I'll have no choice but to end their miserable lives.  After all, what's a tyrant if he doesn't make an example out of rebels?"  Lotor then released a laugh.  "But if you're worried about Commander Keith, don't be.  I won't kill him.  I'll let nature do that for me."

"What do you mean, Lotor?"  A horrified expression came over Allura's face as she waited for his response.

"Allura, come now.  Keith is in no condition to work.  Which means I'll have no use for him.  So, as with all worthless slaves, I'll throw him into my new and improved Pit of Skulls.  Of course, he won't have a chance there, but at least I can say to you that 'I' didn't kill him!" 

"NO!"  She shouted.  "You mustn't, you beast!"

"Oh, but I must!  Keith has been a thorn in my side for too long.  And now, its time for him to reap what he has sown!"   Lotor gazed angrily into Allura's eyes.  "But not before he sees you and I together, forever, in the bonds of holy matrimony!"

"I hate you, Lotor!  I hate you for what you're doing.  I hate you for what you've already done!"  Then the Princess spit at him.  "I just hate you...period!"

Lotor became enraged.  Momentarily forgetting himself, he took his good hand and slapped Allura across the face, hard.  Her head flung back like a rubberband.  When Lotor realized what he had done, he stopped "Oh my darling!  I didn't mean to do that!  I swear it!  I'll never do that again!  Its...its just that you enraged me so...that I..."

"Save your excuses, Lotor!  I'm not interested in them!"  She said, her face stinging from the slap.  She turned her head back around and looked at him.  She could feel the heat from the impact and was sure a welt was appearing.

(Keith started to shift around in his hospital bed and continued dreaming...)

Lotor reached his good hand up to her face, in an effort to make amends for his violent outburst.  Instead, Allura turned her face away from him.  Lotor laid his hand on her head and ran his fingers through her long hair.  "Oh my beautiful Allura, please understand that I want you to be happy."

"Happy?"  She turned around and looked at him with a combination of tears and anger on her face.  "You want me to be happy because you're taking me away from my home and the people I love?  Why should I be happy about that?  You disgust me, Lotor!" 

Lotor's face turned from compassion to anger again.  His mind realized that she was trying to talk him out of taking her away.  Then his compassion relented, and once again, he returned to his evil self...

"Like it or not, you're coming with me, Princess!  I do have a bit of consolation for you, my dear.  I intend, at least for now, to allow your precious Keith to remain alive.  I need someone to remain behind to grieve.  Nothing would give me more pleasure then for it to be him."

"Keith won't stop hunting you until I'm returned safely!  You'd better be prepared to defend yourself."  She shouted, struggling once again against the power of his steel grip.

"Why, because he loves you?  Give me a break, Princess!  To you, he's Prince Valiant.  To me, he's an irritating bug that needs to be exterminated!  And someday, I'll get my chance.  But for now, his purpose will be to remain alive, wondering what I'm doing with you."  Lotor laughed.  "Now, lets go!"

He moved a dial on his bracelet that sent a signal to the Revenge.  The signal however, was not undetected. 

Pidge was in the control room on watch, when the internal alarms went off:  


The mechanized voice echoed the warning repeatedly... 

"Oh no!  The Princess!" Pidge cried.  He hit the alarm button that rang throughout the Castle.  Then he opened up his COM link.  "Voltron Force!  To the Princess's chambers, immediately!  Sensors pick up an intruder!  On the double, guys!"  Pidge jumped up from his chair and took off running down the hallway toward Allura's room. 

(Keith was now seeing himself in his dream ...)

Keith, meanwhile, had jarred awake suddenly when he heard the alarm go off. "What the heck's going on?"  He thought sleepily, trying to alert himself. 

He knew Pidge had watch today.  He opened his bedside COM to contact the Control Room.

"Pidge, this is Keith... Pidge are you there?  Answer me Pidge!" 

No response.  Keith started to get nervous. 

What was going on around here?

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