"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Living in the past

Keith once again found himself walking in a dream.  This time...in the past. 

Keith found himself walking next to Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Sven.  They had just escaped Zarkon's evil Planet of Doom.  Now, they were walking on a planet that they were unfamiliar with.  They knew it was the Planet Arus.  It was said that Arus was the most beautiful planet in the diamond galaxy.  It was hard to believe that now, looking at all of the devastation surrounding them.  Zarkon had destroyed this planet.

Keith led the way.  He and his team were armed with only spears. 

They had just stumbled across a spooky old, broken down Castle.  It was burned out around the outside.  Suddenly, they heard what appeared to be a lion's roar, coming from a statue of a lion.a lion with wings.  They approached the Castle cautiously. 

As they made their way to the door, it opened slowly, with a creepy creek to it.  Keith saw himself as much younger, by at least six years.  They all were.  As they all stepped inside, the door slammed shut with a bang!  The five space explorers ran back for the door and started pounding on it in desperation.  They were trapped! 

"Let us out!"  Shouted Lance, as he pounded with all his might on the heavy door.

"Stand back  Give me room!"  Strongman Hunk shouted, as he prepared to give it all he had to open the door.

"You can not escape", came a mysterious voice from behind the group.

They suddenly turned around, and saw a figure of a man in the shadows. "Who's there?" cried Keith, facing toward the unidentified figure, his spear pointing forward for defense.

"You are strangers to Planet Arus!  You are not welcome here!"  The voice proclaimed, echoing endlessly through the hall they were standing in.

The other space explorers turned their spears at the man in the shadows.  "I said, show yourself!"  Keith threatened again.  "We don't' want to harm you!"

"Who are you, and why have you come here?"  the voice said.

"We crashed on this planet.  We were escaping King Zarkon and Planet Doom."  Keith said, his eyes squinting as he tried to focus on the unknown man.   

"You must leave here at once!" The voice unpleasantly demanded.

"Well be happy to leave!"  Pidge said. "Just let us out of here!"

"You escaped Zarkon?" the voice said, suddenly changing tone.

"Yes what is this place?"  Lance said, motioning his hand from side to side.  "It must have been beautiful at one time."

"Yes, it was.  This was the Castle of Lions, and those who dwell here are of the Royal House of Arus."  The man stepped from the shadows into the light that was shining from a hole in the roof.

Lance caught a glimpse of the man in the shadows. The man looked very stately.  "Are you a scientist?" he asked the mysterious man, now standing before them all with a walking stick in his hand.

"My name is Sir Coran Anderson.  I am keeper of these ruins.  And protector of the secrets of Voltron."

"Voltron?  You know about Voltron?  Do you still have it?"  Keith jumped in.

"Yes, but alas, King Zarkon's evil witch, Hagar, placed a spell on mighty Voltron and separated him into five robot lions.  They now sleep throughout Arus.  We have no champions to unite them together."

"Help us stop Zarkon.  Give us Voltron! We can save your planet!"  Keith shouted insistently.

Coran, still very skeptical about these strange young men standing before him, kept looking up a staircase, into the darkness.  "The five keys for Voltron are with our beloved King Alfor.  He has been laid to rest, and his wish was that the keys be laid to rest with him."

"We've got to have those keys, Keit!  It's the secret to Voltron!"  Sven said, grabbing onto Keith's arm. 

"We will, Sven."  Keith reassured his friend.

"I will give you all the help you need." Coran said.  "And I'm sure you have the help and blessing of the only surviving member of the Royal family. Her Royal Highness, Princess Allura."

Coran swung his hand upward toward the stairway.  Out of the shadows came a lovely form.  Beauty to behold.  Her beauty instantaneously mesmerized the space explorers.  They couldn't believe their eyes. 

"She's beautiful!"  Pidge said quietly, staring at the lovely Princess descending the staircase.

Her beauty fascinated Keith especially; his heart was immediately captured.  The beautiful Princess of Arus was dressed in an elegant pink gown, with a bell skirt.  The dress flowed with her as she moved.  Her long, golden blonde hair flowed too, spilling over her shoulders.

Keith found himself getting lost in her deep blue eyes.

Upon reaching the last few steps of the staircase, she paused and looked at the tattered strangers standing in her Castle.  She shot Coran a troubled look of fear.  He quickly nodded to her, and her fears disappeared. 

"It's alright, Princess, these brave young men are here to help us fight evil King Zarkon."  Coran said as he took hold of her hand on decent of the last few stairs.

She had a jeweled crown surrounding her head.  Her golden blonde hair was shuffling with the drafts of air that were moving through the old Castle. 

She stared curiously at the dashing young man with black hair and mysterious dark eyes.  Upon watching the exchange from where she stood at the top of the stairs, it appeared that this handsome young man standing before her was the group's leader. 

Princess Allura took a few steps ahead of Coran and addressed the space explorers.  "What are your names?" she asked.

One by one, each of them identified themselves to her.

"Welcome to our poor planet.  I am Princess Allura, ruler of Planet Arus.  Coran has told you what a beautiful place Arus once was.  I'm glad my father is no longer alive to see it in ruins."

She turned and gazed at a picture of what appeared to be a king standing on a hill with what they assumed was a royal flag.  Tears started to stream down Princess Allura's face.  She was truly missing her father.  And yet, her sincerity was evident insisting on protecting the good memory of her father's reign over the fine land that once was.

"It would break his great, noble heart.  He loved this world, and was a kind and gentle ruler.  Zarkon destroyed everything, but his memory."  She finished, weeping.

"Kindly King Alfor died during one of our planet's most historical battles.  The Battle of Zohur was where King Alfor of Arus fought against King Zarkon of Doom.  Zarkon bested our king using treachery, and something else unexpected.  Long ago, our king had fallen in love with a beautiful alien woman name Hagar.  She came from another dimension.  When our people spurned her, Alfor had no choice but to abandon his love for her.  Enraged at his abandonment, Hagar joined forces with Zarkon.  In the years that past, as Hagar worked for the evil king, her heart hardened, and so did her appearance.  She became old and ugly.  At the battle of Zohur, she distracted our king long enough for Zarkon to strike him down.  Alfor was felled by Hagar's evil, as he once was by her beauty."

"How awful."  Keith somberly said, focusing his attention on the Princess, her head down and her eyes closed. 

"The Princess was a mere child when her father was killed.  Her mother, our beloved Queen Angelica Camille, died of illness a few years earlier.  Princess Allura was orphaned at the age of 11 years old, and left to rule Planet Arus alone, with only the guidance of the palace compliment and myself."  Coran finished. 

(Keith stirred slightly in his hospital bed as the dream continued on)

Princess Allura was the most stunning person that Keith had ever seen.  She was truly beautiful beyond words.  There is truly none her equal.  He tried not to stare so heavily.  He was amazed at how much this princess has gone through.  He and his comrades had no right to complain about their own ordeal as captives of Zarkon.  This young woman's heart had been captive for a long time with personal tragedy.  Yet Keith couldn't shake the feeling that he had been here before...

Coran continued.  "Voltron was Arus's protector.  He was the defender of the universe.  But as I stated earlier, Hagar, cast a spell on him, breaking him up into five individual robot lions.  Those five lions came falling down to Arus from the sky.  Each one buried itself in a different part of our planet as it landed.  Blue Lion crashed into the mote surrounding the Castle.  Red Lion crashed into a volcano.  Green Lion landed in the forest.  Yellow Lion slammed into the dessert.  And Black Lion turned into a lion monument outside of the Castle gates."

"That lion growled at us when we came close to the Castle!" young Pidge noted.

Coran nodded.  "Yes, the noble Black Lion of Voltron.  He still watches over us."

Keith forced himself to focus in on what was being said. "Continue, Coran." Keith beckoned him.  "Tell us more about what happened hereafter Voltron was split up."

The five of them listened carefully to Coran, as he continued his story.

"Without Voltron to protect us, Zarkon was able to defeat us.  But now that you're here, there's hope again that Voltron may live once more to fight for justice!"
Coran concluded.

"That's right."  Keith added.  "Those five robot lions are the key to Voltron.  And there are five of us to pilot them!"

Coran looked at the Princess with a smile.  "Princess," he said. "I think we have found Arus's champions.  From this moment on, you five shall be known as THE VOLTRON FORCE!"

Keith walked forward and knelt in front of Princess Allura.  She extended her hand toward him.  He took hold of her hand and gently kissed it as a pledge to protect her and her planet from the evil forces of Doom.  He looked up at her after he had kissed her hand.  Her eyes were warm and tender.  She had a kind heart, and a gentle way about her.  She was as radiant as the sun.  Keith finally released her hand and stood up before her. 

"And are you the leader of this group?"  Allura asked.

"Yes, Princess.  I am." Keith responded, standing proudly.

"Hmm-m-m...they seem very disciplined.  I admire your command abilities."

"Thank you, Your Highness."  Keith replied, bowing his head slightly.

"No, it is I who should be thanking you, Captain Keith." She warmly smiled.

"It's an honor to serve you, Princess Allura."  Keith replied back with a wink toward her.

She smiled again and took hold of his hand.  Then, Allura said something very strange to Keith.  She held up his hand and looked him straight in the eyes her face suddenly filled with concern.  Now tears were forming in her beautiful blue eyes... 

"Keith, come back to me...please don't leave us!  We need youI need you!  I can't make it without you!  Oh Keith, please, please come back!"  Allura said, as her face became tear-stained. 

Why was she crying?  Why was she saying all this now?  They had just met.  It was far too soon to know where this would lead.  And yet, this Princess continued to call him

"Keith, oh Keith... please wake up!" 

Suddenly, another hand grabbed onto Keith's other arm.  He turned his head.  It was Sven. 

"Keit," Sven said.  "We neet to git dos keys...now!"

"Sven...I" Keith said hesitantly. 

"No...you must come dis way, pleeze!" Sven beckoned. 

"Keith...come back to me!" Allura said...her voice now fading away. 

"I...I want to...but I..." Keith stammered, feeling Sven tug at him, pulling him away from Allura's presence. 

He still was too week to follow her...to weak to return go where she led....

"Wake up, wake up... Keith, wake up....wake up Keith...oh please Keith, please."

Keith heard her calling his name and struggled to return to consciousness...

Allura looked up and saw his head move slowly, from side to side.  His face grimaced slightly, before returning to a restful state.

"Keith...its me.  Allura!"  She pleaded.  "Please Keith, open your eyes!"

Keith again moved his head slightly. His eyes opened up somewhat.  Allura jumped up...  "Nurse!  Nurse come quickly!"  she cried out. 

The nurse came running over to the bed.  Allura turned back to look at Keith.  The nurse used her medical reader and scanned Keith's eyes.  Then, the nurse looked back up to the Princess.  "I'm sorry, Your Highness.  He's still unresponsive."

Allura looked at Keith, and then looked at the nurse again.  "How can that be?"  She questioned, disbelieving her.  "I saw him open his eyes.  He has them open right now!" 

The nurse reached over and closed Keith's eyes.  "Patients experiencing an extreme comatose state often move around slightly.  Some do open their eyes.  Unfortunately, it's more a nerve or muscle reaction, and not a sign of returning consciousness.  Sometimes its hours or even weeks before a comatose patient awakens." 

The nurse hesitated as she left the room, determined not to leave her Princess with false hope"Sadly, some never recover, and remain that way for years, until death finally completes the cycle."  Then, the nurse left the room, doing more harm than good to Allura's hope.

Nevertheless, Allura returned her attention toward Keith.  She sat back down and resumed holding onto his hand. 

Keith appeared to be once again out of reach.  Allura gently rubbed his hand.  "I'll wait for eternity if I have to.  You're not going to die Keith!  You hear me?  You're not going to leave us.  You just keep holding onto that thought, and my hand wherever you are."

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