"What the Future Holds"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele Previte.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.  Enjoy!

Only Time Will Tell

It was many hours later, into the following night.  The team had been back and forth a couple of times.  Nurses and doctors had been detailing Keith's progress.  Allura was so tired, that she had to lay her head down on Keith's bed, next to his hand.  Her own hand rested on top of his, a sort of comfort for herself.  His body was cold, his hands like ice, probably from the blood loss.  He had many blankets on his bed, and he was attached to a machine that was being used to pump medication into his system.

Keith was still on the respiration unit.  Meanwhile, deep in his subconscious, he was dreaming a wonderful dream...

Keith could see himself surrounded by hundreds of people.  They seemed to all be wishing him well for some reason. He started to walk down an isle.  It appeared to be the isle of a church...one that he had seen back home on Earth.  At the end of the isle was Lance.  He was smiling.  Not often you see Lance doing that!  "Why is everyone here, Lance?" 

"Well Keith, its not everyday we get to be at a wedding!"  He smiled, patting Keith on the back. 

"What wedding?  Who's getting married?" Keith asked, scratching his head with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Why, you are of course!"  Lance replied.  "Don't tell me you forgot!"

"Who am I marrying?"

"Hello...don't you remember?"  Lance teased.  "Hey everyone, Keith forgot he was getting married today!"

"What?"  Hunk shouted over.  He was playing a giant pipe organ.  "And I learned to play this thing just for your wedding day!"

"Huh?"  Keith said bewildered.  "You, Hunk... playing an organ?"

"Yeah, and I'm playing the bells!"  Pidge shouted from the altar area. "Watch this!"

Pidge started to ring the bells.  Then, Hunk started playing the organ. 

"This is it, Keith old buddy!"  Lance said as he stepped over to straighten Keith's tie.  "You're dreams are about to come true!" 

Keith looked up the isle, as several bridesmaids came down first. Right behind them was the "bride".  Someone was escorting her down the isle.  Keith squinted to see who it was.   Then, to his amazement, he saw Lotor! 

As they drew closer to the front of the church, Lotor gave Keith a wide smile.

"I don't get this!"  Keith said as he rubbed his eyes.  "What's going on here?"

The bride, on Lotor's arm coming down the isle, had her face shrouded by a white covering so dense, that her face could not be seen.  As they reached the end of the isle, Coran approached the foot of the altar.  Hunk concluded the wedding march he was playing. 

"Dearly beloved" Coran began. 

"I don't understand?" Keith said, now turning to his archenemy.  "What are you doing here, Lotor?" 

"Why, giving away the beautiful bride, of course!"  Lotor mused. 

"Who gives this woman's hand?" Coran said.

"I do."  Lotor piped up. Then he looked back at Keith "You almost made me miss my line!  Shame, shame!"

He took the tiny white-gloved hand from his elbow, and placed it in Keith's hand.  "She's all yours, Keith.  You won her fair and square."  Lotor said, and then took three steps backward with another smile.  "Good luck to you both!"  He whispered as he continued to back away.

Keith, still not sure what to do, whispered into the bride's ear

"Listen, I'm not sure why we're here, but I want you to know that I love you, Allura, and I promise to be a good husband."

"That's good, Keith!"  came a cranky old whine from beneath the vale of the bride.  "But I am not who you think I am!" 

Keith took a step back. "What the...?"

Then Keith looked over toward Lotor.  He was now sitting down with Princess Allura in the front pew.  Allura was...smiling!  She had her head on Lotor's shoulder and she was smiling!  Then she shouted, "I hope you two will be as happy as we are!"

"Allura!  If you're there who's here?"  He lifted up the vale of the bride he thought was Allura.  Suddenly, Keith gasped in horror.  There was Hagar standing before him! 

The old crone was laughing...  "Ah, my love, come to me!"

"NO-O-O-O!"  Keith screamed as he jumped back.

"Commander Keith, what seems to be the matter?  Are you alright, sir?"  Coran asked.

Keith ran over to Lance, grabbing him.  Lance, obviously annoyed at the scene his friend was making, shoved Keith away from him:  "Are you crazy?"  Lance asked. "You're throwing away the chance of a lifetime!" 

"Snap out of it, Lance!"  Keith shouted.  "That's Hagar the witch!  Allura is cuddling over there with...with Lotor!  Don't you even care what's going on here?"

"'Yeah, I do, and right now, you're screwing up a great wedding!  How could you do this?"  Lance shouted, now pointing his finger directly in Keith's face.  "How can I be best man for you if you won't trust me?  Get back there and get married!  You've just got cold feet...that's all."

Keith was dumbstruck.  He didn't understand what was going on.  Allura was with Lotor, she seemed to be enjoying it, and he found himself about to marry Hagar! And all Lance could do was reprimand him for not going through with it all.   What is going on?  Keith stepped back from Lance, shaking his head.

"Keith, snap out of it buddy" Lance said.  Keith looked right at Lance, but then found he was getting blurrier. 

"Keith come on buddy, snap out of it, you can do it" Lance's voice was fading in and out, as was his image, but Keith could still tell it was his friend.  "Keith...come with me!" Lance's voice echoed.

Then Hagar grabbed onto Keith's arm.  "No you can't leave menot just yet, Commander Keith!" Hagar began to drag him away from the voice...

"Let me go, Hagar!"  Keith struggled to free himself, but he couldn't get away.

Reality was calling him backbut he was still too weak to return

"Keith   Keith, come back to us!  You can do it, buddy!"  Lance whispered into Keith's ear, as he leaned over him in the hospital bed.  Lance lifted one of Keith's eyelids then shook his head:  "He's still out of it."  Lance quickly stood up straight and looked at his teammates. His face had a look of concern about it.

Allura just sat somberly in a chair that was off in the corner of the room.  She felt some sort of responsibility for his condition.  There were tracks of tears drying on her face.

"Something's got to give...he's been out for two days now."  Pidge said, sitting on the floor nearby, his legs bent up toward his chest, and his arms locked around them.

"Hey, I heard something!"  Hunk shouted, suddenly leaning toward Keith.

Quickly, everyone's attention turned toward Hunk.  "I didn't hear anything."  Lance replied. 

"What did you hear, Hunk?"  Pidge asked from the floor, now sitting more at attention.

"It was a moan!  It was very faint!"  No one said anything for a moment.  Hunk looked over toward the Princess.  She was just staring at him as if she was trying to believe him, but struggling to do so. 

Then, she finally spoke in a melancholy voice...  "Maybe you just wanted to hear him, Hunk."

Hunk became angry with group.  "I'm telling you... I heard something over here!"  Hunk insisted.

"You heard nothing but your stomach!"  Lance replied sarcastically. 

"No, for real, I heard Keith!  It sounded like groaning or something!"  Hunk again insisted.

"Oh really?  Was he moaning something like, 'Hey guys, I'm back?'  Come on Hunk, you dreamed it!" Lance replied, throwing his hands off at Hunk for suggesting such a stupid thing.  After all, if he heard it, why wouldn't they all have heard it?

Allura looked up and suddenly thought she saw one of Keith's fingers moving ever so slightly.

"No, wait!" she shouted as she jumped to her feet and rushed over toward the bed.  "He didn't imagine it.  Keith's coming around, boys!"

They all watched for several minutes.  Keith didn't move a muscle.  "I know I saw it!" Allura demanded, shaking her head.  "I know I did!" 

Lance laid his hand on her shoulder.  "Princess, we've all been under a lot of stress lately.  It's like you said, you probably just wanted to see him move."

Allura looked up at Lance, a lost look was on her face.  "But I...I thought he did!  Really, I did!"

Everyone looked at each other.  If the Princess loses it, then that would be two lions down, instead of one.  "Allura, maybe you should get some sleep."  Pidge said.  "Things will look brighter later."

"I'm not leaving here."  She said quietly.  "You boys go ahead.  I'm staying with Keith."

"Princess, you need to get some sleep.  You're not going to do him any good just sitting here like this."  Lance added, gently grabbing onto her arm.  "Come on, I'll escort you to your chambers."

"Lance...let go of me!  I'm staying here!"  Allura raised her voice, shaking her arm free from his grasp.  "Please, go ahead without me."  She returned her gaze back to the bed.

The team again looked at each other.  It was Lance who finally gave the word.  "Come on guys, you heard the Princess.  She's gonna stay.  Let's get some sleep. In the morning, maybe we should talk about calling Planet Pollux and asking Sven to temporarily come back to pilot Black Lion."

"Yeah, someone has to while Keith is down.  Sven would be the perfect choice!"  Pidge exclaimed. 

"It'll be nice to see him again too."  Hunk agreed. 

"Well, goodnight, Princess."  Lance waved to the others to leave with him. .

"Goodnight, boys."  Allura said softly, not looking in their direction, but still gazing at the bed.

After the team left the room, Allura took a seat next to the head of the bed.  She gently pushed away a drooping lock of his thick, black hair away from his eyes. "Oh Keith, if you can hear me, come back to us soon."  She began to unconsciously stroke his cheek with her finger.  His face was scruffy, like sandpaper, as a light beard began to appear. 

"Please, Keith.  Don't leave me.  I need you."  She wept.  "You just have to come back!"

She continued to stroke his cheek.  It wasn't long until sleep finally found her at last.

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