"The Enemy Unknown"

A story based on "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2002
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions

All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter Ten
What to Do Next

Morning came so quickly, it seemed.

Allura stretched out...and suddenly
realized that she was in a strange bed. 
When she finally returned to her senses,
she recalled where she was and what had
happened the night before.

Moreover...she realized that she was no longer beside Keith.

Panicked, she quickly kicked back the covers from her body and rose to her feet immediately.  As she rushed into the main room, she found Hunk wake, keeping watch.

"Hi ya, Princess!" he greeted her in a cheerful whisper.  "Sleep well?"

Allura nodded uncaringly as she scanned the room.  Lance was still on the couch with Pidge at the other end...but this time, they had exchanged sides.  She turned back to Hunk...

"Keith..." she asked with a whisper to her voice. "Where's Keith?"

Hunk smiled and pointed to an area behind her.  Allura quickly turned around and saw the Voltron Commander huddled tightly in the corner that Hunk had originally found as his resting spot, when last she recalled.

She smiled, thankful that all of her friends were fine.  She turned back to Hunk.  "What time is it?" she asked.

Hunk glanced at his wristwatch.  "Seven-forty-one in the morning." He replied.  "Keith said reveille was at eight o'clock, sharp, and to wake everyone up then.  So...if you want to go and lay down for another fifteen minutes..."

"No, no...I'm fine, Hunk." She whispered back sweetly.  "I think I'll go...and freshen up a bit."

"Good idea!" Hunk said. "Then you'll be ready and you can guard, while the rest of us shower...oops!"

Allura shot him a puzzled expression. "What's 'oops'?' she asked.

"I just thought about it...our clothes are back in our rooms!" He said.  "Guess we'll have to go back and get them."

"I can go and get what you need!" she offered.

Hunk quickly rose to his feet in an almost panic-like manner.  "Are you trying to get me killed?!?  If I let you go, Keith will hang me!  Nope... you stay here!  One of us will go!"

"Allura..." Keith's voice moaned from the corner, sleepily.  "Where are you going?"

Hunk quickly tried to vindicate himself as he turned to Keith.  "I wasn't going to let her go, chief!  Honestly!"

Keith stretched as he huddled in the corner, and then rolled into a sitting position on the floor.  "Princess?  Go where, Hunk?"

Allura felt guilty for a moment.  "I...I was going to volunteer to go and get you boys some clothes from your rooms...with an escort, of course.  But now I realize, that may not be such a helpful idea after all."

Keith smirked at her as he slowly pushed his body off of the floor, using the wall for leverage.  Once standing on his feet, he stretched again, his back letting out a loud crack as his vertebrae popped back into place.

The sound made Hunk sick.

"Geez, Keith!" Hunk complained in a whisper, his face grimaced.  "I hate when you do that!"

"Sorry, Hunk." Keith apologized.

The Voltron Commander bent in half and did a few more stretches before he finally stood up straight once again and approached Hunk and Allura.

He looked at her.  "I decided that I have to let Amalgamus know what's going on, whether he believes us or not."

Allura nodded her head.  "I agree.  He should know, if for nothing else, to increase the security around the other delegates."

"Its one delegate in particular that I'm interested in getting my hands on..." Keith said with a hint of anger in his voice as he rubbed his bruised side.  "I owe him one for this little incident!"

"Keith, violence only begets more violence!" Allura reminded. "You should know that."

Keith suddenly relaxed.  "Don't worry," he replied with a chuckle to his voice.  "I'm not going headhunting today!"

"Hey...do you guys mind?" Lance moaned angrily from the couch.  "Some of us are trying to sleep over here!"

Keith glanced at his watch.  "Only for another six minutes," he said.  "Then you're up whether you like it or not!"

"Yeah, well until then, you three go talk in the Princess's room!" Lance barked.  "I have six minutes to snooze, and you're disburbing my rest."

"Sorry..." Keith snickered, lifting a finger to his lips to Allura and Hunk, trying to silence their giggles.  "We'll be quiet."

"How considerate." Lance huffed, then rolled over on the couch, letting out another round of complaints as to how cramped he felt with his midget Green Lion friend curled up at the other end, making it impossible to spread out.

Keith gave Lance and Pidge an additional four minutes beyond the six they really had, feeling somewhat at fault for waking Lance up from a restless sleep.

Keith went to shake Pidge first, who opened his eyes immediately and sat up stretching.

"Okay...Skipper..." Pidge stretched with his voice as well as his body.  "I'm up...I'm up..."

As Pidge slowly made his way off of the couch, Keith then turned to Lance and gave him a gentle shake. Lance didn't move.

Frustrated that he would take advantage of the situation, Keith shook his second in command more vigorously this time.  Lance let out an angry grunt and flung his arm in the air as his friend.

"Leave me alone!" Lance growled.  "I'll get up when I want!"

"You'll get up now!" Keith grunted back; suddenly becoming angry that his generosity was being taken advantaged of.

"No!" Lance barked and flung his arm out at Keith a second time. "You screwed up some of my time.  So I get extra!  Deal with it!"

Keith could have shouted, or better still, dragged him out of bed.  But instead, got a more wicked idea brewing in his head.  He turned to his other two male friends and pointed at them.  Then he took his hand and brought it near to Lance's side, making a scrunching motion.

Hunk and Pidge immediately picked up on what Keith was suggesting, and quickly moved in for the kill.  With all three men surrounding the sleeping Red Lion pilot, the Commander gave the silent countdown with his fingers threetwoone

"NOW!" Keith shouted.

All three men suddenly converged on Lance, with three pairs of hands grabbing at his midsection.

Lance jumped at the sensation, and tried to wiggle his way out of their grasp, but found himself trapped as Hunk pinned him to the couch he had been sleeping on.

Keith chuckled as they all continued to tickle Lance.  "Disobey me, will ya?' he shouted in a manner that suggested he was enjoying this punishment.  "We'll see about that!"

Lance laughed heartily, trying with all of his might to escape the six hands that were mercilessly tickling him into submission.  He managed to wiggle his way off of the couch and to the floor, only to have Pidge jump on top of his back and get him now from either side. Hunk also grabbed at Lance's right side, tickling him with all of his might.

Allura covered her mouth and laughed ecstatically as she watched the tickle war proceed.

After a few more moments, Keith finally gave the signal to halt all hostilities and give the prisoner a chance to speak... if he could!

After a moment, Lance had caught his breath.  Broken into submission, he gasped "Okay...okay!  I'm up!  Let me go!  I've... I've had enough!"

Satisfied that the punishment had done what it was meant to do, Keith nodded to his co-conspirators, giving the signal to release their captive from the floor.

Hunk pulled back and Pidge got up from sitting on top of Lance.  The Red Lion pilot quickly rose to his feet, wiping the sweat from his brow, still laughing from the residual effects.

Pidge turned to Keith with a more serious tone.  "What do we do about what happened last night?" he said.

"We've got to report it." Keith replied.

"I'm telling you," Lance puffed, still trying to catch his breath. "He's not going to listen!"

"We don't know that, Lance." Keith replied. "At the very least, if he beefs up security, that would be enough to make me happy."

"And what about what happened to you?" Lance asked him.  "Drago obviously has something bad in mind for you too!  Don't you think you ought to have an armed security escort for you and the Princess?"

Keith shook his head.  "I'll be fine.  And as for an armed security escort, I'm going to insist to Amalgamus that we be allowed to carry our blasters with us as protection for ourselves and the Princess."

"I know what he's going to say about that one..." Lance grunted.

"Nevertheless, he has to know, Lance!" Keith stressed.  "If for nothing else, the safety of the Meridians!"

"Okay...go ahead... as if you need my approval anyway." Lance replied in a sarcastic tone.  "I'm just warning you not to expect too much from the old tin can."

Keith frowned at Lance's reference of disrespect to the Alliance Minister of Affairs, but chose to let it fall into the abyss of ignorance.

"Okay everyone!" Keith said.  "We need to get ready here.  The breakfast meeting starts in forty-five minutes.  Pidge, you stay here with Allura and keep this door locked. Hunk, Lance and I will go get our things to freshen up."

"Right-o, Skipper!" Pidge said with a snappy salute.

Keith motioned to the door and he, followed closely behind by Hunk and Lance, left the room.  Pidge followed them to the door and locked it after they had exited.  He then turned to the Princess.

"You better get ready, Allura." he said. "We guys can get ready in a group, but it would be hard to do if you're in there with us!"

Allura smirked and let out a giggle. "As if I would ever allow that to happen!"

She quickly turned and jogged into her room, the door sliding closed behind her.


Hunk entered his assigned quarters, and Lance stopped there too to help gather some of Pidge's things from the room that he and Hunk shared.  Lance was then going to his room that he shared with Keith, to get his own clothes.

Keith, meantime, headed down
there immediately for some of his
personal affects.

When the door to his quarters
slide open, he let out a loud gasp...

"Hunk!  Lance!" Keith shouted
for his friends.  "Get over here...

Both men dropped whatever they were doing and came running to their friend's aid.  And both of them gasped as well when they too looked into Keith and Lance's room.

It had been completely ransacked.  Everything was in disarray...right down to the pillows that had been ripped to shreds.

"Whoa!" Hunk said, drawing a long breath.  "The room's trashed!"

"Who did this?" Lance said slowly in disbelief.  "Look at our stuff!"

Keith walked in first, followed by Lance and then Hunk.  As the three surveyed the mess, Keith sighed angrily.  "Someone's trying to send me a message, I think."

"Dude, you had better get it!" Lance said, not really thinking as he reached down and picked up a shirt of his that had been thrown to the floor. "This guy, Drago, is out for your blood!  If we had been here, we might be part of the disaster!"

"You think it was Drago, Keith?"
Hunk asked, as he bent over and
began pushing the reclining chair
in an upright position.

"I don't think so...I know so."
Keith said, suddenly instructing
Hunk and Lance to leave things
as they were. "I think this should
be something Amalgamus can
use to justify an investigation."

Hunk let the recliner drop back over onto the floor.  Keith walked into the bathroom. After a moment of silence, he called for Lance and Hunk again.

When both men joined him in there, they found something rather interesting written on the bathroom mirror, in what appeared to be black marker....

Commander Keith...
As good as dead...
Watch where ye go...
Beware thy bed...
Sleep not soundly...
Or ye friends shall see...
Thy life shall be gone...
Thy head departed from thee.
And the Arusian Princess...
Forever gone from thee.

Hunk grabbed his throat
with his hand. "This guy's
sick!" Hunk commented in
disbelief. "Unless I'm reading
this wrong, Keith, this guy
wants your head on a platter!"

Lance patted Keith on the back.  "Well, looks like you've managed to make yet another enemy," he said in a manner that was trying to make light-heart of the situation.  "You always find a way to fire up someone, don't you?"

"Lance...please." Keith sighed, suggesting to Lance that now was no time for jokes. "He's threatening Allura, too."

"Yeah!" Hunk said in a raised voice, his blood starting to boil.  "And when you threaten her...you threaten me!"

Lance turned back to Hunk.  "Why don't you get this angry about Drago's threat of death toward Keith?"

Hunk shrugged his shoulders.  "I do...but he's not as attractive as the Princess!  It's easier getting riled if someone threatens her!  Besides, she's the weaker sex, you know...a girl!"

"Don't let her hear you say that." Keith snorted.

Before Hunk could say anything else, Lance shot him a very stern look, singling him to shut up.

"I was only kidding!" Hunk admitted.

Keith said not another word, instead turning and walking past his friends to his dresser. He pulled out his clothes from the drawer.  It apparently had not been damaged after a quick glance.  He reached down and picked up one of his shoes that had been flung
to the side of the dresser.  He then surveyed the room for the other.

Even his uniform was tossed carelessly to the other side of the room, in some kind of fitful rage.

"You guys go get all of your stuff... as much as you can carry...and bring it back to Allura's room."  Keith ordered, suddenly walking to the middle of the room to pick up his other boot. "We're not separating until this clown has been captured."

"Keith...is it wise to attend the meetings today?" Hunk asked.

"I don't know that we have a choice." Keith replied. "If we don't show, Drago will take that as a sign of weakness.  I have to show my face, at the very least."

"We'll stand with you, Keith!" Lance proclaimed.  "No one's gonna push my friend around like this!  Not to mention, trashing my stuff in the process!"

The Voltron Commander nodded.  "Just... go get your stuff.  We can't stay here too much longer.  We have to get back to the Princess and Pidge."

"Right!" both men shouted.

Hunk ran to his room to get his and Pidge's things together.  Lance rummaged through the scattered belongings all over the floor, beginning a separation of his from Keith's...

Keith, meanwhile, returned to the bathroom to grab both his and Lance's personal care items, and a few other things that belonged to them.  He once again found his eyes focusing in on the mirror message and a lump developed in his throat.

He'd never felt fear like this before. 
Never with Zarkon...and certainly
nothing like this with Lotor.
But this... this was different.

Keith had a sense of uncertainty
with this enemy.  He didn't know him
and he didn't know what he was
truly capable of.  And that thought
was bringing on the unsettling
feeling of fear to his inner being.

He forced himself to shake it off.  He had more important things to concern himself with Allura's safety was just one of them.  His was another.  But there was the safety of the Meridians as well.

If Drago was all that they say he is, and more, then they certainly had reason to fear him.

They all do...now.