This picture was created by Moira.
Please see the little dialogue that she put together, based on my Christmas story, "A Christmas to Remember."  Moira very cleverly inserted herself into the story to 'get this picture' of Keith and Allura.  Please see below the picture to see how she did it... 

(Poor Miora...I apprecaite what you had to go through to get this!  Better not let Keith catch you now!!) 

Setting the scene:
Keith finds our adorning Princess Allura alone in the Castle Ballroom.   Remnants of the children's Christmas Party that the Princess held the night before, are still left on the floor... including torn wrapping paper.  

To catch the feel for this picture, and FULLY understand what Moira had to go through to get it as seen above, please click here....                                                                  but be sure to click back at the end of the final chapter on the link called, "Moira's prize-winnng Christmas Picture!"


"Alright, Adele said wants a picture of you two dancing by the tree."  I line up the shot in my camera. "Do you mind?  I'll give you a copy."

Allura grins. "No we don't mind at all,
Moira. Keith?"

"Well uh Princess I don't know I..."
His hand goes to the back of his neck.
"What if Nanny walks in?"

"Don't be silly, Keith, its just a dance.  And you owe me after giving me such a fright!"

"Hey, I'm a last minuet shopper." He shrugs.  "And if that storm was on the
weather reports, I would have took my Lion."

"Don't even try to justify yourself, you scared me out of my mind and ..."

I loudly clear my throat and hold up my camera.

Allura blushes. "Sorry, Moira, so where do you want us?"

"Right there, under the tree, just a few spins are all I need."

"Come on you." Allura grabs Keith by the arm and drags him to the tree.  He just stands in front of her. "Well!  What are you waiting for?"

Keith turns to look at me. "Who exactly is going to see this picture?  If Lance gets a hold of it, so help me...."

"Don't worry, it's just for Adele and you two, if you want it."  I laugh to myself as I cross my fingers behind my back. "No one else will see it.  I promise."

"You promise?" He crosses his arms, glaring at me.

Allura puts on her best pout.

"You don't play fair Princess." Rolling his eyes, he stretches out his arms to Allura.

"Wait!" She screams. "What about the music?"

"It's a picture!  What do we need music for?"

"To set the mood, you goof."

"Goof?  Look who's calling me a goof?  Music for a picture." He rolls his eyes
at her once more.  She pouts again. "Alright!  Fine!  Then he raised his voice.
"Computer... Christmas music, please!   Play...  Have Yourself a Merry Little
Christmas!"  The music suddenly begins.  Keith then bows to Allura... "May I
have this dance, Your Majesty?" He stands back up. "Happy?"

Allura smiles, "Yes."

I ready my camera
and then it happens.
They almost start to
dance but something
flashes between them
and they move in
closer, eyes lost in
one another, closer,
her hands go to his
chest and tangle in
his hair, closer,
his hands wrap
around her waist
and arm pulling
her in even closer,
closer, almost. seeing
my chance. CLICK!

"Hey! We weren't
dancing yet!" Keith
snaps to me.

"Sorry finger slipped. Go on, dance."

"No. You erase that now!"

I hold my camera to my
chest protectively.

"Give me that camera!" He reaches out.  Allura grabs him holding him back. "Will you quit?  It's just a picture."

He spins to Allura, pointing at me. "Allura, if the team sees that I'm dead meat!  And is Nanny sees it..."

I see my chance and skulk
away as quickly and as
silently as I can.  Then I
turn and run for my life.
I race past Lance in the
hall and we high five as
I pass. I can here Keith
screaming after me to get
back here with that
@#$&%#$ camera.
Hopefully Lance can slow
him long enough for me to
make my escape.

Well Adele, I hope the picture is worth it. I wont be going back there for a while.  I did send a copy to Allura and she loves it. She did say she has to hide it from Nanny and Keith.  Lance on the other hand is holding on to his copy until he really needs to blackmail Keith.

But, knowing Lance, that won't be long.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas!


Man, if my trigger finger wasn't so itchy I might have actually caught them
kissing. But then, I suppose I would be dead now. Oh well...

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