"Where Have All The
Children Gone?"
A Voltron Fanfic

Copyright  © 2002    
By Adele M. Previte
"Its time to stop living in fear of Lotor."

Princess Allura decides that now is the time to bring back an ancient custom called, The Festival of Lions.   A tradition that was celebrated once every year during her father's reign, at Harvest time.

She tries to convince Coran and Keith, that this is something that is much needed in the lives of the Arusian people.

Keith isn't buying it.  He has a strong urge to order the Princess to call the whole thing off. 

But instead, he finds himself agreeing to allow the Princess to reinstate the old tradition that has been dormant since the death of King Alfor.

As Allura prepares to celebrate The Festival of Lions, another receives word of her intended plans, and plots to join in on the festivities as well... but, for an evil purpose.

Prince Lotor, once again, plots the capture of his evil heart's desire....

And he'll stop at nothing to possess her...even at the cost of young children's lives. 

Even Commander Keith is powerless to stop Lotor's tyraid on Planet Arus, and finds himself captured by Prince Lotor as well.

Can the Voltron Force rescue Keith, Allura and the children in time?  Has Planet Arus finally met its doomed?
Chapter 13

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