"Where Have All The Children Gone?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission. 

Thank you.


Chapter 20
The Final Battle

Castle Control was ladled with fallen debris on the floor, but the instrument panel, surprisingly, survived the pounding attacks.

Keith dusted away the plaster from the console and activated the lion chutes.

The floor rose from underneath him, revealing their secret hiding place.

Keith quickly jumped down,
meeting Allura on the floor,
and together, they ran for
their lion chutes. 

Keith ran into chute number one,
while Allura ran into the chute marked
number four.

They rode the chutes down to the
lion tunnels, and got into their
individual shuttles.  Huge lid
coverings came down, securing the
pilots in what would become the
cockpit, and suddenly whisking each
of them down a tunneled path.

Allura's took her underground
and through a tunnel surrounded by
water on all sides of it, while Keith's
took him through a tunnel of
solid rock.

As the cockpits were loaded securely
into each robot lion, Keith grabbed the
key from the holding place on his uniform.
"Insert keys!" he commanded.

He quickly inserted the key, and as he
did, the control console lit up immediately, causing the monitors to come to life.

Perched outside the Castle, high above the ground on the Lion Monument, the might Black Lion awoke with a roar and a lighting
of its eyes.  It rose to its feet to
stand as it watched the Blue Lion
come bursting through its
resting-place in the Castle mote.

With a mighty leap, Black Lion
launched into the air, joining its
Blue friend already waiting there.

As both lions met in mid air, Green Lion, now happily circling them both.  Pidge's face lit up the monitors of the Black and Blue Lions.

"Am I ever glad to see you two!" he sighed happily. "I thought you guys had had it!  What was going on down there?  Where are Coran and the kids?"

"Coran and the children are safe, Pidge."
Allura confirmed.

"And the rest will have to wait until later."
Keith added. "We have to get rid of that
Robeast! And there's only one way I know
of to do that!"

The three lions bolted through the air to
rejoin the Red and Yellow Lions, who were
already on the attack.

Red Lion let out a volley of massive laser rays, directly impacting the Robeast monster.  As he swung around it to get at it from another angle, the Robeast swung its mighty arm up and slammed it into Red Lion...as if someone was swatting at a fly.  Red Lion flew out of control and slammed head first, into the ground.

Inside the cockpit, Lance shook his head clear, preparing to leap back into action.  His monitor lit up suddenly...

"You okay, Lance?' It was Keith on the other end.

Lance's face lit up, and he immediately began his classic jokes. "Well, about time you two got away from the safety of the Castle, and out here where the real action is!"

"Yeah, right!" Keith replied. "Launching proton missiles!"

Black Lion's mouth opened up and launched several missiles that immediately exploded on impact with the Robeast.  The ugly Cyclops-like monster regain his composure, and from its wrist, launched a steal rope that headed straight for the Blue Lion that was circling near by.

"Look out Princess!" Keith shouted the warning, but not quickly enough.

The steal rope wrapped itself around
Blue Lion's neck, acting as a leash.
The Robeast pulled violently on it,
jerking the Blue Lion around like a
mistreated animal, sending crashing
to the ground, and then, slamming it
from side to side on the ground repeatedly.

Inside the Blue Lion, Allura was screaming
as she was being jarred around violently, while
her circuit panel suddenly exploded with
energy bolts, that were now darting all around the cockpit.

She was suddenly tossed from her chair, flying in mid air, and landing headfirst into the nearby wall.

"Princess!" Keith shouted, as he controlled Black Lion to take a strafing run at the monster.

Black Lion knocked the Robeast to the ground, ceasing its attack on the now still Blue Lion. Red Lion immediately cut the Princess's lion free and was helped by Yellow and Green Lions to drag it away from the immediate area.

The Robeast leapt into the air to gain some ground to prepare for another attack.  Keith called up the visual COM of Blue Lion's cockpit.

"Princess!  Princess!  Respond!"

She wasn't in her chair, and she wasn't responding.  Keith became frightfully concerned. "Allura!  Are you there?  Allura, respond!"


Lying on the floor of the Blue Lion, Allura faintly returned to consciousness, aware of a repeating voice in her lion helmet.

"Allura...it's Keith!  Talk to me!  What's going on over here?  Blue Lion...report!"

She groggily lifted her head off of the floor, feeling the pounding that kept time with the beating of her own heart.  She opened her mouth to respond.

"Blue Lion...I'm here Ke-e-eith...status...uh...I, uh..."

Her speech was definitely slurred and her thoughts were confused.  Keith immediately surmised that she had a concussion...although not sure how bad.

"Princess... can you fly?" he asked her.

"I...I think so...I...I can't see very well..." she slurred. "I...I need a moment...to...collect myself..."

Keith knew she was hurt.  She needed medical attention fast.  But they also needed to get rid of the Robeast.

"Keith..." Allura replied slowly. "If we can form Voltron, you can... control my Blue Lion..."

"Allura... are you able to lift off?" Keith shouted.

The Princess reached her hand up and grabbed onto the wall.  She pulled herself to her feet and then scrambled to her pilot chair.

"I can... lift off." She replied. "I feel a bit fuzzy... but functional."

"Allura?" Keith asked again. "Talk to me...what's going on over there?"

Allura suddenly began babbling...

"Don't let it hurt anyone!  We can't!  We must destroy it... before Lotor gets the Castle...and the children...what of them... and villagers...my mother and father will be there soon...no wait...that's not right either!  What's the matter with me?  My parents are dead...why...uh...Keith!"

"Calm down, Allura!  Everything's going to be fine!" Lance replied through the COM.  He then focused a ship-to-ship COM link to Black Lion only.  "She's losing it, Commander..."

"Yeah, I know.  If we're going to do this, we've got to do it now!" Keith replied, opening up the COM link for everyone to ear. "Prepare to form Voltron!"

Keith reached over to the
console and pulled up the lever,
then pushed the buttons that began
the Voltron sequence. The console lit up
brightly, alternating colors of lighted buttons.

"Activate interlock! Dyno-therms connected...infra-cells up"

The five-pointed star began to light in sequence, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow... Then the colors lit up sequentially and as one "Mega-Thrusters are go!"


The lions launched into mid air, Yellow and Red Lion carting Blue Lion with a tractor beam. As the sequence began, Blue Lion was caught up in the trail of powerful forces now emitting from all five lions, bringing them together as they swooped through the air.

The transforming lion ships whizzed past the confused Robeast and upward into the sky.  Keith shouted the sequence:

"Form feet and legs!  Form arms and torso!  And I'll form the head!"

Together, all five lions had united
forming the defender of Arus and
the universe...


"Alright team!" Keith told his team.
"Let's see just if this Robeast
can take the heat! Ignite Lion

Blue, Yellow, Green and Red lion head mouths opened wide, and from each of them erupted a strong fiery furnace aimed toward their enemy.  The Robeast shielded itself with its arms.

"Eye beams!" Keith commanded next.

Out of Voltron's eyes shot bright beams of energy light...searing the metallic skin of the Robeast's hide.  The Robeast shook its head, and then let loose a volley of missiles toward the lion warrior.

"Royal shields!" Keith ordered.

Voltron's insignia crest flashed suddenly and a protective shield extended out in front of the robot guardian, easily fending off the missile attack

"Prepare lion head attack!" Keith next ordered.

From behind the chair of each pilot came a heavy metal restraining bar.  Each one pulled it over their head.  Keith kept his eye on the visual monitor in Blue Lion's cockpit, making sure that the Princess was following orders okay.

"Princess...you still with us?" he asked her as he observed her slowly bring the bar down around her chest area.

"I'm with you, Commander." She told him, slowly.

"Remember what I told you back on Castle Doom...I need you!  I need you now more then ever! Understand?" he replied back to her.  She nodded determinably.

"I understand...Commander."

Her speech was still slurred, which worried Keith and the rest of the team.

Pidge came on the COM wave... "She could really have serious head trauma, Keith."

"I know, Pidge.  But we can't do anything about it right now!  It's too late to turn back!' Keith replied. "Starting the power build up for attack!"

Keith watched his infra-cell power gages, monitoring the power build up to maximum.  As the energy peeked, Keith shouted. "Lion head attack...NOW!"

Blue, Green, Yellow and Red lion heads detached from Voltron, sailing through the air with streaking speed. 

Suddenly...Blue Lion veered off course!

"PRINCESS!" Keith shouted, as he watched the Blue Lion's head veer off toward the ground helplessly.

He checked his onboard scanners... Allura's life signs were weakening.  She was heading into unconsciousness.  The other three lion heads had accomplished their objective, and had penetrated the body of the Robeast, now listing to one side.

The three lion heads returned to their positions.

"FORM BLAZING SWORD!" Keith shouted, almost hysterically, as his heart nearly
fainted as he watched the Blue Lion's head crash abruptly to the ground.

Thankfully, because Allura was strapped into her chair, the impact would not cause her to be tossed around the cockpit.  But she was knocked unconscious...and an easy target...and one way or another, this battle had to come to a quick end.

Voltron moved forward, minus its right foot, and with a quick motion, cut through the weakened Robeast monster, slicing it in two, and finally causing its destruction.

As parts of the Robeast fell from the sky to the ground below, the people surrounding the nearby villages and towns who had witnessed the battle cheered happily at Doom's defeat.

Many others had rushed to the Princess's Blue Lion head.  Two men had gotten into the cockpit, and had carefully carried the unconscious Princess from it, laying her gently on the ground, next to the lion's head..

Voltron landed nearby, his left knee, the Yellow Lion's body, bent in half to allow the Blue Lion body the ability to land on the ground without tipping all of the Voltron over.

From their cockpits rushed Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk...all running full speed toward the Blue lion head, laying sideways on the ground.

The four Voltron Force members came up along side of the townsmen who were caring for the Princess.

Keith and Lance knelt down next to her, while Hunk and Pidge looked on.  Keith reached over and removed Allura's helmet.

Gasps were heard from everyone who could see even one that Keith had recognized as his own.

Allura's blonde hair was soaked with blood, and the inside of her helmet was dented from the impact she had suffered earlier.

One of the townsmen gave Keith his handkerchief, and Keith immediately covered the gash on the Princess' forehead, attempting to control the bleeding.

"Is she going to be alright?" one of the men said.

"I think so," Keith replied. "She's got a nasty cut to her forehead, but she should be fine."

"Thankfully, she had her helmet on." another townsman said.

Keith nodded slowly, saying nothing more until medical help could arrive from the Castle.