"Where Have All The Children Gone?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission. 
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Chapter 10
The Lion Knights of the Past and Present

Allura gathered the children around her in a giant circle, as she prepared herself to tell one of the many stories that her father had once told her as a child.

A heightened sense of excitement could be felt in the air, as the children waited anxiously for her to begin the story.

"Alright children...this is the story of the great Arusian Knights... Lion Warriors of the past, who swore to protect the Royal House of Arus.  My father, King Alfor, passed on this story to me, that I am about to tell you.  He heard it from his father, and from his father before him... back nearly seven generations of the Royal House of Arus, of the DeVille bloodline.  And now...I pass it on to all of you... and listen well, for you are now to tell your children, and
your grandchildren...for generations to come."

She bowed her head, "This is a story of courage, sacrifice, and of great love for the people of Arus.  For generations, Arus had been blessed with defenders of our freedom."

The children listened eagerly, their eyes ablaze with wonder as Princess Allura began to tell the story of the Arus's Lion Knights of the past.

"The story begins with the five defenders of the Castle of Lions.  The Black Lion Knight, the Blue Lion Knight, the Green Lion Knight, the Red Lion Knight, and the Yellow Lion Knight."

"You mean... the Voltron Force?" Brian asked.

Allura smiled and gently shook her head. "No, this is about a time long, long ago... long before you were born.  Long before I was born!  This is back in the days following Queen Ariela's reign.  Now, listen carefully, and I'll tell you the story."

The children smiled, and fixed their eyes upon the Princess of Arus, as she continued...

"The five defenders of the Royal House of Arus, ruled under King Aldus of Arus, the son of Queen Ariela, the first ruler of Planet Arus.  Queen Ariela established a relationship with the true and real five lions of Arus, who raised her when she became an orphan from a crash that killed her parents.

Ariela married a prince, who had traveled from a far away part in our galaxy, settling on Arus quite by accident, while in search of a kingdom of his own to rule.  Prince Ishmael from Planet Abacron had traveled from what we now call the Crimson Quadrant of the Diamond Galaxy.

Upon their metting, Ishmael and Ariela instantly fell in love.  Ariela married him with the blessing of the lions.  Their only son, Anward, was born two years into their marriage.

The inhabitants of Arus thought that Ariela was an angel from heaven, for they saw her fall from the sky in a great craft.  They also knew of the legend of the five lions of the elements...

Black Lion...the lion of the sky, space and air...

                                                                       ... Blue Lion...the lion of water

             ... Green Lion... the lion of forest and nature

                                                                              ..... Red Lion... the fierce lion of fire

                 .... Yellow Lion... the lion of the earth...

These five lions appeared and cared for Ariela, and stood by her as she grew to maturity.

The meek people of Planet Arus desperately needed someone to lead them.  They chose Ariela as their Queen.  Together with her husband, King Ishmael, she built the first Castle of Lions... dedicating it to her five special protectors.

As time went on, and King Ishmael had long since passed away, Queen Ariela shared the secret of the lion spirits with her son, Anward.

He was crowned King of Arus after the death of Queen Ariela.  He continued the tradition of the lions until they too fell, asleep for eternity.

But even though the lion were gone, their spirits remained behind, vowing to protect Arus and the blood line rulers of Queen Ariela.

King Anward had two sons...Igneous and Aldus.

Igneous desired his father's throne, and hated his younger brother, Aldus.  Even though Igneous had birthright to the throne as next ruler, King Anward saw that his son was not what a ruler should be.  His spirit was not teachable, and he would depart from the way of the lion.

Because of this, King Anward banished his evil son Igneous from Planet Arus, on his eighteenth birthday.  The denounced son was banished to a planet whose people were as evil as he was...the planet we now call... Planet Pollux.

Aldus succeeded the throne as the next ruler of Planet Arus upon the death of his father, King Anward.  King Aldus ruled wisely, and had a gentle spirit, following the way of the lion, which his father had taught him.

Many years later, Igneous returned to Arus with a troop of warriors, reeking havoc and destruction on the peaceful people of Arus.  He had come to take his father's throne away from his younger brother, by force.

In response to this threat, King Aldus sent out a challenge to the people of Arus, searching for five brave men who would step up and lead his armies into war against his evil brother.

Five men were found... each of them carrying the characteristics of the five lions of Arus.

One who possessed the energy and wisdom of Black Lion.

One possessed the fiery attitude that was Red Lion.

One was conscious of nature, and saw the wisdom in protecting it.

One drew strength from the earth.

And lastly, one who loved the creatures of the water, as the mighty and noble Blue Lion did.

These five men were placed in command of King Aldus's forces, and were here after dubbed 'The Lion Knights'.

These five brave men led their troops against Igneous's fierce attacks, defeating him, and eventually after several years, again banished Igneous from Arus... this time for good."


The children where intrigued as they listened to the tale Allura told.

Kentell, eager to hear more, asked Allura a question that had been burning in his heart for quite some time.

"Princess Allura, how did Voltron come to be on Arus?" he asked.

Allura stifled an approaching giggle.  With a straighter face and a confident voice, she replied, "My father recognized our need for a more permanent choice of Lion Knights.  He had an interesting solution to his dilemma."

Allura continued her story:


"Several hundreds of years had passed since the first Lion Knights of old.  The last of those great heroes died during the reign of King Alfor DeVille... my father.

Alfor was a young ruler, replacing his father at quite a young age after his untimely death. Alfor saw the need to replace the Lion Knights, but his search could find no one with the spirit of the lions.

It was then that Alfor embarked on a mission to produce an everlasting Lion Warrior... thus, the birth of the idea of the robot warrior... five actual mechanical lions figures, infused with energy from the five elements of Arus, representing the five lions of Arus.

Together, they would be united into one mighty robot, with the power of a mighty armada.

Many more years had passed, and
Alfor had taken a bride.  Lady Angelica
Camilla became the next Queen of Arus...
and Alfor's soul mate.

Still constructing the robot warrior,
Alfor spent many nights away from his Queen,
leaving her to the affairs of the kingdom and the
people, while he tended to the task of completing
the construction of his new robot lion warrior.

The day was announced to the people of Arus, when the newly completed creation would be presented to the kingdom.  The people gathered around the Castle of Lions, the original castle that was built by Queen Ariela, nearly a thousand years ago.

The gigantic figure stood on the Castle grounds, covered with tarp, it's identity remaining secret until the proper time.

Alfor stood before his people from the balcony of the old Castle.  Queen Angelica, great with child, stood proudly behind him.

                                                                                       Next to her was a very young
                                                                                       Sir Coran Anderson, Castle
                                                                                       diplomat and Royal Advisor
                                                                                       to the King and Queen.

Coran carefully watched after the Queen, who was expecting to deliver anytime.  She ignored his counsel, insisting to be present on this grand occasion of her husband's crowning achievement.

"People of Arus!" King Alfor began. "I have searched from one end of our world to the other, finding no one who would replace the mighty Lion Knights of old.  Our planet has suffered much in the past, and it is my belief that the suffering shall not end here.  And so, with much anticipation of these soon coming foes to our beautiful world, I have instead created that which I could not find."

King Alfor looked down to his Castle guards, each of them holding ropes in their hands, attached to several ends of the tarp that covered the great object that stood on the lawn.

"I now present to you, the people of Arus... Your new Lion Warrior...created by my hand to protect Planet Arus for all time!"

Alfor nodded to his guards, giving them the signal to unveil the secret object.  The guards pulled on the ropes, and the tarps began to fall away, uncovering the truth of what was hidden beneath them.

Gasps and screams could be heard throughout the enormous crowd of people that had gathered all around the grounds of the Castle.
The tarps fell to the ground, revealing
a gigantic robot, made up of five
lions, each bearing the colors
of the five legendary lions

A Black robot Lion
A Blue robot Lion
A Green robot Lion
A Red robot Lion
A Yellow robot Lion

The lion robot stood proudly
and peacefully, as a lion stood
peacefully in silence.

Alfor rose his hands to calm the jittery crowd. "My people, may I present to you the robot, that represents the five elements of our world. United together, these robot lions have become the greatest defender of our world, indeed... the greatest defender of the universe!  Its meaning is taken directly from our ancient archives of Arusian history!  Voltron...a derivative of the ancient Arusian word, Vol Trania...meaning, great defender of all!"

The name of 'Voltron' moved throughout the crowd, as if being chanted.

Alfor called out for the appearance of five of his men from the Arusian airforce.  These five specially trained men appeared dressed in uniforms unlike the traditional Arusian military colors.   One was dressed in Black, one in Red, one in Yellow, one in Blue, and one dressed in Green.

Each of the brave men ran to the mighty robot and boarded it through special openings on the top of the Yellow lion head, and of the Blue lion head.

Moments later, each lion roared to life as it awoke.  The crowd once again gasped as the eyes of gigantic face far above their heads lit up as well.

"Watch, as our defender take to the air!" Alfor shouted.

The robot warrior carefully began to walk forward, and carefully walked away from the crowd. Once safely away, the robot paused, then with a mighty leap, jumped into the air, suddenly becoming airborne.

The robot then flew high above the Castle of Lions.  The people cheered wildly; amazed by their King's creation.  But it wasn't finished there was one more feat to perform.

King Alfor rose his hands above his head, giving some sort of signal to the flying lion warrior above his head.

Inside of the Black Lion, the pilot dressed in black pulled a few controls, activating a sequence on the control board before him.  He then opened up one of the specially created communication channels to speak to the other members of his team.

"Prepare to form the Blazing Sword!" the leader shouted.

He pulled the switch, suddenly activating a five-point star, shining the colors of black, green, blue, yellow and red in sequence.  The star suddenly blinking all the colors in unison

"GO VOLTRON!" shouted the five flying officers.

The arms of the robot that were
Green and Red lion heads and bodies,
came together with a metallic clang,
the sound rang out for a
distance of miles.

Between the mouths of the Green
and Red lion heads, a bright hue
started to form, growing brighter
and brighter. Suddenly, the appearance
of a sword formed as the lion head separated.

The robot warrior hovered high above the Castle, holding the Blazing Sword in its mighty grasp.  The robot warrior then carefully began to lower back down to he ground, where it finally took its place among the people of Arus.

The people of Arus beheld, for the first time, Alfor's creation that would protect them for generations to come...


The people of Arus gathered around the giant robot defender, beholding it as a child would behold a gift just presented to them.

Alfor turned and smiled at Queen Angelica, who had managed to walk to her husband and slip her hand into his.  He then shouted to his people once again.

"Behold!  Voltron!"

The crowd erupted in applause, both to commend their King for such a feat, and to welcome Voltron to Arus.

Alfor smiled once again, and turned to Queen Angelica, who was also smiling.  He gently placed his hand on her stomach.

"Voltron will protect our child, Angelica." He added. "She will know the great power that the robot defender will bring to Arus...in good times as in bad."

"She, Alfor?" Angelica had questioned him.  He spoke as if he knew what gender the child was.  "Are you still so sure that this child is a girl?"

"Yes.  And she will rule wisely, as her father has, and his father before him."

Angelica smiled.  Alfor had been confident for many months that his child would be a girl.  So confident, in fact, that he already had selected a name for his heir...



"Thus, the story of the birth of the greatest Lion Warrior Planet Arus has ever known. Voltron...Defender of the Universe!" Allura finished with a triumphant voice.

The children cheered as Allura finished the story.  Angeline was leaning up against Brian. "Princess, when did King Alfor die?" she asked innocently.

Rayna smacked Angeline in the arm, and she sat up imediately. "Ouch!" she cried. "Why did you do that?"

"Because, you're an idiot!" Rayna shouted. "Why do you want to go and bring that up?"

Allura smiled at Rayna's sensitivity. "No, it's quite alright, really!  It doesn't bother me as before.  I love my father, and I know that he's somewhere watching over Arus, along with the rulers of the past."

The Princess leaned forward to all of the children. "My father died many years ago.  I was only 11 years-old, much like a few of you.  He died protecting the planet he loved with all of his heart.  He fought King Zarkon in the valley of Zohur.  My father knew somehow, that he
would never return, and made sure that his advisor, Coran, promised to raise me in the traditions of the lions.  Coran agreed.  Father never returned alive."

The children grew silent, some became sad, thinking of their own parents, and wondering if they may never see them again.

Allura saw their expressions, and immediately thought to do damage control.

"Hey, no long faces!" she smiled, patting a few heads of the children within her reach. "I have another story.  Would you like to hear when the present Lion Knights first came to Arus?"

"You mean, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Keith?" Brian said, sitting up straight at attention.

Allura nodded. "And don't forget about Sven too!"

The children nodded, now begging for Allura to tell the story.


"Planet Arus had just gone through
one of the worst periods of war we
had ever seen.  My people were
devastated, and the land nearly
destroyed of its natural beauty. 

I, under the counsel of my advisor,
Coran, called upon Galaxy Garrison
to send us much needed help.

In response, they sent five of their best space explorers to us.  They travel to Arus to help defend our planet by resurrecting Voltron, who lay dormant since the war with Planet Doom began.

Voltron was left helpless and inactive since Hagar broke him apart into five separate lions...a function that was not meant to happen by original design.  Hagar thought if she could separate the lions into five units, it would not only reduce Voltron's strength, but also render him useless.

I was devastated when Coran came to me with the terrible news that the brave space explorers had been captured by Zarkon's forces while attempting to land on Planet Arus.  We were helpless to stop it.

I remember returning to my chambers in silence, saddened that my life of only 17 years would soon come to a halt and that the great traditions of Arus would soon cease to exist.

Zarkon wanted me dead, so he would be free to take over Arus in my place.  But he did not want to rule here... he wanted slaves to do his bidding.  I had hoped that somehow, the five brave men would be all right.

It was nearly two days later when Coran came limping into my chambers, alerting me to the fact that the Castle security systems had recognized the presence of intruders, making their way through the Castle grounds, and would soon be at the front doors.

Assuming it to be more of Zarkon's evil, and powerless to stop the invasion, Coran ordered me to safety, as he had suspected it to be more of Zarkon's henchmen, seeking my life.

I hid in the shadows of the grand stairway.  I was supposed to go to the underground caverns: the entrance to them not far from where I was hiding.  I should have followed Coran's direction, but instead, something in my heart, something unexplainable, told me that these were not intruders.

I wasn't sure how I knew, only that I did, and I knew in my heart that I was safe from harm in the presence of these strangers.

Coran remained in the great hallway, just below where I was standing.  He knew I was there, and turned his head from time to time to give me a stern look of disappointment that I had not obeyed his order of protection to me.

The doors slowly opened, and I crouched down low to the floor, waiting to see the outcome of this intrusion.  Four men and one young boy walked into the Castle.  They had spears in their hands, and their appearance was somewhat haggard, as if they had been through some sort of ordeal.

Coran, standing the in shadows on the lower floor,
caused the doors of the Castle to slam shut
automatically, trapping the intruders inside.

The strangers began to violently pound on the
Castle doors, desperately seeking to leave suddenly.
They startled and turned to defend themselves
with their spears, when they heard the eerie voice
of my advisor speak to them from the shadows.

I became frightened suddenly, and wanted nothing
more then to run away to safety.  But my heart
told me to remain where I was.  I wasn't sure
why I did, but I stayed.

The first to speak after Coran was a young
man dressed in red pants and a red shirt with white boots. 
He spoke with authority to Coran, demanding that the shadowed figure show himself.

Coran stepped out from the shadows into the light that was coming from the large hole in the roof.  The five brave strangers stood their ground defensively as Coran approached them.

He began a dialogue with them that lasted several minutes.  It was then that we discovered that these strangers were the brave souls that the Alliance had sent to us, but disappeared when Zarkon had captured them. Somehow, they managed to escape harm.

I began to stand to my feet, still remaining in the shadows, but feeling much more at peace knowing that they strangers were on our side.  I remained still for a while, listening to the exchange between them and Coran.

The space explorers told of how the people had attacked them, throwing spears at them.  Coran apologized for their behavior, explaining that they were much like wild creatures now, frightened out of their homes and villages, homeless, some children even orphaned from the war.

Coran then rose his hand toward where I was standing, beckoning me to come down to meet the strangers.  I hesitated at first, then, as if involuntarily, my feet began to do Coran's bidding before I was ready to go.

I walked over to the top of the staircase,
and began my careful descent,
taking great care not to lose my
footing and tumble down the
stairs. Oh what a great first
impression that would have made!

As I reached the bottom, and took
Coran's awaiting hand, I suddenly
got a better look at the space explorers
standing before me.

I asked for their names...

The first to speak identified
himself as the leader... Captain Keith
Hunter.  He was the young
man dressed in red, with the white boots.

As I got a better look at him,
I suddenly felt...oh, I don't... a
kindred soul in him, as if he
and I had traveled the same sorrowful
road together.  He seemed to feel the same
of me as he looked at me, his stare
almost penetrating my very soul.

The next to introduce himself was Lt. Lance Andrews.
He wore a leather jacket over a blue turtleneck
collared shirt, black pants and shoes totally
inappropriate for rugged travel.  Nevertheless, he
looked quite content to wear them.

The young man with the funny accent
spoke up next, identifying himself as
Lt. Commander Sven B'Yourn.  He wore
complete black.  He had black pants,
and a black jacket that covered over a white
collared shirt.  He looked fierce in appearance,
but I would later find that my first impression
of him was not so correct.  Sven was a
gentle caring man.

The next to speak out was
Lt. Pidge Villatoro.  He wore large
circle-framed glasses upon his face
that he had to push up with his finger
from time to time.  He was dressed in a
green jumpsuit and white shoes. He
appeared to be very young... no more
then 11 by my guess.  It turned out
to be a good one.  I had found out as time went
on that Pidge was a genius at 11 years old,
and the youngest space explorer in the Alliance.

Finally there was Hunk.  He was dressed
in a brownish-orange pair of pants,
with a tan shirt and orange vest.  He wore a
headband on his head.  He was the tough
guy of this band of mismatched space

I extended my hand to Keith for
his vow of allegiance to Planet Arus,
its princess and its people.  He freely
took it in his own without hesitation,
kneeling before me and kissing my
hand, sealing the vow that was pledged.

When he rose to his feet to face me,
something in his eyes dug through the
hurt in my soul, and I realized in that
moment, that this man before me
would become very dear to me...
dearer then any man I've ever known.

Dearer then my own father had been to me.

I saw in Keith Hunter, a gentleness that his outward appearance did not afford.  His tone was direct, his speech precise, his wisdom undaunted.

But his soul... there was a tenderness there that I would later grow to admire and find comfort in...


"Do you love him, Princess?"

Allura blinked a few times, returning to the present, and realizing someone had spoken to her. "Huh?" she asked confused momentarily.

"Is he your boyfriend?" the little girl asked again.

The question suddenly brought out a round of excitable giggling.

Allura smiled, digesting the question. "Well, not exactly," she replied. "He's very dear to me."

Angeline leaned over toward Allura. "You can tell that he really cares about you, Princess."

"I know, but, Keith cares about everyone." Allura attempted to affirm.  "Keith is concerned about you, as much as he is about me."

"No Princess, he likes you...you can tell." Rayna added.

"Yeah, its there, believe me!" Angeline agreed.

Allura began to feel a flush come across her cheeks, realizing that the children were right.  But Keith hadn't said a word about being in love with her.

Then again, he was a pretty private person when it came to personal feelings.  He tended to keep to himself most of the time.

But there were times when she and Keith would have deep conversations away from the ears of the other team members.  He tended to be more open to her in the quiet times they shared together...just walking and talking.

She had teased him about perhaps something more developing between the two of them, and now that she thought more seriously about it, Allura realized that he never thwarted the idea.

In fact...what was it he had said back at the Castle before they left for Capri...

"...pursuing the idea of a relationship..."

Suddenly, she realized, quite possibly for the first time, that his intentions were true.  He had thought about it, and she only teased about it.  She suddenly felt another flush of  embarrassment wash over her, thinking that the children knew better then she did.

"Keith is in love with me!" she mused silently as the smile crept across her face. "He has to be!  Why else would he take me for long walks and horseback rides, and escort me here and there?  He does love me...and I've not seen the seriousness of that intention until just now"

"Well, I think maybe perhaps you're right." Allura finally said quietly. "But, we'll keep that our little secret for now, right?"

The children verbalized their agreements to her.

Allura smiled as the children began to get up and stretch, moving around the cave like butterflies, and chattering to each other as birds.

Allura looked down at her wrist COM, and impulsively activated it.  "Keith...Keith are you there?  Come in Keith..."

"Keith here, are you alright, Allura?"

Even the way he said her name meant something more personal then it ever had before.  She wasn't just, 'the Princess' to him, she was, 'Allura', the woman.

"Yes Keith, we're all fine here.  Where are you?"

An audible sigh came through the COM. "Well, I've managed to find a way in here, but now it's a matter of finding you.  The tunnels are endless where I am.  It splits off in different directions, and I'm not exactly sure which one to take"

"Keith, perhaps I could send a few of the boys to meet you"

"Negative, Allura.  Stay where you are.  I'll find some other way.  I don't want you splitting off the children.  They could get lost in these caverns."

She spoke in a quieter voice to him, "Keith...I don't mind telling you that I'm... frightened."

"I don't mind telling you how frustrating it is that I can't reach you." was his reply.

"Keith...I... I miss you."

A silence feel between the two of them, and for a moment, Allura felt as if she had overstepped her ground...until he responded back...

"I miss you too, Allura.  But don't worry, I'll get you out...somehow!"

"Be careful, Keith! Lotor..."

"Yeah, I know.  I'm also worried that he may use this opportunity to attack the Castle."

Allura gasped. "He wouldn't dare!"

"He would dare!  And why not!  Capturing the Castle of Lions would ensure him you, the throne, and the entire planet, not to mention the galaxy!"

"Then I order you to protect the Castle, Keith!"

"I'm sorry, but that's one order I'll have to disobey, Your Highness.  You come first.  We'll worry about the Castle when we cross that bridge.  I have to find you, because without you, the Castle is worthless.  You're safety is top priority."

"Oh Keith, be careful!"

"I will.  I'm going to try something else...hey wait a minute!  Our wrist COMs...they can become homing beacons!  Why didn't I think of this before?"

"Maybe you had other things on your mind?" Allura replied, trying to ooze out the sarcastic innocence in her voice.

"Yeah, thanks..."

"You're welcome.  Besides, it gives me a good feeling to know that Commander Perfect can make a mistake from time to time!" Allura snickered.

"You've been hanging around Lance too much!  You're starting to sound like him now!" Keith snorted from the other end of the COM. "Okay, enough talk turn on the beacon and I'll follow the signal.  Once its activated, we won't be able to communicate to each other."

"I understand, Keith." Allura replied. "Just watch yourself!"

"I will.  Keith out..."

Allura closed off communications and activated the beacon on the wrist COM.  The instrument began to flash with a steady rhythm.

Kentell and Brian walked up to the Princess.

Brian looked at the wristband. "Wow...this thing looks cool!  What is it, Princess?"

"It's a beacon signal.  I'm directing Commander Keith to our exact location with this.  He should find us soon." Allura replied.

Some of the children came running up to Allura. "Can you tell us more about you and the Commander?"

Allura broke into a sudden laugh. "Oh my!" she giggled. "I'm afraid that will have to be left untold for now!"
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