"Where Have All The Children Gone?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission. 
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Chapter 9
Where Are the Children?

"We demand to know where our children are!"

This was the sound that Pidge and Hunk were facing, now subjected to the task of informing the villagers that their Commander had to go and find a way to get into the cave and rescue the children that were trapped inside... with the Princess of Arus.

Pidge held his hands up to the mob of angry parents.

"Please!  Everyone calm down!  Everything is under control!  Commander Keith has gone after them!  I need everyone to remain calm!  They're going to okay!  Really!"

Grumbling and the shaking of fists told Hunk that his little buddy was not all that convincing with the angry crowd.  He decided to add his voice in with Pidge's.

"Hey everyone!  Believe us!  We're going to fly cover against Lotor's goons!  The best thing you people can do is sit tight and let us do our job!" Hunk shouted to the crowd.

An angry man jumped out of the crowd and faced off with Hunk. "If you were doing your job in the first place, our children wouldn't be missing...now would they?"

"Yeah!  And what about our Princess?" another angry man shouted. "How are you going to rescue her, before Prince Lotor gets her...and our children?"

"We want our children back...right now!" an angry woman shouted, from the back of the crowd of people.

Hunk balled his fist and prepared to challenge the jerk, until Pidge ran interference. "We'll get them back!  Don't worry!"

The people backed off suddenly, and Hunk calmed down a bit.

Pidge then addressed the angry crowd once again. "Commander Keith is heading for them, right now!  The best thing for you folks to do, is to remain here where you'll be safe!"

Mayor Sonnet stood up in front of the people. "Lt. Villatoro is correct!  We need to keep our heads!  This is what Lotor wants us to do...fight amongst ourselves!  He wants us to get angry with one another!  That's not what the Princess had taught us!  Have we learned nothing from all of the battles that we've fought together, side by side?  We need to trust the Voltron Force! We need to trust our Princess!  I feel better that they are here, don't you?"

The crowd considered the words that their mayor spoke.

The mayor then nodded to Pidge and Hunk before turned to his people
once again.  "Come...let's get back to the banquet hall.  We'll only get in the way if we stay here!  Trust the Voltron Force...our children are safe!  Commander Keith will get our children back...and our Princess, too!  They couldn't be in better care!"

The crowd began to disperse, a bit more calmly then moments before.

Hunk leaned over to the mayor. "You know, you just might be able to talk Lotor into surrendering!"

The mayor laughed aloud. "I doubt that...but thank you for the encouragement!"

Mayor Sonnet turned and jogged to catch up with his fellow villagers.

Pidge and Hunk turned, and ran toward their lion ships to start patrol.


Keith was running through the forest, paralleling the cave...that now looked very much like a small mountain, and seemed to go on forever.

Only stopping from time to time to catch his breath, with blaster drawn for protection, he quickly made his way around the outside area of the mountain that contained the Princess and the children.

Carelessly, he ran passed a tree branch that caught onto his red uniform, tearing the shoulder area away from his skin.  He jumped around, not realizing that it was only the branch that had grabbed him.  Keith was prepared to shoot first, and ask questions later.

Then he took note of the branch that victoriously held onto the piece of his uniform.

Keith let out a sigh of relief, as he turned back, and began to carefully looking around.

Trying to keep his head, while panicked thoughts ran rapid through his brain, he attempted to focus on his objective...find the Princess and the children...before Lotor did.

He rushed through the brush once again, hoping to find any opening he could squeeze through. He dreaded the thought of having to make an entrance of his own, fearing the pressure might cause the rest of the mountain to come down around the Princess and the children.

"Hang on, Allura!" Keith's thoughts rang out...hoping she would hear him. "Do you hear me, Princess?  Hang on!  I'm coming!"

He frowned as he ran, recalling the promise that the two of them had made about Allura probing his thoughts without his prior knowledge.

"For once, Princess... be defiant!" he mumbled under his breath.