"Where Have All The Children Gone?"

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission. 
Thank you.


Chapter 1
A Charitable Tradition

Allura, the Princess of Arus, sat quietly in her study, milling over pictures of events that her father, the late King Alfor, use to participate in each year.

One very special event that she cherished memories of, was the Festival of Lions.

Each year at harvest time, King Alfor would select a village or town at random, and encourage the people to allow their children to join him in a special lion hunt of treasures.

Days ahead of the event, the Castle attendants would go out around the selected village or town, and hide treasures of all around the nearby woods or fields.  The treasures ranged from small golden statues of a lion, to golden coins.  The children would always have so much fun
during this time.

After the scavenger hunt was completed, the day would finish with a feast, specially prepared by the chefs of the Castle of Lions.  The villagers would feast and celebrate for hours.  Then at dusk, a bonfire was built, finishing the day out with a story or two from King Alfor himself to all of the children.  He would tell stories of the brave Lion Warriors of the past.

It more or less served as a means of passing the stories on from generation to generation.

It was a celebration filled with food, fun, and a time of remembrance of the days long since past.

As she scanned the photos taken
when she was but a young girl, it
suddenly dawned on her that the
event had not taken place since
her father's death.

The 25 year-old Princess decided
in that moment that the event would
take place this season during the
Festival of Lionsonly a few short
days away.

Allura closed the book carefully and laid it aside.  She began to think of which village would get the honor of the festivities.  Then it came to her... the village of Capri would be the one with the
honor first.  They had been through so much in the past.  Their village had been destroyed nearly eight years ago, and recently, targeted again by space pirates.

Princess Allura rose to her feet and walked out of her chambers to find Coran, her advisor.

Coran was sitting peacefully in his stateroom, sipping on a nice relaxing cup of steaming hot tea. He had just taken a small sip of it when the door buzzer went off.

Coran set the tea down on the table next to his chair, and rose to get the door.  As he opened it, he found Allura standing on the other side of it.

"Princess!" Coran smiled.
"Please, won't you come in
and have some tea?"

"Thank you, Coran."
Allura politely accepted,
and entered the stately
gentleman's room.

Allura walked over to the
chair adjacent from where
Coran had been sitting. Coran,
meantime, had fetched a
cup and saucer for the

Returning to the table, he poured a cup of tea for her, and added a teaspoon of sugar and some milk.

He then handed it to her and took his place once again, picking up his own cup. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, my Princess?"

"I've been thinking, Coran," Allura began, as she sipped carefully at her tea. "Do you remember when Father used to, as part of the Festival of Lions, select a village to celebrate the harvest festival with personally?"

Coran smiled. "Indeed I do, Allura.  Those were wonderful days.  I nearly forgot about the Festival of Lions.  It was abandoned after your father passed away."

"Well, I was thinking of reinstating that tradition." Allura replied.  "In honor of Father's memory."

Coran's eyes opened wide with concern.

"Princess, may I point out that Lotor
is on the move, and would think
nothing of spoiling something
like this for all?"

"I realize that, Coran," Allura said,
cautiously selecting her words.
"But we can't live out our entire
lives worried that Lotor could
attack us at any minute. Life is too
short to let someone like him
spoil times of happiness. Besides,
it's been many years since the children of Arus have heard about the stories of the Lion Warriors.  I think it would be appropriate to begin that tradition once again."

Coran sat his cup down on the table before him. "Princess, I must protest!  If Lotor were to ever get his hands on you, Arus would be doomed, and your life as you know it, would be over!"

"Coran, the Voltron Force can accompany me." She said matter-of-factly.

Coran was about to protest once again, when Allura spoke up, "Coran, when I was young, my father made sure that the stories were always told over and over again.  We can't let our heritage die out.  We must keep it going.  The children of Arus must know their roots, and
their heritage.  I have therefore chosen the village of Capri as the first one."

"I see," Coran said slowly. "And...have you discussed this with Commander Keith as of yet?"

Allura shook her head slowly. "No, I came to you first."

"I think then, we should have the counsel of the Commander.  After all, you are his charge, and he should be aware of anything that may be of a security issue to you."

"I'm sure Commander Keith would agree, thinking it was a wonderful idea!" Allura said firmly.

"Well then, he should be in his room.  I believe it is still of an appropriate hour to speak with him." Coran said, rising to his feet. "Come along, Princess."

Coran moved to the door and it slid open, making way to the corridor.  Allura rose slowly to her feet, dreading speaking to Keith about this.

Although she had verbalized that she thought Keith might agree, she knew inside that odds were he would not.

She reluctantly followed Coran's lead...to Keith's quarters.