Sven B'Yourn
Lieutenant Commander Sven B'Yourn
Age: 28

Sven was born on Earth, April 10, 2143.  He lived the better part of his young life in the Norwegian providence in Europe with his parents.  He has no siblings. 

Sven often pretended that he was a space explorer, and as he grew, he became fascinated with the idea of flying.  At the age of 12, Sven learned to fly an antique airplane that belonged to a neighbor. 

Sven's parents sent him to the Garrison Space Academy, where he began to fulfill his dreams of becoming a space explorer at the age of 13.  While there, he became close friends with Keith Hunter, and later, Lance Andrews. 

Sven graduated with honors in combat skills, fencing, and navigation.  He became especially known for his navigational skills, and was dubbed the finest navigation expert in his graduating class. 

When the assignment to Arus came up, Sven immediately signed on with his friends, Keith and Lance.  Anxious to go, he bid farewell to his parents, somehow feeling in his heart, that he would never return to Earth.

After escaping capture from Planet Doom, he and his friends arrived on Arus, where he became the pilot of Blue Lion.  His piloting days were shortened, however, when he found himself face to face with Hagar the Witch.  She had come to Arus in an effort to get rid of one of the Voltron Force pilots, thus allowing the forces of Doom to then conquer the planet with Voltron disabled.  Originally, the old witch had captured Lance, but Sven arrived to rescue him.  Sending Lance to get help, Sven faced Hagar alone which proved to be an seriously unwise decision. 

Sven, gravely injured by the old witch, was suddenly incapable of piloting Blue Lion.   Princess Allura stepped in to replace him.

Keith and Lance brought him to a hospital facility on nearby Planet Ebb (where Lance's family once lived before Zarkon attacked the planet).  Sven was hospitalized in critical condition.  It wasn't long before Zarkon attacked Planet Ebb again, and once again, Sven found himself a slave to Zarkon on Planet Doom. 

Because he was too weak to work, Zarkon ordered Sven thrown into the Pit of Skulls.  Sven survived by using his wits, and began to forge a means to live in the Pits as a wild man, eating insects, among other things, for sustenance. 

He remained there for nearly a year and a half, when he rescued a frightened Princess Romelle of Planet Pollux. (Romelle is Allura's cousin)  Zarkon's evil son, Prince Lotor, had kidnapped her, and when she refused to bow to his will, he had her thrown into the Pit of Skulls as well.  Sven, knowing well the caverns, helped her escape from Lotor, and eventually, the two of them escaped Planet Doom.

Sven returned to Pollux with Princess Romelle, and remained there with her and her younger brother, Prince Bandor.  Bandor, the current ruler of Pollux after the fall of his father, granted Sven citizenship. Sven still lives on Pollux, hopelessly in love with she is with him.

His character traits:

Sven is a kind and peaceful man.  He has an ever-growing affection for Princess Romelle, and endeavors to protect her and her home world.  He loves to read, although he has very little time to read leisurely.  He has also involved himself in the security of Pollux, and is a captain with Prince Bandor's Royal Guards. He loves animals. And hates Lotor too, much like his friend, Keith, for very similar reasons.

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