Princess Romelle DeVille
Princess Romelle DeVille
Age: 25

Princess Romelle was born on Planet Pollux, July 17, 2146.  She is the daughter of King Koba DeVille.  Much like Princess Allura, Romelle lost her mother at a young age.  Queen Salena died while giving birth to her third child...Prince Bandor.

Prince Avok, Romelle's eldest brother, was slated to be the next ruler of Planet Pollux, upon the death of his father, King Koba.  Avok was age 21.

For generations, Planet Pollux and its descendents bore a continued hatred toward their ancient descendents of Planet Arus.  The first King of Arus, the son of Queen Ariela, had two sons, one peace loving, and the other evil.  Before the king died, he banished the evil son to Planet Pollux.  The evil son's anger and bitterness toward his kindly brother spread from generation to generation.

Finally, after many generations of bitterness, Princess Allura and the rest of the Voltron Force, lead by then Captain Keith Hunter, journeyed to Planet Pollux, which had been rumored, had joined forces with King Zarkon of Planet Doom.  As part of the evil plot to conquer Planet Arus, Prince Avok volunteers to become a Robeast.

Meanwhile, Prince Lotor became fascinated with Princess Romelle, saying how much she reminded him of Princess Allura of Planet Arus.  Romelle is fascinated with the Doom Prince as well, deceived by his charm.

While sneaking around inside the Castle, the Voltron Force was discovered by Prince Bandor, then age 15.  Princess Romelle quickly comes to the aid of her little brother, only to be confronted with the young ruler of Arus.  Stunned, everyone looks in utter shock at the two princesses....identical in nearly every way.

With the plan to conquer Arus defeated, King Koba goes insane from it all, while Romelle and Bandor's eldest brother, Prince Avok, disappears, still bearing the guise of a Robeast.  Romelle calls after her brother, Avok, and is then captured by Prince Lotor and hauled away from Planet Pollux.

In light of the absence of Princess Romelle, Prince Bandor was made permanent ruler of Planet Pollux.  It was feared that Princess Romelle would never return to Pollux, but instead, remain a slave to King Zarkon...forever.

But that did not stop the Voltron force, or Bandor, from attempting to rescue her.

After many failed attempts of rescue, however, Romelle is finally brought to Planet Doom as a slave, and given a choice...become Lotor's Queen, or be thrown into the Pit of Skulls.  She chooses the Pit of Skulls.  She is thrown in and left for dead.  But Lotor is not satisfied with the assumption of her demise, and orders her remains found and her death confirmed.

But Romelle did not die.  She fell into the Pit of Skulls, and somehow, managed to land on a pile of debris that softened the impact of her fall.

Injured, she is instead found there by a wild man, who helps her escape her pursuers.  The wild man turns out to be Sven B'Yourn, former Blue Lion pilot of Voltron.  He too, had been thrown into the Pit of Skulls and forgotten.  He stayed alive by relying on his military training for survival.

Sven befriends the beautiful Princess of Pollux, and helps her escape from Planet Doom.  He then returns with Romelle, and remains on Planet Pollux, vowing to fight by her side until all of the evil forces of Doom are destroyed.

Prince Bandor remains the ruler of Planet Pollux in his father's place.  Romelle chooses to serve as his advisor, giving up her claim to the throne.

Nearly a year and a half after Sven and Romelle's escape from Planet Doom, they return with forces from the Imperial Army, of which Sven is their captain.  Together with Voltron, they finally are able to defeat Lotor, who had ceased the throne from his father, Zarkon. 

Lotor escaped, however, and together with his remaining forces, challenged Voltron to a final battle above the skies of Planet Doom.  Voltron answered the call and confronted the evil Prince of Doom.  Romelle and Sven were instrumental in the final victory, leading the slaves below on Doom in an all out rebellion.  Together with the Imperial Army forces, Romelle and Sven rallied the slaves to victory on the ground. 

Voltron, meanwhile, defeated Prince Lotor one final time, sending his battle cruiser back to the surface of Planet Doom in a ball of flames. 

During the battle and subsequent defeat, Lotor is disfigured.

Princess Romelle returns to Planet Pollux, accompanied by Sven, and together, help Prince Bandor rebuild Planet Pollux, while strengthening their friendship with Planet Arus.

Her character traits:

Much like her cousin, Princess Allura, Princess Romelle is very stubborn, and very determined.  She has an undying affection and devotion to Sven.  Sven also, very obviously, loves Romelle as well. 

Romelle is compassionate, kindhearted, but sometimes, too trusting.  Her compassion for the freedom of people everywhere from tyranny strengthens her resolve to stand up and fight for what is right.  She is an avid supporter of her cousin, Princess Allura, and of Voltron.  

She and her brother, Prince Bandor, bring peace between Planet Pollux and their sister planet, Arus, after many generations of hatred.

Romelle enjoys horseback riding and tending to her Royal Gardens.  She spends a great deal of time with orphaned children of her planet.  She also enjoys spending time with the new Captain of the Imperial Army of PolluxSven B'Yourn, who was appointed to the position by Prince Bandor.

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