Pidge Villatoro
Lieutenant Pidge Villatoro
Age: 19

Pidge Villatoro was born on Planet Balto, December 20, 2152.  His parents, William and Kathleen Villatoro, were native to Balto.     Pidge has a sister, Cami, and a brother, Chip, and all three children loved to spend time together with their parents.  Sadly, however, both  parents died tragically in a camping accident.  The Villatoro children were left as orphans.  All three were soon adopted by Kei and Viva Gates.   Pidge, Cami and Chip retained their last names in honor and memory of their parents.

Balto was known for its "super-genius" people.  The people of Balto could communicate telepathically, although Pidge never quite got the hang of it.  Both Pidge and Chip enrolled into the Space Academy.  Chip was 9 years old, while Pidge was only 7 years old. 

Pidge surpassed all aptitude scores (with the exception of Keith Hunter's scores.  His were record-breaking).  Pidge graduated at the astonishing age of 11 years old.   With the intelligence of a 20-year-old, Pidge was invited to join the Space Explorers, as they ventured to Planet Arus to help the people overcome oppression of evil King Zarkon.

Pidge's adoptive parents were concerned at first, about letting their young son travel such a great distance from home to a distraught planet.  But finally agreed to let him go after Hunk Simon promised to watch out for him.  Given Hunk's size, it wasn't difficult for Pidge's parents to finally give their okay. 

Pidge immediately became the pilot of Green Lion, as well as the team's 'technical guru'.  Pidge could think his way out of any tight spot.  He is an expert at computer science and technology.  He is responsible for the maintenance of the lion's on-board computers, as well as the Castle computer systems.

During his time on Planet Arus, Prince Lotor's evil forces destroyed Pidge's home planet, Balto.  His parents and sister managed to flee to Earth, and joined brother Chip there.  Pidge was downcast, as he and his team witnessed first hand, the destruction of his home world, during a mission to investigate why the planet was breaking up. While there, the Voltron Force defeated Lotor's Robeast, who was responsible for the destruction of Balto. 

In an effort to comfort Pidge, Princess Allura made him an honorary citizen of Planet Arus.

After three years, Pidge returned briefly to Earth, where he was then reassigned to a science planet for technological research after a brief visit with his parents..  Some four years later, Pidge was joined by Hunk, and together, the two of them continued there until recalled again to Planet Arus. 

At age 19, Pidge reclaimed his role as pilot of Green Lion, and to this day, continues to amaze his fellow teammates with his skills and intelligence.

His character traits:

Pidge LOVES to play practical jokes on his teammates.  He often recruits Princess Allura to help him set up his schemes.  His jokes, though funny, often annoy Commander Keith to no end.  Pidge loves to play chess, read, and fiddle around with new inventions. 

Pidge also tinkers with computers in his spare time.  He loves to make improvements on the Castle's surveillance systems.  He also enjoys swimming, and going for long walks alone. 

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