It is said, that somewhere in the universe, someone waits for you.

Princess Allura ponders her goodly father's advice, given to her long
ago in childhood. 

"Who is he, and how will I know him when I find him?"

She knows of her feelings for the mysterious, dark-haired Voltron
Commander.  But as of yet, he has not devuldged his true feelings for

But then again, she hasn't either.

A silent bond of love lingers between them both.

Enter the visitation of a King from the distant planet of Surbain.
This king has come to seek the help of Voltron.  But when Allura
deems it too great a distance for Voltron to travel, the king, under
the advice of his advisor, demands the Princess's hand in marriage!
He cites an ancient bond between a king of the past from Surbain, and
Queen Ariela of Planet Arus.

Now, Allura must accept his demand of marriage...or risk destroying a
thousand years of peace between the two planets, and dishonoring her
heritage...and Queen Ariela's good name!

But what of her love for Keith?  Surely he has affections for
her...but what will happen between them now...if she is to marry the
King of Surbain?

Now, Keith is faced with a choice...

Torn between wanting to protect her...and letting her go for the sake
of peace on Arus, Keith must now choose his next course of action.

And worse then that perhaps, is the fact that even if he did
object...who was he to object in the first place?

As Allura's protector and a commoner only...there was little to be done.


Is Allura to marry the King of Surbain...and be forever parted from
her friends?  And are her dreams of love gone...all because of an
ancient vow?


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