Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other  haracters are the copyright of Adele.   Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 27
Voltron Lives Again

Pidge had a huge smile on his face when Keith and Lance entered the cockpit of Red Lion. Lance smiled as he walked over to the console.

"Hey there, Kitty-Kat," Lance said.  "It's good to see you again!"

Keith walked up to Pidge.  "What's the word, Pidge?"

"The word is 'good' Keith!" Pidge beamed.  "Red Lion's infra-cells are now fully charged. That white-hot lightning strike that hit us during the storm must have simulated the heat of a fiery volcano.  It charged the Red Lion right up.  She's ready to fly!"

"Great!" Lance said happily.  "Move over then!"

Pidge got up from the pilot's chair, and Lance slid into it.  "Let's take her out of a spin, shall we?"

"Bring us to Black Lion, Lance.' Keith said.  "Let's see if we can get that kitten moving!"

"Hold on to your pants!" Lance shouted, as he inserted the key into Red Lion's control panel.  "Okay kitty, let's make some magic!"

The console lit up, and everyone cheered when they heard Red Lion come alive with a roar. Lance pulled back on the controls, and immediately, Red Lion leaped into the air, whizzing across the night sky.

Lance pulled up his trajectory radar, scanning for Black Lion.  A smile came across his face suddenly.

"I've found it!" Lance said, as he pushed back on the control levers.  "Hang on.  We're almost there!"

As the Lion flew over the next ridge, Lance flipped on the night vision monitor.

"There it is, just the way I left it!" Keith called out. "Swing down and land, Lance."

"Okay, hold on!" Lance said, as he commanded Red Lion to land a short distance away from the sleeping Black Lion.

Pidge and Keith flew out of Red Lion, using their jetpacks.  Keith went inside the cockpit, while Pidge went up on top of Black Lion's back to remove the rod and re-seal the mega-thruster tube hatch.

Keith moved over to the Command chair and sat down quietly.  He smiled.

"Nice to see you again, big guy." he whispered to the mechanical lion.  "I hope you're ready for action."

Keith used Pidge's mini computer, and hooked it up to Black Lion's console.  His heart was beating impatiently as he waited for the readings.

Pidge suddenly entered into the cockpit.  "All clear, Commander." Pidge said, holding what was left of the rod in his hand.  "It looks like the rod took on quite a bit of lightning action."

Keith turned to regard Pidge, and his eyes grew wide with amazement.  He took note of the rod in Pidge's hand.  "It's melted, Pidge!" Keith said.  "Must have been some powerful lightning!"

"Trust me," Pidge sighed amusingly. "It was..."

Suddenly, the mini computer beeped, signaling that it was ready with the readings Keith was waiting for.  Pidge dropped the rod from his hand, and quickly ran to where Keith was sitting. They both looked at the readings...and smiled.

"Looks like Black Lion's fully charged too!" Pidge cheered.  "Now we can form Voltron!"

"And using the tractor beams of Red and Black Lions, we can tow the other three lions to the sky, where I can control them during the sequence."

"Excellent!" Pidge shouted.  "So... what are we waiting for!  Let's go kick Lotor's can and send him home!"

"I'm with you, Pidge!" Keith smiled in agreement as he opened a COM link to Red Lion. "Lance, this is Keith.  Black Lion is fully functional.  We're heading back to the Palace to pick up Sven and Allura."

Lance cheered over the COM, "Yee-hah!" he shouted.  "Let's go on a Doom-doggie round up!"

Keith inserted the key to Black Lion,
and console immediately lit up.  Black
Lion roared awake and ready for action.
Next, he opened a channel to the Palace.

"Sven, Princess, this is Keith."

"Sven here. How did it go?"

"Excellent, Sven! Both Red and Black Lions are fully charged.  Pidge is going to configure the other lions to share the energy equally as Voltron." Keith replied.

"Oh, Keith!" Allura's voice beamed over the COM.  "I so happy to hear that!"

"Stand by, you two.  We're coming in to get you." Keith commanded.

"We'll be ready for you!" Sven shouted.

"Black Lion out." Keith said, as he terminated the connection.  He laid his hands on the control levers.  "Okay Pidge, hold on to your helmet!" he said, as he commanded Black Lion to leap into the air.

Red Lion followed closely behind. Together, they headed for the Palace.


Allura and Sven were about ready to leave when the computer alarm sounded.  Sven turned and ran back to the monitor to check what the alarm was about. His face grimaced as he spoke...

"Lotor...he's coming!" Sven said aloud.

"Oh no..." Allura gasped. "We've got to warn Keith!"

"Agreed," Sven said, opening up the COM. "Black Lion, dis is Sven.  Can you read?"

"I read you, Sven." Keith's voice sounded.  "We're almost there.  You two about ready?"

"I've got bad news, Keit," Sven said. "The Palace's alert systems are picking up Lotor's fleet, heading to the planet, at a fast rate."

"Lotor?  Already?" Keith questioned.  "Alright, you two get outside and get ready to board. Sven, you get in with Lance and Hunk in Red Lion.  Allura, you join Pidge and me here in Black Lion.  And make it fast!  We haven't a minute to spare!"

"We're on our way!" Sven shouted, disconnecting the COM.  He grabbed Allura by the hand. "Come on, Princess!" he shouted.  "We've got to hurry!"

Allura grabbed the bottom of her skirt and ran down the hallway with Sven, heading for the Palace gates, where the Lions soon would meet them.


As they ran outside, the air bit into Allura's skin fiercely.  She screeched. "Ooh, its cold, Sven!" she shivered.

"Jist ano'ter minute, Princess!" Sven said, grabbing her hand once again, pulling her across the courtyard.

Sven looked up and saw the two lions coming in for a landing.  Sven brought the Princess over to Black Lion first, pulling on the cockpit door and shoving her inside.  Once she was safe, he ran for Red Lion.

Inside Black Lion, Allura pulled her arms to herself, shaking from the cold.  Keith wanted with all of his heart to stop and comfort her.  But there was no time for that now.

"She'll be okay," he thought to himself, feeling guilty for not helping her.

"This is Keith.  Lance, is Sven aboard now?"

The ultra-wave came alive, and Lance was on screen.  "Yeah, he's here. Let's get to the other lions, before Lotor does!"

"Right!" Keith shouted. He swung his head back long enough to make sure Allura and Pidge were set.

Allura was in the passenger chair, while Pidge was sitting on the ground, holding on to the side of the Allura's seat.

Keith nodded, satisfied that they were safe enough.  "Alright, Lance, take Sven and Hunk to their lions.  I'll take Pidge to his, and meet you at Yellow Lion!"

Black Lion leaped forward and headed into the air.  Red Lion split off heading toward the other two Lions.

Keith turned on his radar, scanning for Green Lion.  "There you are!" he mumbled.  He turned his head toward Pidge.   "We're here.  Get into your lion fast.  Then begin reconfiguration, while I tow Green Lion."

"Gottcha, Commander!" Pidge said, readying his jets.

Lance had just dropped off Hunk at Yellow Lion, and turned on his tractor beam, lifting the lazy yellow giant off of the ground.  Slowly, Red Lion pulled Yellow Lion from behind.  Blue Lion was in sight now.

Sven jetted out of Red Lion, and climbed into Blue Lion.   Red Lion landed Yellow Lion softly next to Blue Lion, waiting for the Voltron Commander.

The wait wasn't long.  Black Lion, accompanied by Green Lion in tow, approached.  Black Lion set Green Lion carefully down on the ground next to Red Lion.

"Great job, team!" Keith shouted.  "Now, listen up.  Once we're in the air and begin the Voltron sequence, I'll have complete control of all five lions.  Lance..."

Yeah, Keith!" Lance replied over the COM.

"I want you to pull Green Lion.  He's the lighter one, and will cause less drain on you.  I'll tractor Blue and Yellow Lions."

"Got it!" Lance shouted.

Keith rubbed his hand on the Voltron sequence panel almost mindlessly for a moment.  Then he shook himself out of is.  He turned behind him to glance at Allura.  "Ready, Princess?"

"All ready, Keith!" she beamed.

Keith turned his head back to the console.  "Are we ready?" he asked through the COM.

"Red Lion set!" Lance shouted.

"Green Lion's ready!" Pidge replied.  "Configuration complete!"

"Good!" Keith replied. "Yellow Lion?"

"I'm good to go, Keith!" Hunk shouted.

"Blue Lion?" Keith asked finally.

"Blue Lion is ready for action, Keit!" Sven replied enthusiastically.

"All right then..let's go Voltron Force!" Keith said. "Activate tractor beams... now!"

Red Lion's tractor snapped on, focusing on Green Lion.  Black Lion's tractor beams slit into two different directions, latching onto Blue and Yellow Lions.

Suddenly, all the Lions were airborne.

At an altitude of 10,000 feet, Keith
reached over and activated the Voltron

"Okay team...time to form Voltron!"
Keith shouted. "Activate interlocks!
Dyno-therms connected... infra-cells up..."

Keith once again waited for the five-point
star to flash the sequence of colors...

Black, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue....

Everyone shouted.

Yellow, Green and Blue Lions were caught up, seemingly flying in formation, as the power of the Voltron sequence took over each lion.

The five robot lions streaked into the air, their individual colors streaking behind them.  Black Lion roared fiercely as the wings on its back extended outward, and its arms folded into special compartments that had opened up.

"Form feet and legs!" Keith sounded.  The Yellow and Blue Lions began to form the feet of Voltron. They slipped into place one by one, fitting to the Black Lion with a mighty mechanical click. Black Lion took on the form of the body of Voltron.

"Form arms and body!" Keith shouted once again.  This time, Green and
Red Lions clicked into place and formed the arms of Voltron.

"And I'll form the head!"
Keith announced, as the
cockpit head of Black Lion
opened up to reveal the face
of the mighty robot warrior.

When Voltron was completely
assembled, Keith activated the
COM. "Pidge! Status report...
what's our power levels?"

"Steady, Commander!  The distribution system is working.  All the lions are drawing power equally.  We are at eighty percent power."

"Great job, Pidge!" Keith shouted, commending his teenage genius.  His face then contorted. "Okay team...let's go and say, 'hi' to Lotor, shall we?"

"Nothing would make me happier!" Hunk said sarcastically.

Voltron streaked through the sky, heading for space... and his destiny with the forces of Doom.