Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.   Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 14
Brief Encounter

It was as though the palace gardens were drawing her to them...

The hour was getting late, and the air was much cooler as the sun began to set, but Allura felt the need to walk around the gardens alone... with only her thoughts as her circumstances.

She was very sad, as she looked up to the sky.  There was no moonlight, as she had been so accustomed to seeing on Arus.

Surbain had no moon.

Several days had past since she had arrived on Surbain, and it was like being in captivity.

She couldn't leave the palace.

She couldn't be among the people.

She could barely walk the palace grounds alone.

It seemed worse on Surbain, with regards to her free time.  Far worse then it ever was on Arus.  She was a prisoner in her own palace dwellings.

She found herself suddenly longing for one of Coran's lectures about not leaving the Castle, unprotected.  At least on Arus, she could leave the Castle from time to time, with proper escort.

On Surbain, she was forbidden to go anywhere...escort or no.

Allura leaned up against a fence that surrounded some kind of posey-type plant.  She crossed her arms in front of her as she leaned on the fence, just staring into the vastness of the garden.  Thankfully, Augusta and his, 'guard dogs'  thought she was asleep, and managed to
leave her alone for a change.

But she was still not clever enough to escape the watchful eyes of at least one person...


She gasped suddenly, as she jumped around to face the intruder of her solitude.

But then, she suddenly recognized the now familiar form that was approaching her from behind, and her heart leapt with joy.

"Oh, Keith!" she sighed, relieved to see it was him, and not one of the guards. "It's you!" she whispered.

"Why are you out here by yourself, when you know you shouldn't be walking around alone! Especially on an unfamiliar planet!" Keith quietly scolded her.  "You know, Princess... you take far too many chances!"

"I'm tired of being cooped up and fussed over!  I just want to be free to live!" she barked back under a hushed voice.  "Besides, what are you doing... spying on me in the first place?"

Keith's eyebrows knitted together.  "I wasn't spying on you!  For your information, I was worried about you!  You've been moping around the palace for days now."

Allura's expression softened.  "I'm sorry, Keith.  Its just that I... I miss..."

"I know," he sighed.  "I miss Arus too."

She looked up to his face.  "I wish you
could hold me right now." she said,
crossing her amrs once again in front
of herself, attempting to shield her body
from the cold air.

Keith shook his head and looked at her,
sternly.  "I can't, Allura.  If we're caught,
I could be executed.  As it is, Anserrot
already spoke sternly to me about keeping
my distance from you..."

"Then, you must leave at once...
before you're discovered!" she said
nervously. "I won't let anything happen to you!"

Keith waved his hand at Allura, suddenly relaxing his stance.  "Don't worry about it.  I'll take care of myself.  Besides, if I'm to be executed, I could think of no better reason for it, then to be caught embracing you."

"Keith!" Allura shrieked.  "That's a terrible thing to say!  Don't even think about such things!"

They were keeping each other at arm's distance as they spoke.

Keith, several times, had to resist the urge to take her in his arms... and to hell with the devil and the consequences.  But... chose instead to keep his place.  It was the best he could do now.

Keith checked his digital watch.  "I have to get some sleep.  And it's starting to get cold out here.  At night, the temperature drops down subzero levels.  And besides, I've got an early morning.  We've been ordered to go on patrol and keep watch for Zarkon's forces."

"I know. Augusta already told me."  Suddenly, Allura's eyes became enflamed.  "This is a horrible thing he's doing to you boys!  He's using you and Voltron...and me for that matter! He cares nothing for the fact that Arus is left unprotected! 'It's not my issue', he says!  How dare he use those who are precious to me, to further his own cause!"

"Princess... there's nothing you can do about it!" Keith said, trying to calm her down.  "We're just going to have to deal with it!"

"I don't want to deal with it!  I want to go home!" she raised her voice slightly above a whisper.  "Arus needs me! And I need Arus too!"

"Patience, Allura."

An echoing female voice was suddenly heard throughout the garden.

Keith and Allura turned toward the direction of the booming voice.

The image of Queen Ariela was hovering above the ground. Keith and Allura both fell to their knees before the image of the ancient Queen of Arus.

"Arise... both of you." Queen Ariela said.

Keith and Allura stood to their feet as they stared at the Queen.  Allura took two steps forward.

"Queen Ariela!  Planet Arus is unprotected!  Lotor could take over our planet at any time without Voltron there to protect it!"

"No, Allura.  That will not happen, because Lotor is on his way here, attempting to collect you as his prize." Queen Ariela said.

Keith grew angry.  "Over my dead body!" he bellowed.

"Commander... control your emotions.  The opportunity you have been seeking for, is about to reveal itself, with the arrival of Prince Lotor." Ariela said. "When Prince Lotor attempts to possess you Allura, you will not be able to stop it."

"Forgive me, Queen Ariela!" Keith stepped forward anxiously.  "But if we allow Princess Allura to be taken by Lotor, we may lose her forever!"

"No Keith.  I trust that you will find a way to return her safely to Arus."

"You're banking a lot on the thought that I'll be able to." Keith replied.

"Commander, Lotor is the answer to the question of how to save this planet, and return Allura to Arus."

"But I don't understand, Queen Ariela!" Allura exclaimed.  "How can Lotor be the answer to all of our problems?"

"All in due time, Allura.  You will know all of this in due time.  For now, be content that everything is working according to the way it should happen."

"But..." Keith started to object.  "How can we...."

"Trust in the Lions..." Ariela said, as her image faded from sight.

Keith looked to Allura.  She was shaking like a leaf from fear.  Impulsively, he reached for her and took her in his arms.

"I...I can't, Keith!" she quivered, burying her face into his chest.  "I can't go with Lotor!  I'll kill myself first!"

"Just hold on, Allura..." Keith whispered
into her ear, the scent of her hair nearly
causing his heart to stop beating.  "We'll
make it."

"Keith!" she cried.  "I can't!  I won't!"

"Sh-h-h..." he comforted, closing his eyes, while
continuing to hold her as she wept. "Listen to me...
I promised you that I wouldn't leave your
side. And I intend to keep that promise!
Don't worry, Allura."

Keith and Allura stood holding each other silently for several minutes.

Then Keith separated from her, bringing his hands to her face to wipe away her tears.

"It'll be okay, Allura.  No matter what happens to us...I love you!  Hold on to that!"

She nodded sadly. "I love you too." She sniffed.  "But I..."

"No!" Keith shouted.  "No buts... no second guesses!  I'm with you, Allura!  And I promise, there won't be a place in the this universe that Lotor could bring you to, that I won't be able to track him down and find you!"

Keith extended his elbow toward her.  "Come on, Princess.   I'll see you to your chambers."

Together, Keith and Allura walked away from the tranquility of the garden, both fearful of what the coming day would hold for them.