Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.   Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 12
Allura's dream

As she settled down for the evening, she tried to enjoy the comforts that the King of Surbain had so graciously bestowed before her...

A comfortable bed, soft and fluffy pillows, silken sheets, and soft covers...all the comforts of royalty.

But as comfortable as the room appeared to be, none of it made her feel comfortable.

Allura never was one for stuffy royal traditions.  She hated feeling as if she were better than anyone else...simply because she had been blessed to be born a princess.

She was also worried about the Voltron lions, and most especially, her dear friends who were piloting them.  She sighed, wishing that she were flying Blue Lion, gliding beside the other lions, as they soared through the heavens.

There was were she felt free... free from royal duty and security concerns.  In the Blue Lion...she was not, 'Princess Allura', but, she was Allura...she  was a pilot...a normal young

She sat quietly on top of the enormous mattress, dressed in her nightgown and a pair of slippers from home, clinging to a picture she brought with her from her room on Arus.

The picture was of her and the boys. 
She couldn't help but stare at the
dashing young Commander of the
group, posing next to her in the picture. 
And it seemed, as she stared at the
picture, that he was looking at her too.

The picture showed them in uniform. 
Coran was with them, that day.  The
picture had been taken by one of the
children in a village that they were

"Oh Keith..." she sighed
as her mind thought his name,
with tears now forming in her eyes. "If only..."

Allura clutched the picture to her chest as she slowly sprawled out across the bed, burying her face in the pillows, trying to resign herself to her apparent fate.

"If only...what?"

Allura gasped, hearing Keith's voice resonate in her mind.  She quickly closed her eyes and concentrated on him.

"Is that you, Keith?"

"Its me." his voice echoed. "Are you okay?"

"Of course!" she thought, attempting to be cheerful. "Why do you ask?"

"Your voice in my mind... it sounds... very sad.  Not that you don't have a reason to be.  What did you mean by...'if only', Allura?"

"Oh...nothing really." She replied to him.

"I'll just bet it was nothing." Keith replied back.  "Come on, Princess...you can talk to me."

"I just wish that I were back on Arus...and that none of this had ever happened."

"Is that it?"


"Princess...I know what you meant." Keith thought to her. "And I wish the same... but..."

Suddenly, the door to her chambers swished open abruptly.  Allura sat up quickly in her bed, gathering the covers to herself, and quickly dissolved her mind link with Keith.

She found Augusta standing at the door, still dressed in his royal cape and uniform. He smiled at his new bride.

"Ah, my Queen!" he said coyly.  "How beautiful you look!  Would you like some company?"

"If you so much as come near me, I'll scream!" she hissed, pulling the covers over herself. "You have forced me into this shame you call a marriage!  I don't intend on spending the rest of my days as Queen...running from you!  You will not approach me, Your Majesty!"

"Ah-ah-ah! Temper, temper!" he teased.  "It's not nice to spurn your husband and your King."

"I'll do as I please!" Allura seethed.  "I will not give myself away to you!"

The King walked over to the foot of the bed, and sat down.  "Allura... be reasonable.  This marriage had to take place for the betterment of all of our people!"

"You forced me to marry you!  And as far as I'm concerned, I want nothing to do with you!" Allura finished as her face reddened with anger for the King.

"Let me into your heart, Allura," Augusta pleaded suddenly, a tone of kindness in his voice. "I will treat you as the Queen you are...and I will do my best to cherish you for a lifetime."

"How can you love me?" Allura replied.  "You don't even know who I am!  You came to Arus to request Voltron, and then end up demanding your right to my hand...based on a ancient vow between our two planets.  How can you expect me to love you now?"

"My Queen.... You will come to love me." The King said, as he rose up from the bed. Turning to leave, August said,  "And in that day, you will beg me to stay with you!"

"Never!" Allura hissed in a whispered voice.  "I'd rather die first, then turn to you for comfort!"

Augusta burst into laughter. "Very well, my Queen.  I concede this night to you and your privacy.  But take care, woman, for you shall not push me off as easily at our next encounter!"

Allura's face retained the same sour expression.  As the door swished closed, Allura jumped out of bed and clicked on the electronic door security.  She then ran full speed back to her bed, thrusting her face into her pillows, crying softly... until finallyà sleep had found her.

As she slept, Allura began to dream...

Allura found herself standing before her mother, Queen Angelica Camille.  Allura smiled at the sight of her mother.  After all of these years, she was still as beautiful as she had remembered her being.

Queen Angelica Camille approached
her daughter and gently embraced her.

"Allura," she smiled. "I've missed you
so, my beloved child!"

Allura cried as she embraced her mother
for the first time in many
years. "Oh, Mother! It's so good to
hold you again!"

The Queen smiled. "I'm please to see what a fine young woman you've grown up to be." Then the Queen frowned suddenly. "But here, what's wrong, child? Your soul is so downcast! What is it that brings you to this melancholy mood?"

"I miss my friends, Mother." Allura said as tears formed in her eyes. "I miss Planet Arus."

"And you miss your young man, don't you?" Allura's mother said.

Allura blinked...embarrassed that her mother knew of Keith.  Then she bowed her head.

Allura's mother came along side of her, wrapping her arms around her.  "Come... tell me all about the special young man, who has captured my daughter's heart so completely!"

Allura looked at her Queen mother and smiled.  "Oh Mother, he's kind, gentle, loyal and compassionate!  He's always looking out for my best interests, and he's a good man.  He's from Earth, Mother. His name is Keith Hunter."

The Queen smiled. "And you love him, my little princess?"

"Oh yes, Mother! With all of my heart!" Allura flashed a bright smile.  "And he loves me too! Not because I am a princess, but because of who I am!"

"And it would seem that Keith loves you a great deal." The Queen smiled back. "He must be a very special man!"

"He is, Mother!" Allura exclaimed.  Then she suddenly became sad. "But now..."

The Queen tilted her head toward Allura. "But now?" she repeated. "But now, what?"

"Oh Mother," Allura pouted.  "I'm married to King Augusta of Surbain.  I've been made his Queen as part of a political ploy to take Voltron away from Planet Arus.  He used the vow that Queen Ariela made a thousand years ago to one of his ancestors, and twisted to fit his

"Allura... marriage is not just a vow.  It's a commitment between two people who are in love. If you love Keith, as you say you do, then no matter what happens, the love that you both share for each other will hold you both close to each other."

"Father said to trust in that love.  But... how can I, when things seem so impossible at this point? I mean, I'm Queen now, and as it stands, Keith and I have virtually no chance for our new found love." Allura said as the tears began to flow.


Allura turned around and found the image of her father before her. "Father!"

Queen Angelica Camille moved in toward her husband, and together, they stood before Allura.

"Allura, you and Keith must not doubt
your love for each other.  Even if
appearances seem hopeless, you must
both remain strong." Alfor said.  He then
turned and pointed toward the distance,
as a figure came into view.

Allura turned... and as she saw the
figure come clearly into view, her
heart began to beat wildly.

"KEITH!" she screamed. She gazed
at her father, with a confused
expression on her face. "But how? 
He's in Black Lion following the

"Allura, because Keith is in your heart, he will always be with you.  Just hold on to that. Now, go to him, child." Alfor said, as he pointed toward the vision of Keith waiting patiently for her.

She moved carefully toward him at first, afraid that he was going to disappear from sight. But as she grew closed to Keith, he began to run toward her as well.

"Princess!" he shouted.

"Keith!  It is you! But...how can this be?"
Allura replied.

"Because I live in your deepest heart, Allura."
the image that was Keith proclaimed.
"So long as I'm there...I'll always be with you."

Oh Keith... it is you!" she squealed with glee.

As they ran into each other's arms,
Keith picking her up and twirling
her around and around. When they
stopped, he cupped her face with
his hands.

"Princess...I'll always be with you!
Have faith and believe! I'll
never let you go!  Believe in that,
and never let go of that thought!"

"Oh Keith!" she wept.
"I love you... I love you so very much!"

"And I love you, Allura!  From now until forever!  And no one or nothing can tear that love away from me!" Keith said with a smile. "You just remember that, and hold on to that thought!"

Then, their lips met, gently at first, then more passionately as the kiss progressed.  As the moved apart, Keith moved his hand up to her face, to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

"I'll remember, Keith...I promise, I'll remember..."


As Allura began to stir awake, she realized she had a smile on her face, as she recalled her dream.  She quickly jumped out of her bed and grabbed her robe and slippers.

She dashed out of her chambers, searching to find a bay window.  Then, she happened upon one. Allura looked out of it into space.  Then, she saw them... her beloved robot lions.

As she watched them follow behind the royal cruiser, her gaze fell upon the Black Lion... and her thoughts found their way to the handsome Commander who piloted it.  Allura brought her hand up to her mouth...recalling the kiss they had shared in her dream.

She thought how real it had felt.  Then, she closed her eyes for a moment and recalled their brief encounter in the Castle gardens back on Arus:

"I want you know this.  And always remember it... no matter where tomorrow finds us... no matter what happens to us... I want you to know, that I love you, Allura."

"I love you too, Keith..." she smiled with tears in her eyes.  She thought of the words he had spoken to her. "I love you, Allura."

"Never forget that I love you, Allura."

A sigh came over her as she thought fondly of him. "Keith," she whispered. "If you can hear me, know that whatever happens going forward, my heart is with you, always."


Black Lion was on auto. Keith had ordered the Force to activate the lion auto-guidance systems, so that they could sleep in shifts.

Keith had taken the first watch,
as he monitored the path the lion's
were taking...knowing full well that
they could be flying into a trap, and
at any moment Lotor could appear
out of nowhere.

Keith stretched and yawned, trying to awaken himself.  Suddenly, deep inside his heart, he felt it. At first, it was weak.  Then it got stronger.  He sat at attention and gazed at the royal cruiser.

He could feel it... like a strong beat in his heart.
Allura was thinking of him. He knew it had to
be so... it was an unmistakable
feeling in his heart and soul.

"Allura, if you can hear me... don't give up.
We'll find a way out of this. Trust in that.
I'll never be far from you." His thoughts
rang out to her.

"I trust in you, Keith." Allura's voice replied back to his mind. "I'll never give up!"

Keith then resumed his watch,
reluctantly moving his thoughts
away from her for the time being.