Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2003
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions. All other characters are the copyright of Adele.   Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 11
The Long Journey Begins

The Voltron Force had gathered in the Control Room, awaiting finally orders from King Augusta regarding departure plans.

Keith was doing all that he could to maintain a level head.  It took all of his military discipline to fight down the urge to go and find King Augusta and pound the living daylights out of him.

The foolish King had no idea how difficult a task that was!

Keith spent his time pacing the room, trying to focus his thoughts on the journey, while relieving some nervous energy.

Meanwhile, Sven and Romelle were saying their good-byes:

"I'll be alright, Romelle.  Now I want
you to remain on Planet Arus,
until I return." Sven said, caressing
her cheek with his forefinger.

"I will, Sven. Please watch over
my cousin!" she pleaded. "She
means so much to me."

"To us all, Romelle." Sven added.  Then he looked over toward Keith. "Especially so to one of us."

Romelle regarded the pacing commander.  "He looks so sad, Sven.  I feel so awful.  This has got to be so hard for him."

"Keit iz strong.  He'll be okay.  Right now, we have to watch over Allura.  Wish us luck." Sven said.

"I'll do more than that..." Romelle replied, leaning up to him and planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

Sven gently wrapped his arms around her, returning her affection.  When the kiss had finished, Romelle and Sven looked deeply at each other.

"I wish you love... with all of my heart." Romelle said, the tears falling like rain from her eyes.

"I love you, Romelle." Sven proclaimed.

"I love you too, Sven.  Please be careful and return safely." She smiled back.

"I will." Sven said.  "Although, I don't know how long we'll be."

"I'll be waiting here for your return," she said, smiling through the tears of loneliness, as he held her close to him one more time.  "No matter how long it takes, Sven...I'll wait for you."

The message came in over the COM. The transmission was coming from King Augusta's flagship:

"Attention: members of the Voltron Force!  Prepare your robot lion ships to lift off.  Repeat... prepares your robot lion ships.  The King and Queen of Surbain will be departing Planet Arus momentarily. That is all."

The message terminated.

Keith turned to his team.  "Okay guys, this is it!" he said.  "Let's get going!"

"FOR ARUS AND OUR PRINCESS!" shouted Lance, Pidge and Hunk.

Keith nodded his head, and walked over to Coran. He gave Coran a reassuring smile.  "Don't worry, we'll bring her back."

"I do hope so, Commander. 
For Arus's sake... and hers too. 
I do not mind telling you that I
do not trust this King, or his advisor."
Coran said, suddenly pleading to Keith. 
"Please, Commander... in the name of
King Alfor...protect her with every
means at your disposal!"
he said, referring to Allura.
"Above all else... do not let her fall
into Lotor's hands!"

Keith nodded determinably. "I promise,
Coran,,, on my life as her
champion... I'll watch out for her."

"Thank you, Commander Keith.  God's speed, sir." Coran said, rising to his feet and shaking hands with the Voltron Commander.

Keith then looked to his awaiting team. "Launch lions... now!" he shouted.

Coran activated the lion tunnels. 
The control deck, from which he
was standing, suddenly rose to the
air, revealing the lion tunnels that
were hidden below.

One by one, the men entered the
numbered bays that lead to the
shuttles, which would carry each
of them to their lions.

As they left, Romelle watched,
feeling tears brimming over her eyes
even faster then before.

She folded her hands and sent
a silent prayer up to heaven:

"Please...may they all return
safely with Allura."

The five robot lions were in flight, heading toward the Surbainian convoy hovering just above the Arus.

As they approached the convoy,
Keith hailed the royal cruiser:

"Black Lion to convoy.  All lion
ships are ready for departure to
Planet Surbain.  Awaiting flight
e-maps to be transmitted to our
computer database. Acknowledge?"

"This is Sir Anserrot, Commander Keith.
Prepare to received E-transmission
of the space maps to Planet Surbain."

Keith paused as his lion's computer chips began receiving and sorting the information. "Anserrot," Keith said.  "We have received transmission. Are the King and Queen aboard your vessel yet?"

"They are aboard, Commander.  We are ready to proceed." Anserrot replied. "Prepare to leave orbit on my mark."

"Understood." Keith said dryly.

Meanwhile, now aboard the cruiser, Allura made her way toward a bay window to see her planet one last time before departing to Surbain.  She looked to the left of Arus, and saw the robot lions hovering nearby in a V-formation.

She became monetarily angry because the lions, much like her, were being dragged to points unknown.

She leaned toward the glass window... so close in fact, that the water
vapor from her breath was forming on the window in front of her.

She missed Arus already...

Then she looked once again toward the robot lions... the Black Lion in particular.  Allura found her thoughts drifting to Keith... and imagining what he was thinking of right at this very moment.

"I wonder if he is as sad as
I am right now..." She thought
miserably.  "I miss you so,
Keith.  I only hope your heart
can hear mine."

On Black Lion, Keith allowed himself a few moments to think of his Princess. Regardless what title she held... she was still his Princess, and always would be.

He sighed, thinking of how lonely and
afraid she must feel... trapped alone
on that big ship without the comfort
of her friends and loved

It was all Keith could do to keep
his mind to the task at hand, because
if he let it drift too far, it could lead
to an emotional outburst. 

And Allura surely didn't need that.

"He better not so much as lay a hand on her!" he thought angrily. "He'll need more than an army to hold me back, if I find out that he's hurt her!"

In space... Black Lion let out a deep roar, matching the sentiments of it's pilot.

"Keith... I love you..."

His mind heard the distant sound of Allura's voice, resounding clearly.  He sighed...

"Allura...I love you too.  Don't give up, whatever you do."

"I promise, Keith." Allura's voice replied softly to him.
"I'll never give up."