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A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

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Chapter 2
An Intimate Lunch for Two

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The small village eatery was just what it was... small.  But even so, Keith and Allura didn't seem to mind much.

They were both happily greeted by the staff, and quickly seated on the outdoor terrace.

Keith held out the chair for Allura, as she grabbed her gown, trying not to bunch it underneath her.  As she sat down, Keith pushed in her chair, making her comfortable.  He then swung around and sat in the chair directly across from her.

Allura ordered a small salad with plenty of vegetables, while Keith ordered a meat patty sandwich, without the bread, however, and a side salad.  Together, they ate and talked, for what soon became an hour.

"How were your meals?" the waitress asked.

Allura nodded politely toward Keith.  He smiled at the waitress.  "Very nice." he said pleasantly.

"I'm glad we could serve you!" the waitress said cheerfully.  "How about some dessert and coffee?"

Allura passed, but Keith took opportunity.  "Okay, I'll bite," he said with a smirk.  "I'll have a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a dish."

"Any coffee with that, Commander?" the waitress asked.

"No thanks.  Just some water please." He replied.

The waitress left, and before long, she had returned with the dish of ice cream and glass of water.

Keith eyed the dish... "Wow!  That's ONE scoop?" he said, noting the tremendous amount of ice cream in his dish.

"Well, maybe I did put a bit more in there than usual!" she giggled.  "Perhaps enough for two to share!" She then winked at the Princess and her escort, then suddenly producing two spoons.

"Uh...thank you very much." Keith smiled uncomfortably, accepting the spoons from her.

The waitress turned and walked away,  "I'll be back in a bit.  Enjoy!"

Keith looked at the large dish of ice cream.  He started shaking his head.  "Holy cow!  This is a 'Hunk' size dish!  I can't eat all of this!"

Allura stifled a giggle in her hand.

Keith took his spoon, and scooped some ice cream on it.  Then he held it up in front of her, "Princess?  Would like a taste?"

Allura regarded the tempting treat.  "Well, okay...but just one taste!"

Keith held out the spoon to Allura.  He meant for her to take it from his hand, but instead, she stretched across the table, opened her mouth, and closed her lips around the spoon.

He watched her, as her eyes shifted with delight as the ice cream swirled around in the mouth.  She released the spoon, and settled back in her chair.

"Um-m-m!" Allura hummed, delighting in the sensational taste.  "That has got to be the best ice cream I have ever tasted!"

"Yeah," Keith agreed, taking a taste for himself.  "It's pure sweetness!"

"Pure sin, you mean!" she chuckled.  "If I have much more of that, I'll be bursting out of my lion uniform!"

"You should indulge every so often." Keith said,  "You're much too active of a person to gain weight in the manner you're suggesting!"

"Well, a bit here and there is okay, but certainly not all of the time!" she giggled.  "I'd look like Hunk!"

Keith chuckled with her, and before long, they were both laughing nearly out of control. When they had settled down, they found themselves staring at each other again.

Then Keith said to Allura, "You know, this is the best day off I've had in years!"

She smiled thoughtfully, "Really?  I was so worried that I had ruined your day off with my little stunt.  I'm so sorry, Keith, I just didn't think of the consequences."

"Allura," Keith said, reaching across the table for her hand.  "I told you to forget about that.  Now, I'm having a wonderful time here with you.  Let's not bring up the  unpleasantness, okay?"

She looked down, suddenly realizing he was holding her hand in a most affectionate manner.  She looked up at him, staring into his dark ebony eyes...

She gazed into his face...and remembered those fateful words, spoken by her father to her, long ago...

'Allura, when he finds you, you will both know it.'

The phrase repeated itself in her mind.  She could hear her father repeating it over and over, as if he were right there speaking to her.

She looked fondly at Keith...and a quiet thought passed through her mind...

"Could you be the one I've been waiting for?" she thought of him. "Are you looking for me? Do you feel the same about me, as I do about you?"

Meanwhile, Keith was thoughtfully considering the moment as well...

"How can I ever be what she truly needs me to be?  She's so beautiful... but she holds such a powerful title... why would she even consider me as a... how do I tell her what's truly in my heart?  Could I be dreaming... or have I really found the one I've been waiting to find?  Is she the one?"

Keith was gazing fondly into her ocean blue eyes.  No doubt about it in his mind... there was a longing there. He could feel the weight of her stare cutting through his very soul.

Now was the time to tell her the truth...

"Allura..." he said carefully.

"Yes Keith..." she replied softly.

"I...uh... I don't really know how to say this...." he breathed deeply, closing his eyes.  "I...I feel...that is...I've had this feeling for you...and ...well, its more than...just a feeling...that
is...well...you and I...uh...I mean...Princess...I mean... Allura ...I...um..."

Allura's heart began beating wildly.  She gently squeezed Keith's hand, that had been holding hers...  

"Go on, Keith." Allura said to him, softly. 

Keith let out a deep sigh, finally getting its thoughts together.  After what amounted to very long pause of time... he finally took in another deep breath and continued....  "What I'm trying to say is....Allura... I'm in lo..."

Suddenly, his wrist COM beeped, bringing his stammering to an abrupt end.

Keith released his breath, and Allura's hand.  He rolled his eyes upward as he answered the hail...

"Impeccable timing, whoever you are!" Keith thought angrily.

"Keith here.  What is it?" he answered with an irritated tone of voice.

"Keith!  It's Lance!  Listen...we've got an unidentified convoy, just entering our airspace!"

Keith stood up, and Allura sat up at attention in her seat.  "Can you hail them on the ultra wave?" Keith asked Lance.

"We've tried, but they haven't responded to us yet." Lance replied.

"Do they look like Doom ships, Lance?" Keith questioned.

"No...it's a design I've never seen before.  Pidge's trying to identify them now with Coran.  I think you and the Princess had better get back here, pronto!"

"Alright!  Allura and I are heading back.  Stand ready the lions, and if our 'visitors' get too close without answering our hail, launch the lions and get up there fast!  Your orders are to defend the Arus and the Castle of Lions!" Keith replied. "The Princess and I will join you in the air as soon as we can!"

"You got it, Skipper!" Lance said.  "Castle Control out."

Keith closed the COM signal and looked at the Princess. 

"So much for my confession... for now," he thought as he turned to Allura and said, "Well, it looks like the rest of our afternoon has been cancelled."

"I understand.  Let's pay and get back to the horses." she added as she stood to her feet, preparing to leave.

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