"May I Have This Dance"
By Adele
Copyright 2004

This song is a VERY special song to my husband and me.  He actually came up with the idea, "Gee, wonder what your Voltron characters would look like, dancing to this song?"  And so...by my husband's suggestion...I've written this sweet little sequence, that I affectionately call, "May I Have This Dance."

Keith and Allura are at a Royal Ball...and the story evolves around Keith and the Princess sharing a dance together...and their feelings for each other, as they ponder them quietly within their hearts. I
suggest sitting by a warm fire and getting a cup of tea...and prepare to smile, as you let your imagination carry you away with this one.

Voltron is owned and copyrighted by World Event Productions.  All rights reserved.

This story was inspired by the song, "May I Have This Dance" by Scott Krippayne.

"May I Have This Dance?"
A short story fanfic by Adele
Copyright, 2004.

Planet Arus was alive with anticipation, as the picture perfect day, suddenly began to fade, setting the stage for what promised to be an exciting evening.

A Royal Ball was being hosted that evening on Arus...one that was sure to be a gala event.

The guests filed in, one after another into the Royal Ballroom of the Castle of Lions, the scene of an extravaganza that only could be described as fairytale perfection.  Each guest was dressing in his or her personal best. Ladies, decked out in gorgeous evening gowns that shimmered and sparkle, accompanied by their gentlemen escorts, dressed in dinner tuxedo attire that would rival the fashion styles of renown galactic actors and socialites.

And the members of the Voltron Force were also in attendance for the evening.

Lieutenants Lance Andrews, Hunk Simon and Pidge Villatoro, were among the honored guests in attendance at Princess Allura's Royal Ball.  Dressed in their best military swags, the three men casually struck up conversations with invited guests of the Galaxy Alliance.

Also in attendance was Prince Bandor, Crowned Ruler of Planet Pollux, accompanied by his sister, Princess Romelle, and her beloved escort, Commander Sven B'Yourn, formerly, the original Blue Lion pilot, and now, the Captain of the Polluxian Royal Air Command.

Everyone was enjoying food and fellowship, and all were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their hostess...Princess Allura DeVille, herself.

Suddenly, the trumpeters announced her arrival, and all the hustle and conversation seemed to come to an immediate halt, with all eyes now on the main entranceway of the Ballroom. Two very brass young Honor Guards, dressed in the Royal Colors of Arus, bowed formally to the audience, and then, turned and crisply walked over to the main entranceway.  Their white-gloved hands gripped the handles of the large double doors...and the crowd hushed in awe as they began to
open them.

As the doors slowly opened in deliberate showman style, a rousing round of applause broke forth, as Princess Allura entered the room on the arm of her evening escort.

She paused...daintily waving to the enormous crowd before her.  Her smile was brilliant and full of confidence.

The Princess was dressed in a stunning pink satin gown with a well-rounded bell skirt that swept the floor beneath her feet, trimmed with cream-white lace that lined the bottom of the gown, her
neckline and her sleeves at the wrist.  Her astonishing silky-blonde hair hung long down her back and spilled gently across her shoulders to the front of her gown.

Allura proudly smiled, greeting by expression, the hundreds of guests that were in attendance by her invitation.

And she couldn't be more please, being seen in the company of her escort and ever-present protector, Commander Keith Hunter, Leader of the infamous Voltron Force, of which she, herself was a part of.

Keith, dapper in appearance, was dressed in his crisp military Alliance formals.  The Metals of Honor from both the Earth Alliance and Arus, along with his rank's insignia were proudly displayed on his lapel. Every seam was neatly ironed and his hair was styled just right...
fashionably unruly, yet neat and clean.  He was a handsome sight to see.

Keith nodded to Allura, reaching his free hand up to softly cup hers, which had been resting gently in the crux of his elbow.  They looked at each other, conveying messages in silence between them.

It was time to join the crowd.

Together, the two entered the room, walking slowly into the crowd of guests and dignitaries.

As the evening wore on, Keith stood with his companions from the Voltron Force, along with Sven and Princess Romelle, as they all listened to one of Lance's famous, yet ever exaggerated stories.
But Keith's mind was not on the story.  His eyes had found his beautiful princess, as she stood some hundred or so feet across the room, engaged in hearty conversation with members of the Alliance Command.

As Keith watch Allura, his eyes drank in her flowing hair, carefully spread out about her shoulders, acting like a natural blonde shawl, covering her, gently and daintily.  Her lips curved upward into the lovely smile that always seemed to take his breath away.  Her eyes sparkled like two stars in the night sky, beaming brightly for all that had dared to stop and notice them. Unintentionally, she had woven her snare, catching his heart in the midst of it, and locking
it away, without so much as an ounce of protest uttered from the man known for his privacy.

Keith gently and slowly crossed his arms in front of his chest, allowing his thoughts to dwelled on her.  She was beautiful, and much more...and Keith was quite sure that she had no idea what
affect her mere presence had on him. And frankly, it didn't concern him if she did or not.

The one hundred and fifty-piece orchestra played one gentle and serene melody after another. The atmosphere was splendid...just right for dancing.

Pondering a thought that had been pounding on his heart's door like a secret dying to be released, Keith wondered if he should dare go over there...dare to approach her...

He wanted to...but the question was...should he.

Should he dare to ask...no...dare to desire...the honor of sharing a dance with the lovely Princess of Arus...the woman who had invaded his dreams and captured his heart so completely?

As he stood there, quietly debating the issue with himself, he couldn't help but notice how her presence just lit up the entire room.

And as she stood there, talking to the people surrounding her, he could just imagine what they are talking about.  Her single wit and  surpassing knowledge amazed him, each and every time she spoke.  Her words of wisdom go well beyond her years.  The 'inner Allura', that he had grown so fond of, seemed to just bring out the best in so many...especially in him, whenever she is around him.  He paused, grateful that she had come into his life and counted himself fortunate to have the pleasure of her presence to enjoy on a daily basis.

Her personality sparkled...practically shined... from every part of her.

Her determination, though sometimes raw and spontaneous, seemed to pull him deeper toward her. Yes....as he recalled...there had been times when that determination of hers has sparked a few strong disagreements between them.  But in the end, it was that stubborn personality of hers...that, 'stick with it' attitude that is, in essence, who she is...that had somehow caused him to unite with her in her cause. It helped him to understand what her deepest concerns were and what it was that motivated her to do what she does, in just the way she does it.

Allura's love is unconditional...a trait that is sometimes, so hard to find. Her heart has such compassion...compassion beyond measure...and her personality is such, that for anyone she came in contact with, they were kindly welcomed into her world...whether young or old...handicap or what the human race would term as, 'normal'...whatever that was.  There were no 'normal' people in this life, as far as Keith was concerned.  All have been handicapped in some fashion...whether emotional or physical. And she loved them all with her deepest heart. She is a shining example for all to follow.

Why ...even the mice had a place in her heart...just for them.

Allura was a remarkable young woman...alive and vibrant...kind and compassionate...loving and sensitive. Her inner beauty and attraction far surpassed the physical attributes she held. And yet,
all of it had captured Keith's attention...and involuntarily, drew him to fall in love with her.

He wasn't looking for anyone. He never needed love as a primary emotion. Hardening his heart to the sensitive things in life was what he was used to doing.  And he did it well.  But when he first
met Allura...when he first spoke to her...and had a chance to understand her thoughts and feelings and desires...desires for her world and her people... he suddenly found that there was a commonality there... a kindred spirit, perhaps, between them.  And his heart treasured each time he was with her, no matter what the occasion or circumstance.

He knew his place in her life. 

Commander of the Voltron Force...a Lion Knight to the Crowned Princess and the Royal Court of Arus.  He held a high rank of responsibility and was determined not to let her

And...for tonight...it was his dubious honor and extreme pleasure to be her Royal Escort, as her Chief Commanding Officer of the Lion Knights of Arus.

He is her protector...

Her guardian...

Her sounding board...

Her shoulder to cry on...

Her best friend...

And someday perhaps...if he were lucky...the honor of being much more.

Now...about that dance.  After all, it was what had started all of this thinking in the first place.

"You're just stalling, Keith." he suddenly scolded himself.  "Just do it. For crying out loud...it's just a dance!  It's not a marriage proposal!"

Finally deciding, he gathered his courage, straightened out his formals, and then...Keith took in a deep breath of air, as if to draw in a fresh breath of bravery.  He turned to the friends that he was keeping company with, and politely excused himself.

Forcing his feet to move forward, he began to walk across the dance floor, toward the direction where Allura stood, speaking to the various people that surrounded her.

"Who am I?" ....Keith thought of himself, still trying to find a way to talk himself out of what he was about to do.

He knew who he was.  A combat pilot...who was preparing to ask a Royal Princess for a dance. Imagine that!

He refused to give himself credit for being anything more than what he was.  He was nothing special. He was, after all, just a simple pilot...and she, a Royal Princess.  Yet, what was the harm in a simple request for dance...a dance, with someone who was, in his mind, the most beautiful woman in the universe?  And, knowing the Princess as he did, he knew that her thoughts of him were more profound than that

Was she an angel...with hope dancing in her eyes?  Or perhaps, merely a dream in his mind, that became reality for him, miraculously?

No...she was certainly neither of those things.

She was Allura, Princess of Arus...and he counted himself blessed to even be in the same room with her.

As he drew closer to her...his ears
caught the sound of her laugher...
and it was like the sound of a
chorus of angelic voices, united
together in perfect harmony.

"Careful Keith," he warned himself.
"Don't lose your nerve."

As he came to stand next to her, he waited patiently to be recognized by her.  And as their eyes met, it reminded him of the first day of their meeting...when a vision of revelation arose between them, just as it had when he first saw her, descending the staircase in that drafty, war-torn Castle that he first found her in.

Allura smiled sweetly at Keith, and for a moment, he thought to make up a reason for disturbing her. But he had come there for a specific purpose...and he was going to complete his mission.

Bowing before her, Keith swept his right hand up to his chest, covering his heart with the palm of his hand.  As his head tilted back up to meet her approving gaze, he cleared his throat, and in
gentlemanly fashion, he smiled, asking politely, the words he had been dying to ask...

"May I have the honor of this dance, Princess Allura?"

Allura was breath-taken by his charm, beyond what words could describe.

"Yes! I would love to dance with you, Commander Keith!" she replied, bubbling with joy and anticipation.

Allura turned and politely excused herself from the company of her guests.  They nodded in returned, allowing her to go with the handsome Commander of the Voltron Force.

In a gentlemanly manner, Keith extended his right arm toward her...and without hesitation, Allura gently slipped her arm around his, allowing him to lead her, slowly, toward the dance floor.

One by one, the guests whispered amongst each other and the atmosphere suddenly began to charge with a flood of emotions.  Hundreds of eyes followed along, as Keith led his Princess ever
closer to the dance floor.

Word of the goings on reached the
ears of their personal friends,
and they too, quickly rushed to
catch a glimpse of the Keith and
Allura, as they made their way
to the dance floor. Romelle,
Allura's match-making cousin,
rushed to the orchestra, instructing
the conductor to play a simple
tune...a love song...just for the Princess and the Commander.

With eyes aglow, the conductor happily twirled back around and instructed the orchestra of the request. The piano began to play softly...soon being joined by the string section, and then, a light
drum tempo was added as well.

Keith, seeing that the crowd was eagerly waiting for them to begin, chose just the right place to stop. Spinning Allura around gracefully into his embrace, he took hold of her right hand, gently
grasping it with his left. His other hand slipped carefully around her waist, while her other hand glided upward, coming to rest on his shoulder.

He paused...waiting patiently for just the right tempo to begin.  The song was slow and easy...as graceful as the pair that were preparing to dance.  Then...Keith began...gently leading Princess
Allura in an elegant waltz.

Allura's gown twisted and whirled with each turn Keith took with her.  She smiled at him...and once again, Keith found his breath nearly stolen away from him.

Almost immediately, she found his eyes with hers...and allowed them to penetrate her very soul. He had swept her away...and in more ways than with just the dance they were sharing.

Allura admired Keith...nearly worshiped him.  And, sometimes...she found that frightening. How could a man have such a power over her?  But...however it was accomplished...she was unmistakably in his sway.

She knew of the court gossip...knew of the many Castle maids who had a fondness for the dashing young Commander. She imagined the envy that they carried, perhaps even wishing that they could be her...if only for a short time...for the opportunity to spend just five minutes alone in the same room with him.  And she could definitely understand why.

She could swear that sometimes, her own heart would skip a beat at the mere sight of him. In her eyes, his presence commanded great respect, and she desired to give him her complete admiration.

As she gazed into Keith's face, she saw the strength of the man who had carried her through many a crisis. She saw a man...a very attractive man...a man who had taught her so many things. A
private man, whose strength was as evident inward, as it was outward.  He had a quiet gentle spirit. And yet, he was as firm as the strongest rooted tree in the forest.  His loyalty was unquestionable, and the gift of his friendship, as pure gold.

Keith is her teacher...

Her confidant...

Her protector...

Her best friend...

The man, who had proven over and over again, that he would die for her, if necessary.

His voice was unmistakable. She believed him, when he humbly made his vow before her that day in the old Castle, to protect her and her kingdom with all that was within him to do so. And each new day brought a new level of commitment to that promise.

She admired his intellect...his gentle kindness...and his firm devotion. Keith showed her what it meant to never give up...even when things appeared to be at their darkest.

Never give up...and never give in.

As Keith whirled her around once again, she saw the man that she thought she would never find. With the endless parade of, 'Prince Charmings' that had been forcefully introduced to her through the years...she never found any of them, one-tenth of the man that Keith had proven himself to be.

Love was more than physical attraction.  It was more like...knowing how to make love to a woman...without laying a single hand on her.  Keith knew exactly how to do that...and so much more.

Bringing home an occasional flower for her to enjoy. Walks in the garden. Long talks on the balcony at night. Quiet evening dinners, sharing conversation and each other's companionship.

He was respectful of her position as a Royal Princess...and yet, not afraid to take her on in matters where he needed to assert his authority...or his opinion. And she respected him for his honesty.

Keith gently, but firmly, pressed his hand against the small of her back, leading her across the dance floor and past the attentive crowds that were watching them. The two of them moved gracefully together, as if they had been dance partners for ages.

A gentle sigh escaped her. She was drawn to him...drawn by her desperation, and wondering if she deserved the time that he reserved for her, with his friendship and conversation. She didn't wish to
press or pry. His life was his own...and she knew that. And yet, quite by surprise, he made her feel welcomed, opening up his private world to her and allowing her to come in. It was difficult at
first, to become a part of his life. He was reserved, a solitary man, who never asked, nor desired, companionship. But something happened between them that drew them both to each other.


They were kindred spirits...two beings in the same universe that had been separated by space and time...and were somehow brought together by some eternal, yet unexplainable miracle. Now, she couldn't imagine her life without Keith in it. His name was engraved upon her heart and his voice was her sweetest music.

Sometimes...just from across the room, their eyes spoke volumes to each other. She could share her heart...and know that he didn't mind her crying once in a while. Alone with him, she was free to be a woma...just a normal woman.

But in the publics' eye, he was mindful and respectful of her status as Princess of Arus. And he made every effort to honor her publicly, with his humble attitude and respectful behavior. Keith
would never hesitate to challenge anyone who threatened to disrespect her in any fashion.

But that would change in combat. As members of the Voltron Force, he was the Commander...and she, his subordinate. In her role as the pilot of the Blue Lion, she willingly submitted herself to his authoritative leadership, not merely out of necessity...but out of earnest choice and sincere desire.

She knew of his resolve to be the best in whatever his mind was set upon.  And Allura shared in that same resolve. Both were stubborn to the core...and often times, it led to verbal confrontations
between them. But without a doubt...if had to do with her protection and well being...Keith nearly always got his way.  And, she humbly submitted to him in that regard.

Keith turned her around again...and a wave of applause erupted throughout the Ballroom.

Lance, Pidge and Hunk smiled contently, as they watched their Commander-friend, dance with the girl of his dreams. It had been a long time in coming.

Princess Romelle snuggled affectionately up against that man who was her heart's desire...Sven. Her brother, Prince Bandor, stood just to the left of her, in the company of the Arusian Minister of
Affairs and Royal Advisor, Sir Coran Anderson. Coran could see in the eyes of his charge, that even though Keith was not a 'Royal Prince' by stature and birth, there was no doubt that he was
the, 'King' of Allura's heart.

Once again, Keith whirled her around in his arms...and she closed her eyes and smiled, enjoying the feeling of the breeze, flowing through her long hair. She couldn't help but giggle with joyful

They moved as one. And for a moment, Allura entertained the notion of gently laying her head down across his shoulder...even wishing that she could crawl right up inside of his heart and hide herself in there, forever.  But...she realized that his heart had already belonged to her, just from the way he held her during their dance...and she smiled again in the knowing.

How she wished the dance could go on forever...but as all good things do...the song was coming to an end.

As the music came to its conclusion, Keith separated from Allura, bowing to her and paying to her, his most humble tribute.  For her part, she paid him equal tribute and gratitude by curtsying to him, for all to see.

Applause erupted once again, as Keith quickly swept her hand into his...and gently kissed the back of it, bring yet, another bright smile to her face.

"Thank you for the honor, Princess." Keith said to her.

"The honor was all mine, Commander," Allura replied back. "I assure you!"


Now, hours later, the guests had since departed, and the Castle was quiet and calm.  All were asleep, having thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

All...except Allura.

Filled with wonder and excitement
from the dance shared with Keith,
sleep seemed to evade her.

Grabbing her walking robe, she threw
it on herself and exited her chambers,
walking the quiet corridors of the
Castle of Lions.  All was silent...

As she passed Keith's quarters, she paused, laying her hand gently on the door, and thought fondly of the man who was resting within its four walls. Then, she proceeded to make her way to the royal

The air was crisp and clean...a moonlit night. The stars were brighter than she had ever seen them...as they were sharing in her joy. She moved slowly and peacefully through the garden, taking in the sweet fragrance. Her hand brushed against a few of the flowers, and as it did, she could feel the dew that had been resting on them.

She quietly approached a waiting bench, located in the middle of the garden, intending to sit and just breathe in the fresh night air. Perhaps, that might tire her out enough to sleep a few hours before dawn.

When suddenly...she paused in her walk.

Someone was already there!

As she carefully approached the occupied bench, she became keenly aware of whom it was sitting there, alone, among the roses in the garden.

And he heard her approach...and turned his head.

"Princess?" Keith said, somewhat startled by her presence. He quickly rose to his feet and in a whispered voice, he added, "What are you doing up at this hour?"

She smiled, gently clasping her hands together in front of her. "I'm sorry to disturb you, Keith. I couldn't sleep," she replied simply. "So...I thought to come out here for a while."

He smiled with understanding.

"May I join you?" she dared to ask.

"Sure." he replied with a smile, as he stepped aside to allow her to move toward the bench.

He waited for her to take her seat before he resumed his.  Together...the two sat quietly, gazing up into the bright night sky.

"Beautiful." Allura murmured softly.

"Yeah," he said in agreement.

But what he was agreeing to, was beyond her knowing. She referred to the sky.  He however... referred to his midnight companion.

"How long have you been up, Keith?" she ventured to say.

"Actually,...I haven't slept yet." he replied to her.

"Why not?" she asked him.

"Well...I guess I was a bit restless. I thought if I came out here, the air might tire me out." Keith said as he stretched his body out in front of him, and then, quickly relaxed again before returning
his gaze back up to the night sky. A moment of silence passed before he added, "And you?"

"The same." Allura replied back, simply.

"You know...we've got lion practice in a few hours. We both really should try and sleep." Keith said.

"I know." Allura replied. "I've tried...I just can't seem to keep my eyes closed."

"Yeah...I know the feeling."

Quietness fell between them, and the creatures of the night filled the air with their particular brand of music. A thousand thoughts ran through Keith's mind, as he tried desperately not to look at her. His heart beat with the rhythm of a drum in his ears.

So much for sleep tonight!

After several minutes, he suddenly felt her move closer to him...and carefully, she laid her head up against his arm, cuddling closer to him. The feeling of her against him produced an unexplained
weakness in him. What was this power she held over him, he wondered to himself. And yet...he willingly allowed himself to become a slave to it.

Soon...he could hear her breathing becoming steady. He smiled...she had fallen asleep.

Well...at least one of them could.

So there, in the quiet of the night, Keith sat, with the woman of his dreams, sleeping softly beside him on the bench. His heart was so full of joy, that he thought it might burst. What wonderful deed had he done in his lifetime that would merit this type of reward?

It didn't matter...she was here...beside him...and his heart soared through the heavens.

Carefully, he moved her head up from his shoulder, and cradled her in his arms. Then, in a sweeping move, he lifted her up from the bench. She instinctively curled up into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and nestling her face into his thick, black hair that was hanging down about his shoulders.

Her perfume filled his nostrils, threatening to weaken him. But he remained strong, readying himself to carry her out of the garden and back to her chambers.

As he traveled back down the quiet, dark corridor, he thought fondly of the woman he was carrying gently in his arms. He thought of their shared dance this past evening. How good it had felt to be with her. His heart was touched with joy, and he knew it was the reason why he would find no sleep this night. And he gladly welcomed the deprivation.

The door to her chambers slid open quietly, and he turned sideways to enter her room, chuckling to himself at the wayward thought that had passed by his mind's eye...

The Groom, carrying the Bride across the threshold.

Shaking his head, he smiled, as he pushed the thought from his mind.

He entered her bedchamber and proceeded to walk over to the bed.  The covers were already moved down to the end of the mattress, giving him room to easily lay her down.  Keith held his breath, as
he slowly lowered her to the bed. He grabbed the covers and gently pulled them over top of the sleeping Princess.  She curled up into them, unconsciously feeling their warmth.

He dare only spend another moment with her there.  No sense rousing the talk about the Castle, with stories of the Voltron Commander, exiting the Princess's chambers in the dead of night. That was a problem he didn't need to deal with.  She was pure...and he was content in keeping things that way between them.

Keith leaned down and gently planted a kiss atop of her forehead, just above her royal circlet.

"Good night, Princess." Keith said in a whispered voice. "Sweet dreams."

He turned without another thought, and left her chambers in peace.

Now in entering his quarters, only a short distance away...the door closed quietly behind him...and he slid down the length of it to the cool floor below.  Sitting there...he smiled as the thought of the
dance arose in his memory, once again. It had ended hours ago...and yet...

They still were dancing...

The dance of life...

And he hoped in his heart, that the music would never end.