Prince Lotor
Crowned Prince Lotor of Doom
Age: 28

Lotor was born on Planet Doom in 2143.  The exact date is unknown.  He is the son of King Zarkon of Planet Doom.  He was removed from his mother's care and positive influence when he was age 5.  She was quietly banished from Planet Doom at Zarkon's command, thus eliminating her permanently from Lotor's life.

As a result of this mother's removal, Lotor was given to the care of Zarkon's witch, Hagar.  The old witch raised Lotor in the ways of evil.  When Lotor was 16 years old, his father sent him on his first mission: conquer and destroy an innocent planet.  Lotor not only came away with success, but he plundered the villages, bringing the riches back to his father.

Lotor continued to pillage unsuspecting planets in the star system. This kept him away for a few years.  At age 20, he returned to Planet Doom, and was immediately ordered to take command of Zarkon's Doom Forces, replacing Commander Yurak from leadership for the many defeats suffered at the hands of one planet...Arus.

As the new leader of King Zarkon's forces, Prince Lotor devised a plan to conquer Planet Arus and Voltron, by eliminating one of the Voltron's pilots.  He went to Arus, prepared to offer a false solution to the constant warring between Arus and Doom.  It was then that he met Princess Allura for the first time.  She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and his heart instantly was captivated. 

It was then, that he also formed an intense hatred toward the Voltron Commander, Keith Hunter.  In Lotor's eyes, Keith was the only thing stopping him from obtaining Allura for his own.  Keith recognized the evil Prince's intentions, and became all the more determined to protect the Princess from falling into Lotor's clutches.  

Lotor has met with defeat time and time again on Planet Arus, seemingly doing no better than his predecessor, Yurak, mainly because he is consumed with possessing Allura rather than following through with a well thought up plan to defeat Voltron.  It's for this reason, that his plans to conquer Arus often failed. 

It has been suggested that Prince Lotor may feel a strong attraction for Princess Allura, because she may, in some small way, remind him of his mother.  We will never really know what goes on in Lotor's warped mind.

Voltron eventually defeated Lotor, sending his Doom ship to a fiery end.

Lotor was physically disabled in the crash of his ship, loosing his right arm completely, and permanently disfiguring his face.   He blamed Voltron... particularly Voltron's Commander, for the loss of his physical attractiveness.   Lotor was sentenced to prison for life for his war crimes against the galaxy.  He was imprisoned on Bastille 12.  Voltron was retired soon afterward.

His father, King Zarkon, pretended to turn good, after Lotor had turned against him and assumed his throne.  He joined the Galaxy Alliance as a Minister of Peace.  All the while, trying to regain his foothold of the galaxy from inside Garrison Headquarters.  He quietly arranged for Lotor's escape from Bastille 12. 

It was just before his escape that Princess Allura and Commander Keith Hunter joined together with Zarkon, in an attempt to convince Lotor to give up his hidden armada.  Lotor, upon seeing Allura, instantly became enraged...vowing he would possess her.  Keith immediate assumed protection mode, placing himself between Lotor's cell and the Princess.  Lotor was eventually subdued. 

After Lotor's escape, he retrieved Hagar the Witch from the Dream Dimension, recruiting her help to continue his reign of terror. He also retrieved Castle Doom from its hiding place in the Dream Dimension. 

Lotor still continues to strike fear in the hearts of everyone.  Everyone...except Voltron, that is, and its brave pilots, who will not rest until Lotor is safely behind bars once again. 

His character traits:

Evil incarnate, and very vengeful.  Lotor continues to have an intense desire to possess Princess Allura.  He is greedy, selfish, and has a burning unquenchable anger toward Commander Keith Hunter and the rest of the Voltron Force. 

Lotor hates to be told what to do and wastes no time eliminating anyone who gets in his way of conquering the universe.  Has been known to kill anyone who does not conform to his way of thinking.  He dreams of meeting and defeating Keith in a duel to the death...something that appears not likely to happen anytime soon. 

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