Lance Andrews
Lieutenant Commander Lance Andrews
Age: 27

Lance was born on Earth, May 23, 2144.  His father was a military admiral with the defense forces of Earth (not yet officially named the Galaxy Alliance until 2151).  As a result, Lance and his family had to move around a lot.  Along with his mother and father, Lance had two sisters, Rebecca and Susan, and one brother, Dale.   He also had a dog, Champ.

Lance was only a young boy of 9 years, when Zarkon's forces attacked the village he was living in, on Planet Ebb.  Lance was saved from death by his dog, Champ.  He then escaped with his younger sister, Susan, along with several other refugees from Ebb.  His mother, older sister, Rebecca, and brother, Dale, were lost in the raid.  Lance never heard from them again, never knowing if they were killed, or taken prisoner and enslaved on Planet Doom.   Lance's father was on Earth at the time of the raid.

Lance and his sister had a tearful reunion with their father on Earth.  Lance spent much of his time in seclusion after the incident. 

When Lance was 13 years old, his father enrolled him into the Space Academy, desipte his objections.  He was befriended by two young boys there...Keith Hunter and Sven B'Yourn.  As they went through school together, they became known as the "Three Amigos".  They were inseparable friends. 

Unlike his friend Keith, Lance was not very serious with his studies at the academy.  He preferred goofing off and having fun to studying.  His military combat skills were extraordinary, but undisciplined.  He was often reckless in combat simulations, and somewhat of a daredevil.  Keith often tried to get Lance to be more serious, and think about what he was going to do with his life.  Lance, on the other hand, often tried to get Keith to have more fun, and be less of a 'stick in the mud', as Lance would put it.

Lance graduated with honors from the Space Academy, but not as high as he was capable of. After graduation, Lance entered the Garrison Defense Forces, joining his friends, Keith and Sven.  Flying limited combat missions because of his perceived reckless behavior, Lance maintained his expertise using flight simulators...where he was free to be whoever he wanted to be, and do whatever he wanted to do.

He was assigned to his first real mission in 2163, and at age 19, was sent to Planet Arus along with Sven, and his new commanding officer, friend Keith Hunter.  Lance was disappointed at first, feeling that Keith was too stiff for his taste, but soon settled into the idea of having his best friend as his superior officer.  He felt Keith deserved the honor more than anyone did.  Joining him on the mission were new friends, Jonathan "Hunk" Simon, and Pidge Villatoro. 

After a brief encounter with Zarkon's Doom forces, and escaping from Planet Doom, Lance and the other Space Explorers finally arrived on Arus.  Lance instantly felt an attraction to the beautiful Princess Allura who rules Arus, but soon discovered that his friend, Keith, had a growing attraction to her as well, even though Keith himself, would not admit to it. 

The Princess too, appeared to share the same attraction toward Keith.  Lance quickly terminated any feelings for the young princess.

He was quickly appointed pilot of the Red Lion.  Lance also moved up in rank to 2nd in command, and granted the title of Lieutenant Commander, after Sven, who held that position, was gravely wounded by Hagar the Witch.  

After the defeat of Zarkon and Lotor, some three years later, he returned to Earth with his friends.  Sick of the military life, he resigned his position with the Galaxy Alliance, and went to join the air show. 

Decidedly feeling that the air show held no great challenge for his skills, he returned to bother his very stiff friend, Keith.  Stowing away on Keith's shuttle, he suddenly found himself in hot water. as space pirates threatened to destroy the ship that he and Keith were piloting.  Fortunately, Keith had a plan to ditch the pirates and crash land on Planet Arus.

After being reunited with Princess Allura, Lance took his place as pilot of Red Lion once again. He has since signed on as a pilot in the Princess's airforce, and has resumed his position as a member of the Voltron Force. 

His character traits:

Lance has always characterized himself as "lady's man", and has a very inflated ego.  He can also be very sarcastic if the mood strikes him.  Has a very combative nature.  Hates crowded rooms.  Loves being a loner.  He is best friend to Keith, and remains in close contact with Sven.  He is very athletic, and he has a reputation of being a daredevil.  He never rationalizes things, and often, jumps headfirst into a situation without thinking it through.  He often finds himself having to be bailed out of rough spots. 

On a lighter note, he loves to listen to soft music: piano mostly.  He is often caught listening to Princess Allura play quietly in the main hall, most often by his Commander, who himself, has been mutually caught while coming to hear the Princess play. 

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