Commander Keith Hunter  
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Commander Keith Michael Hunter
Age: 27

Born on Planet Earth, November 17, 2144.  As an only child, his grandparents raised him after being orphaned at a young age.  Keith devoted himself to his studies at the academy, earning top honors and graduating top in his class.  Was promoted to the rank of captain at age 19.  Shortly thereafter, he was designated as a group leader, and assigned to Planet Arus, along with four other men under his command. Their assignment was to offer help to the struggling planet, and resurrect the legendary robot, Voltron.  While on route to Arus, they were captured by the evil forces of King Zarkon of Planet Doom, and enslaved. 

After escaping their captors on Planet Doom, Keith and his comrades fled to Arus, where they joined forces with the beautiful Princess Allura and her Chief Magistrate, Coran Anderson.  He becomes captain of the newly dubbed "Voltron Force."  Under Keith's leadership, he and his four comrades defeat the attacking forces of Planet Doom, and assist in the rebuilding of Planet Arus.

Keith later trained the Princess to become the pilot of Blue Lion, replacing one of his injured men, Sven B'Yourn.  He also trained her to pilot the Black Lion, in the event that he would be called to return home by the Alliance.

Three years after they first arrived on Arus, Keith and the remaining Space Explorers were recalled by Galaxy Garrison back to Earth.  With the defeat of King Zarkon and his son, Prince Lotor, Voltron was retired once again.  Keith began to teach on a limited basis at the academy, while continuing his military duties on Earth.  He was promoted to the position of Senior Commander, First Class, approximately two years later. 

As time passed, Keith often found himself thinking about the beautiful Princess he had left behind on Arus.  She was never far from his thoughtsor his heart.

At age 27, Keith was recalled to duty on Planet Arus, after Prince Lotor had escaped his imprisonment from Bastille 12.  He rejoined Princess Allura, and reassembled his original team once again to reactivate Voltron.

Keith is still presently assigned to the service of Planet Arus and the Royal House of Arus.  He remains the Commander of the Voltron Force, and the pilot of the main robot lion, Black Lion. 

His character traits:

Careful and cautious: Doesn't like to jump into anything without a plan of action.  Keith is kind and compassionate, but firm and levelheaded.  Has a strong sense of duty, and is honor-bound to his service of Princess Allura and her planet.  He also has very strong feelings of affection for the young Princess of Arus, but keeps them in check for the sake of the team, and the Princess.  Keith keeps to himself, and often times, bottles up a lot of his emotions.  He is adamant about protecting those he loves: especially the Princess. He places the needs of his team above his own.  He is highly intelligence and highly skilled.  He also has a great sense of humor.  Enjoys swimming, working out, and reading.  He is an avid fan of Shakespeare.  He also enjoys horseback riding, and particularly enjoys watching over Princess Allura.  He dislikes Lotor and swears with his life to protect Allura from any evil that may come up against her.  He's above all, a gentleman. 

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