"I Know Him
By Heart"

A Keith/Allura short story fanfic
Copyright, 2006
By: Adele


This little story is based on the song that has just captured my heart . . .

The song is called, "I Know Him By Heart", Composed by John Vezer and Paul Williams, and performed by Vonda Shepard on the album "Heart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard"

The song was introduced to me by Kelly (AlluraBlue)

*waves to Kelly*  ^_^

I have been so captivated by this song . . . the writing muse struck me fast and furious.  Please see the lyrics below, with the story to immediately follow.

. . . and Kelly . . . I believe with you.  ^_~

Relative Disclaimers:  Voltron and its characters are property, copyright and trademark of World Event Productions.  All rights reserved.

Enjoy everyone!


There's a secret path I follow
To the place no one can find,
Where I meet my perfect someone
I've kept hidden in my mind.
While my heart makes my decisions
'til my dream becomes a vision
and the love I feel
may seem real some day.

'Cause I know he's out there somewhere
just beyond my reach,
'though I've never really touched him
Or ever heard him speak.
'Though we've never been together,
We've never been apart.
No, we've never met,
Haven't found him yet,
But I know him by heart.

Am I living in illusion,
Wanting something I can't see?
If I compromise, I'd be living lies,
Pretending love's not meant to be.
'Cause I know my heart's worth saving,
and I know that he'll be waiting.
So I'll hold on
And I'll stay strong 'til then.

(Repeat Chorus)

No we've never met,
Haven't found him yet,
But I know him by heart.


"I Know Him By Heart."
By: Adele

The quiet sunset was slowly bathing the horizon with its fading orange and red hue, while a graduating blue stretched itself up toward the heavens; the stars now beginning to peek out, greeting the fast approaching evening.

Allura, Princess of Arus, stood at the
threshold of the team's Rec Room
balcony, watching the sun bid its fond
farewell for yet another day, yielding
its place in the sky to the emerging
moonrise.  Her thoughts had centered
around one young Commander; her
ever-watchful Black Lion Knight . . .


It had been nearly a year since he and his friends had arrived on  Arus, and since that time, he had somehow established his place within her heart.

But in all honesty . . . her surrender had been complete, long before the two had ever met.

Her eyes glanced to the left and slightly upward . . . falling upon the Lion Monument . . . the resting- place of the Black Lion ship. Keith's ship . . .

Allura smiled, giggling inwardly at the ocean of secrets her heart had kept.  The first time . . . the very first time she caught a glimpse of the dashing young man with long ebony locks and mysterious dark eyes . . . her heart knew him.  Her heart inwardly
sang the moment she saw him, standing at the bottom of the main hall staircase . . . spear in hand . . . determined gaze upon his furrowed brow.

His eyes met hers . . . and there actually seemed to be a sort of . . . dawning recognition in his careful stare.  Whatever it was that had struck him, she was sure she didn't know.  But as for her, she knew him by heart.

Reflecting on the many lonesome years . . . living alone and isolated, with only the comfort of her Royal Advisor . . . her governess, for a time anyway . . . and of course, her ever present and faithful friends, the mice . . . Allura longed for someone to
love her . . . to know her, as she knew him.

And in her mind's eye, she would visit with her 'perfect someone' often in her daydreams.  She knew he was out there . . . somewhere . . . longing to find her, as much as she longed to find him.

She didn't know his name . . . she couldn't even see his face . . . had never even heard his voice . . . but her heart knew him clearly.  And every night, when Allura would close her eyes, praying for someone to help her in the midst of her trial and circumstance . . . there he was . . . her hero . . . her champion . . . the champion of her heart's desire.

. . . and there, she knew him by heart.

Allura had often wondered if she were living an illusion.  Could there be such a man out there . . . especially for her . . . just waiting to discover her?

No . . . it was no illusion.  She knew she loved him . . . deeply loved him . . . And although she had never met him, that fact was inconsequential to her.

Whoever he was . . . he was out there somewhere . . . just beyond her reach . . . and yet, he was never parted from her.  That . . . was then.


She startled . . . just as a child, being caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

"Did I startle you?"

Allura turned toward the balcony opening, and there, she found Keith, standing there, looking at her . . .

She flashed him a whimsical smile.  "Not really.  I knew you were there."

The stanch Commander of Voltron leaned up against the door's frame, crossing his arms over his chest.  "I see," was his smirking reply.  "Well, I just came by to tell you that everything went well today at the orphanage."

"I'm sorry I couldn't attend with you and the boys." Allura confessed.  "Sometimes, Royal duty keeps me from doing the very things I so treasure in life."

"Well . . . the kids missed you, that's for sure." Keith added quietly, now casting his gaze to the floor of the balcony.

"I know," she mused in reply.  "They're darling, aren't they?"

Keith nodded slowly before returning his gaze to meet hers.  "We all . . . missed you."

"Oh," she softly uttered.  "Well, I certainly missed all of you as well."

"Umm . . . well, I---suppose I'd better get back to my duties." Keith said to her.  "I've got that report to write up yet for GG . . ."

"Could you stay, Keith?" Allura suddenly spoke up, beckoning him to stay with her eyes.  "Its a lovely sunset . . . one worth sharing with . . . someone . . . special."

His eyebrow rose slightly . . .

"Sure," was his reply.  "I'd---I'd love to."

Keith's arms unfolded as he walked over to where she stood.  He leaned up against the balcony's ledge, crossing his arms in front of him in doing so.  The evening breeze flowed through his unruly hair with careless abandon.  He closed his eyes, taking in a deep, refreshing breath of air into his lungs.

"Ahhh . . ." he sighed audibly.  "This is nice.  Just to relax for a minute."

"You should afford yourself a break from time to time, Commander." Allura smiled at him.  "You push yourself much too hard."

"Its the way I am, Princess." Keith said in reply. "But . . . I'll admit . . . its nice to do every once in a while."

She nonchalantly inched closer toward him.  "Relaxing looks good on you."

"I suppose," Keith answered.  "But with Doom's forces always threatening to take us down . . . 'once in a while' relaxation is about all I can spare."

"You run yourself ragged." she commented.

"I operate best on 'ragged mode'." he chuckled.

She laughed, despite the fact that she wanted to counter him somehow.  "Well, there's no changing your mind once you've made it up.  I've learned that of you, Keith Hunter." He hummed softly, grinning a bit.  "So you've noticed."

The air grew quietly between them . . .

And after a few minutes of silence . . .

"Well, it's getting late.  And I have that report to run." Keith finally said, breaking the spell of silence between them.

"Yes---yes of course." Allura replied.

"Good night, Princess."

"Good night, Keith."

As Keith reached the doorway, he paused . . . and then uttered,

"Say . . . I've uhhhh-- been meaning to ask.  Would you like to go horseback riding? --- Tomorrow, maybe?"

Allura turned around to look at him . . . her face now glowing as brightly as the rising moon over the horizon.  "I'd love to, Keith. Thank you for asking."

"Good.  I'll touch base with you later on."

"That will be fine, Keith."

"See ya later."

"Yes," she replied with a smile.  "See you later."

As the Voltron Commander disappeared back into the Castle of Lions, Allura turned back around to enjoy the remaining remnants of the sunset . . . and all the while her heart was smiling.

Thinking fondly of the mysterious man with dark smoldering eyes . . . the man she had only begun to know . . . Allura sighed contently, now closing her eyes to daydream in the cool of the evening breeze.

And still . . . she knew him . . . by heart.

   The End