Lieutenant Jonathan "Hunk" Simon 
Age: 29

Jonathan Simon, "Hunk", as his friends know him by, was born in the Martian colonies on June 10, 2142.  He was born to Jason and Maria Simon.  His parents left Earth to settle on Mars, and raise a family.  Hunk has two other sisters, Angela and Tori. 

Hunk left the Martian colonies and enlisteddin the Space Academy at age 12.  He was often picked on for his size and his ability to eat most people under the table.  But Hunk was no one to mess around with.  He was more than capable of taking care of himself.  An expert in martial arts, Hunk taught martial arts classes on the side, in an effort to earn more money that would help pay his academic tuition.

Hunk graduated with honors in combat skill and martial arts.  His mother, sadly, didn't live long enough to see his military accomplishments.  She passed away just one week before graduation.  Hunk missed his graduation ceremony to attend his mother's funeral, and help his father and sisters square away her estate. 

Hunk returned to Earth and enlisted into the Garrison Defense Forces, where he met and befriended Pidge Villatoro, a very extraordinary young boy with intelligence far surpassing most scholars. 

Hunk was ordered to join a space exploration to Arus, where once there, he became part of the original Voltron Force, and the pilot of Yellow Lion. 

After the defeat of King Zarkon and his evil son, Prince Lotor, Hunk returned to Earth with the rest of his team.  He continued to work at Alliance Headquarters for four years, after which, he was reassigned, to a science planet for exploration research.  Hunk was very handy in repair and upkeep of many different kinds of robotic equipment.  His strength made him a wise selection for the position.  He soon met up with his friend, Pidge, who had already been assigned to the science planet.

Hunk returned to Arus with Pidge, after an invitation from Princess Allura to rejoin the Voltron Force.  Not resisting the urge to help the beautiful Princess, he immediately returned with Pidge for Arus. 

Hunk took his place once again, as pilot of Yellow Lion.

His character traits:
Hunk loves to eat!  He is very compassionate, and very protective of the Princess.  He loves spending time with children.  He gives a lot of his off-duty time to play with the nearby village children on Arus.  He often has to be pried away from them to attending less important matters such as: team meetings and defending Planet Arus from evil.

Hunk loves to play football, and loves to sleep.  Did I mention that Hunk loves to eat?

Hunk Simon
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