Hagar the Witch
Hagar the Witch
Age: Unknown

It is not known when Hagar was born.  She is several hundred years old.  Her planet is in another dimension.  Very little is known about her.  There is one burning event that took place in her life, causing her to eventually turn to evil.

Hagar was once a beautiful, young woman.  She ventured out and came to stay on Planet Arus...many years ago during the reign of King Alfor, before he met and married his Queen, Angelica Camille.

Alfor met Hagar one afternoon when he was on a hunting trip.  An accident occurred that could have ended the King's life.  While hunting, the King fell into a deep pit that was undoubtedly dug by a villager who was attempting to capture wild game.   The King was injured when he fell.  As nightfall approached, the injured King regained consciousness, and weakly cried out for help.  But he had left the castle without an escort, and no one knew where he had gone.   

Alfor began to go into hypothermia as the cold night air took its toll on the helpless king.  As he continued to cry out, Hagar happened to be nearby, and using her magic, got him out of the pit and brought him back to the Castle of Lions. 

Hagar assisted in nursing the King back to health at his insistence.   The two became inseparable, and soon fell in love.  The people of Arus, however, didn't share their King's heart for Hagar, and spurned her as a possible selection for Queen.

The public outcry was so great, that Alfor had to abandon his love for Hagar.  Eventually, she was asked to leave Arus.  She did, reluctantly.

Heart-broken, Hagar wondered around the galaxy until she met up with King Zarkon of Planet Doom.  The evil king convinced Hagar to throw her hat in with him.  He was eventually able to turn her over to evil.  When this happened, Hagar's heart turned cold, and she grew as ugly as her heart had grown.

When Zarkon challenged King Alfor to a battle in the Valley of Zohur, on Planet Arus, Hagar was brought along to help Zarkon...and help, she did.  Alfor was shocked to see Hagar once again, and anguished at what she had become.  While in the process of distracting Alfor, Zarkon delivered a devastating blow with his sword, ending the life of the Arusian King. 

Hagar was sad as she gazed at her fallen love.  But she convinced herself that his demise could have been avoided, if only he hadn't pushed her love away. 

Hagar continued to serve King Zarkon and later, Prince Lotor, using her talents for evil.  She retreated to the Dream Dimension, taking Castle Doom with her, when Voltron defeated the Forces of Doom.

She remained there for nearly five years, reliving her fallen life, and wishing that things had turned out differently. 

Hagar still serves Prince Lotor and his evil desires.  She still creates Robeasts, and still reeks havoc wherever she goes.

Her character traits:

Hagar is as ugly inside as she is outside.  She is selfish, but devoted to her Prince.  She will do whatever she is told to do...especially if it promises to bring her power.  She hates Princess Allura, primarily because she reminds her too much of Alfor. 

Her crowning achievement was when she successfully injured Blue Lion's Sven B'Yourn, causing a weakness in Voltron's effectiveness...even if it was for only a fleeting moment.

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