Happy Birthday, Keith
   Copyright  © 2002    
Adele M. Previte
It's Commander Keith's birthday!  And the Princess is preparing to celebrate it with her friends of the Voltron Force!  She's planning a birthday party that's sure to be a hit with everyone!

Everyone...except Keith, maybe...

All Keith wants to do, is find a nice, quiet place to hide!  He decides that in honor of his birthday, he'd treat himself to a day off and do something he doesn't often allow himself to do.... relax!

But a strange and mysterious happening interrupts his new found peace and quiet, as he rescues a young woman, who has fallen into the river. 

And now...she's falling for Keith too! 
Or...is she???

But something about this girl bothers Allura. 
Is it mere jeolousy, or something more...  something potentially dangerous?

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