"Happy Birthday, Keith."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 31
Time to Move On

Lance tapped Keith on the shoulder, rousting him from the slumber that had finally made its way to him.

Keith sat up quickly, rubbing his face with his hands, and taking a large inhale of breath.

"What time is it?" Keith asked groggily.

"It's morning, by my watch." Lance smiled. "Time for school, Keithie!"

"Keithie?" Keith repeated. "Yeah, right!"

Keith stretched his body from side to side, attempting to awaken his senses.  Then he looked at Lance. "Everything alright?"

"Yep, just I thought you said you wanted to get under way at 07:00 hours. Well, that's the time, boss." Lance smiled. 

"I'm beat, Lance..." Keith said, stretching once again.

"Yeah, me too." Lance confessed, rubbing his eyes as well. "You think we're gonna get off of this flying doom tub?"

"We're going to try." Keith replied. "Pidge, Sven and Hunk are still out there.  But I don't dare risk trying to contact them...even in code.  We'll be discovered.  Lotor's security will pick up our location through our COM signals, and considering the fact that we're still here, undisturbed, tells me that Lotor's goons lost track of our whereabouts.  And I'd like to keep it that way."

"Yeah, you know it.  We'd be prisoners by now...or worse... if he knew where we were hiding. So I guess that means we're all alone here, huh?" Lance said.

"Yeah, that's what it means." Keith affirmed as he turned to Allura, who was still asleep. Keith began to speak in whispers. "We've got to get her out of here.  I think I've come up with a plan, but it's risky."

"Shoot!" Lance said, waiting for Keith to reveal his plan to him. "I'm in to risky!  It's my middle name!  Just hammer me with the details, Keith!"

"I've been looking at these boxes of stuff all around us.  I decided to open one up, just out of curiosity, and guess what I found inside?" Keith said.

"I'm all ears," Lance replied with a sneaky looking smile.

"I found the hollowed out shells of what are supposed to be robot guards.  This cargo hold is a storage area for the parts of Lotor's Doom robot guards.  Come here, I'll show you!" Keith said as he rose to his feet, followed by Lance.

Keith grabbed the box that he had opened during his last watch.  He opened it up again and pointed down inside. "Look here," he pointed.

Lance leaned down to examine the pieces inside. "Hey!  There are whole body parts here! We could make ourselves up to look like part of Lotor's goon squad!  Then we can walk right out of here!"

"My plan exactly!" Keith smiled. "If we look like part of Lotor's Doom guards, we can walk freely among them, then, over to a space portal, and right out of here to freedom!"

"Awesome!" Lance replied. "Go tell Allura!"

"Right.  I'll get her up, and you start digging through this stuff.  Get together three full uniforms." Keith directed.

"Gottcha!" Lance replied with a mock salute, then sat down and started probing for parts.

Keith walked over to where Allura was sleeping peacefully.  She had not stirred again since he had tucked her in the last time.

He almost hated to wake her up...she really had a lot of sleep to catch up on.  But they needed to get underway.

There was a critical survival factor to be aware of...no food or water.  Without either, it would be just a matter of time before they would all become too weak to continue.  They weren't going to be able to survive much longer without the basic needs being satisfied.

Which made escape all-the-more imperative.

Keith knelt down by Allura's side and gently shook her shoulder. "Princess...Princess, wake up."

Allura stirred and yawned tiredly, blinking her eyes several times to focus in on the person right above her.  When she had blinked the sleep from her eyes, she sat up and greeted her Commander.

"Keith..." she yawned.

"We're getting out of here." He affirmed.

Allura smiled as she sat up "You've found a way out!  I knew you would!"

"Come on, I'll explain." Keith said, reaching his hand out toward her to help her up.

And she once again accepted his help willingly.

Several minutes later, Lance proudly rose to his feet, pointing out the job well done. "Okay, three Doom Goon suits, ready for action!"

"Nice work, Lance!" Keith praised his teammate. "Okay, let's get this stuff on and see how we look."

"Keith, do you think this is going to work?" Allura asked.

"Only one way to find out!" Keith replied, grabbing a piece of the armored shell. "Put it on and lets see how far we get!"

"Can't hurt," Lance shrugged his shoulders. "What's the worst that can happen?  We get caught by Lotor!"

"Or, if we do nothing, we'll dehydrate and starve to death." Keith added. "Which do you prefer?"

"So, we have really nothing to lose." Allura agreed.

"Right.  If this doesn't work, we're as good as dead...one way or the  other." Keith replied.