"Happy Birthday, Keith."

Story by Adele
Story Copyright 2002
A story based on the series, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"

The characters of Voltron are the property of World Event Productions.  All other characters are the copyright of Adele.  Please do not use them without asking for permission.  Thank you.


Chapter 27
Accelerated Trip

Pidge scratched his head as he went over the computations that his computer had generated. Everything looked correct for a hyperspace vector jump.  But one wrong computation could overshoot the lions' trajectory by hundreds of light-years.  The calculations had to be
absolutely perfect.

"Well Pidge?"
Keith asked anxiously.
"Can we do it?"

"Yeah, I think so, Commander,"
Pidge replied, his voice sounding a bit
unsure. "I'm just worried about
the course setting. Without a verification
of where we're going... we're making a big guess at
this. I just hope Blue Lion knows where we're going."

"Me too," Hunk replied.

"If we don't try this, Allura
will be forced to marry Lotor!
And that's a marriage that the
universe doesn't need to endure!"
Lance pointed out. "Keith's right!
We've got to do this! No choice here!"

"Look, I know we're all not too
keen on the idea of darting out
into space without a clear-cut path.  But Lance is right.  If we don't try it, we'll be too late to save the Princess!" Keith added. "We've got to try it!"

"I've based the computations on Blue Lion's course trajectory gage.  I'm hoping that the Princess knows where she's leading us." Pidge thought aloud.

"Trust the lions, Pidge." Keith replied. "They know where she is!"

"Hope you're right, Commander." Pidge added. "Because if you're not..."

"I know I am!" Keith said confidently. "Prepare for hyperspace flight!"

The robot lions moved in
close to each other. 

The force of the hyperspace jump
would keep them together.
Blue Lion would lead the way.

Keith took a deep breath, and
then called out to his team through the

"Are we set?" he asked.

"Green Lion ready, Commander!" Pidge replied.

"Red Lion ready here, Keith!" Lance said.

"Yellow Lion's all set!" Hunk added.

"Blue Lion, ready to take the lead!" Sven said.

"Okay team, let's go get our Princess back!
Prepare for hyperspace on my mark...in
five...four...three...two...one... NOW PIDGE!"
Keith shouted.

Inside Green Lion, Pidge sent
a signal through the computer,
to be picked up by all of the robot lion ships. 
The signal would activate the dyno-therms to
into high gear, creating a wormhole effect that the lions would be drawn into.

Space began to shift violently in front of the five robot lions.  A twirling hole appeared...almost like a ripe in the space fabric.  The lions started to move quickly toward it.

"Keith, I'm being pulled into it!" Hunk shouted.

"Me too!" Lance said, straining to try to control Red Lion.

"Let it go, guys!" Keith ordered. "The hole is drawing us inside deliberately.  That's what's going to take us through space in lightening speed!"

"Yeah, on the other side of the hole, we should find Lotor's Castle Doom!" Pidge replied.

"We hope," Lance said pessimistically.

"Listen, we all have to try to be positive!  The Princess's freedom is at stake here!" Hunk said, jumping in to defend Keith's idea. "If we don't, you're address will be the new Planet Doom, formerly known as Planet Arus!"

"Hunk's right," Keith agreed. "I'm not letting Lotor carry through with his plans to marry Allura, or to take over Planet Arus!"

"Keith...sensors indicate the vortex is maturing!"
Pidge interrupted.  "We're all being sucked in
at a more accelerated rate.  Impact with
the vortex in 20 seconds."

"Alright team, we do this for the Princess!"
Keith rallied.

"FOR THE PRINCESS!" the other four men shouted through the COM.

One by one, the robot lions lined up, being drawn into the unknown vortex.  Blue Lion led the way, followed by Black, Green, Red and Yellow Lions.  The vortex swallowed them up one by one, until there was no longer any trace of them.

Inside Green Lion, Pidge struggled to focus in on the controls.  The shifting of space made it near impossible to see clearly.  Everything was out of focus...

"Keith!" Pidge shouted "I can't seeeeeee whereeee we're goingggg!"

"Meeee either" Lance stuttered as well.

"Juuuuust hangggg onnnn teeeeammmm!" Keith stuttered back.

The force of the vortex tossed them around like an angry whirlwind.  It was all that Keith could do to keep himself from vomiting.  The spinning was making his stomach churn.  He swallowed hard several times to keep from regurgitating.

"Heeeeyyyy evvvverrrryyyyoneeee" Pidge shouted. "IIII....seeee
lightttt  ahead!"

Keith struggled to look forward, and as he did, he saw Pidge was
right. They were reaching the end. "Hangggg....onnnn...almostttt
outttttt!" Keith shouted.

Suddenly, it was as if the amusement park ride had come to an end.   Slowly, the feeling of being spun around like a top out of control came to an end.

Then, as the vortex dissipated, the lions came to an abrupt halt in mid space, shaking the five pilots around in their cockpits.

But they had made it.

Once Keith regained his senses, he immediately began giving orders.  "Pidge!  Sensor sweep! What's out there?"

Pidge took off his helmet to get at his glasses, removing them, in order to rub his eyes for a moment.  Replacing them back on his face and then putting his helmet back on, he immediately carried out his Commander's order.

"Scanning..." Pidge replied.

Green Lion turned slowly toward Blue Lion, who was starting to move forward involuntarily. But Blue Lion only moved a few hundred feet before coming to a standstill.  Sven found it peculiar.

"Keit...Blue Lion jist stopped.  It's not moving forward anymore." Sven reported, checking his instrument gages.

"Commander," Pidge reported. "I have a fix on the Castle Doom flying fortress!  It's dead ahead, 600 parsecs from this location."

From inside of Red Lion, Lance shook his head in amazement.  "I'll...I'll be darn! It worked!  It actually worked!"

"Are we out of their scanner range?" Keith asked his computer genius.

Pidge hesitated for a moment... and then said, "Yes...just barely though."

"Good work, Pidge!" Keith commended him.

"Okay, so we're here." Lance asked. "So what's the plan?"

"The plan is that two of us are going to jet over there, sneak into the fortress, and rescue the Princess." Keith replied. "Lance, you up to it?"

"To getting killed, you mean?" Lance replied, before he thought better of it. "Aw, what the heck!  Lotor's in for a few bruises.  It might even be fun!  Okay!  Count me in!"

"But won't you guys be detected as you jet over to the Castle?" Hunk asked.

"Nope," Pidge replied to his friend. "They're too small to be detected.  Their scanners aren't designed to pick up an object of  their size."

"Okay, the rest of you stay here out of range of their scanners.  We'll be back as soon as we can...with the Princess!" Keith affirmed.

"Shouldn't you take one more of us along...just in case?" Hunk asked.

"No," Keith replied. "The less of us around, the less chance we have of being detected."

"I'm ready, Keith." Lance affirmed.

"Okay, let's move out." Keith replied, placing his lion on autopilot, and grabbing his blaster from the weapon's cabinet as he walked by.

He prepared his lion helmet for deep space, and the protective shield slid down over his face. He then placed a tank of air on his back, and then grabbed an extra one for the Princess.  He also grabbed another of his spare spacesuits for her as well.  She would need it in order to protect herself from the ice coldness of space.

The hatch on Red Lion's cockpit door opened, releasing its pilot into space.  Lance darted out to meet Keith, who had also ejected himself from Black Lion.

Together, both men began to dart out toward the direction of Castle Doom.

Keith hailed his remaining teammates.

"Okay guys, maintain radio silence.  Don't give us away, because any communication you do once we've penetrated their scan area, could serve to help get us discovered." Keith warned. "They could easily piggy-back the signal and trace it back to us."

"Check, Chief!" Hunk replied. "Over and out!"

Keith and Lance zoomed their way through space, toward Castle Doom, which was now just hovering around in space.