"What the Future Holds"
Copyright © 2002
Adele M. Previte

   Written by Adele M. Previte
Table of Contents
The Aftermath
What would you do if a critical decision you made cost the life of someone dear to you?  This is exactly what happens in: "What the Future Holds"..

Commander Keith finds himself torn apart, when a command he had given cost the life of Arus's ruler and Blue Lion pilot, Princess Allura.  Now, he relives that decision over and over again.   His agonizes over his mistake...and wishes he could do something to change what has happened.

But how can the past be changed?
Keith, recalling the past
The Plan Goes Wrong
Back to Present Thoughts
another discovery
Keith...Gone Crazy?
Operation:  Save the Princess
Reset the Clock, Redo the Past

It all begins...again
The Black Lion Moves In
Only Time Will Tell
Living in the Past
Once again...
The Promise Revealed
“Dream-State” Intruder
A Black Day for Wedding Bells
Welcome Back, Sven!
Unhappy Bride
Search for Allura
Here Comes the “Unhappy” Bride
A Little Help from Friends
The Time Travelers
Back to Arus of Old
Preparing for the Future
Keith and Allura
The Final Farewell
What the Future Holds
"Andretta, created by Amber
created by Sheila Bliss