A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


What had come before....

Allura rushed into his arms once again.  He quickly surrounded her with his embrace.

"I wish you stay and see to that duty yourself." Allura whispered into his ear.

He could hear the tears in her voice suddenly...and just as suddenly, they began to come to his eyes too.

"If only there were a way." Keith replied softly.  He quickly kissed her on the forehead. "I'm sorry...please, forgive me!"

He then tore himself free of her and ran straight for the waiting transport.  Stunned, Allura stood still, watching Keith run in to the transport.

She was losing him...

And there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"Keith...I'll always love you." Allura wept in a whispered voice.  "If things were different...I wish I could tell you forever that I love you.  What will I do without you?"

The humming of the engines began to turn into a roar.  The suddenly rushing energy of the engines began to kick up dirt and dust, carrying it through the air.  Allura shielded her face with her hand, while she stood silently, as she watched the craft begin to lift off into the air...carrying away the only man she ever will love in her entire life.

Keith sat at the rear window of the transport...watching Allura...seeing her face...her expression of profound sorrow...as the ship slowly began to lift off of the ground.

"Goodbye, Princess Allura." Keith sobbed quietly.  "I'll never forget you... and if nothing else...I'll remember...us...the way we used to be...the way we could have been."

Allura watched from the ground as the ship suddenly ascended upward...until if finally dipped into a cloud...completely out of sight...for good.

Suddenly overwhelmed, Allura crumbled to the ground.

First...her father's mysterious disappearance.

Now...Keith was gone...never to return.

She felt so lost suddenly... lost and alone.



Chapter 1
Another Angry Confrontation

Lance received word that Princess Allura was looking for him and that he had been summoned to her throne room.  He had been waiting for this. He instinctively knew what it was about...and he didn't like it...not one bit.

The rumor had been sailing around the Castle since yesterday, when Keith left...

Allura was taking command of the Voltron Force, by virtue of her knowledge of Voltron and of her working knowledge and operation of the Black Lion…the main lion of Voltron.

The thought of a girl in charge burned angrily within Lance for some unexplained reason. He wasn't sure why he was angry...with her or with Keith. There were unexplained feelings that had been surfacing in his heart...and the more he tried to sort through them, the more
he got angry.

So, he decided not to try to figure them out.

But he had thought that with Keith's departure, he would be the next one in line for his job. After all, he was Keith's second in command of Voltron.

But with the rumor mill as it was in the Castle, word came to him, by way of a friendly kitchen contact, that the Princess was taking the vacated job. No discussion...no conversation about it, whatsoever.

And with that...Lance marched his way to Allura's throne room, where he had been summoned to go to meet with her.

He was going to give her a piece of his mind that she wouldn't soon forget!


The two guardsmen that had been guarding the entranceway to the Royal throne room had stepped aside, allowing Lance admittance.

As he walked through the enormous room, he began to think of how much of the Castle was simply wasted space...how much could have been used for something else, other than endless empty rooms without occupants.

Lance suddenly paused in his thoughts...wondering why he was even thinking about this now, since it never seemed to bother him before.  But it bothered him now.

Allura was seated on her throne,
with Coran going over paper reports
with her.  She was dressed in her
familiar long pink gown...the one she
favored the most.

"You summoned me, Princess?"
Lance said in a somewhat sarcastic
tone of voice, as he stepped up to the
bottom of the stairs that lead to the throne.

Allura placed the papers down in her lap. "Yes, Lance. Thank you for coming." Allura replied. "Coran and I have been going over some detailed reports on the G'Donar-Doom activity in our sector."

"Yes...and we have come to believe that Arus is the single target." Coran added.  "I have received intelligence reports from other planets in our quadrant.  There appears to be no sign of any  threatening attacks on any of the other planets in the quadrant."

"So?" Lance replied.

"So...we feel that Lotor's main objective is to capture Arus and commandeer Voltron." Allura said.

"And you're surprised at this, Princess?" Lance snorted. "Come on!  That's been his main objective since day one!  What's new about that?"

"What is new, is that Planet Arus is now at a disadvantage!" Coran said in a raised tone of voice.  "With only four active pilots, there are only four active parts of Voltron.  We must be vigilant in our efforts to protect our world, until we can train a new pilot to take over."

"Which lion?" Lance said suddenly.

"Which lion, what?" Coran asked.

"Which lion does the newbie get?" Lance repeated.

Allura and Coran exchanged glances for a moment, then, Allura rose to her feet.

"I will be taking command of Voltron." She said firmly.  "And I'll be operating the Black Lion."

"I figured this was coming!" Lance snorted.

"I beg your pardon?" Coran said.

"Yeah...I've already caught wind of this information from some of the servants!" Lance replied, shuffling his feet back and forth while looking at the ground.  "Just what makes Allura more qualified to lead?  I'm the one with the military training!"

"Yes, but the Princess has been well trained by Commander Keith." Coran replied. "Additionally, she has been certified as a qualified Alliance pilot by the Galaxy Garrison."

"Yeah...well the rest of us had a hand in that too, ya know!" Lance grunted. "Besides, being certified to fly doesn't make you a certifiable military leader!"

"True, but the Princess possesses knowledge regarding the operation of the main Black Lion." Coran volleyed back.  "That, along with her expertise as a royal leader gives her an advantage."

"Which I don't have... is that it?" Lance asked.

Allura suddenly intervened. "Lance...I'm not saying that you're not capable of leading.  I'm only saying that right now, we're in a life and death struggle and we need the best possible plan of action in place...as quickly as possible...for the safety of the people."

"And you being the leader is the best plan of action?" Lance asked again, his tone now obviously sarcastic.

Allura frowned. "As Princess of Planet Arus, it is my duty to protect my people, by using every option available to me.  I feel, based on my experience and knowledge of the Black Lion, that I am the most qualified to operate it. And being the leader of my planet
gives me the experience that I would need to make command decisions.  Its something I do on a regular basis."

"Oh, sounds like you've got it all figured out, don't you, Princess?" Lance snorted. "Keith's only gone one day, and you just can't wait to take his place!"

"Lance, I'm more qualified to operate the Black Lion.  It's as simple as that." Allura volleyed back.

"I'm not talking about what lion to fly," Lance replied to her.  "I'm talking about being leader! Who cares what lion you pilot!  Pilot the Green one, for all I care!  I want to know what qualifies you to be leader over me, a guy who was trained by the alliance and who is the second in command of Voltron!  I'm the next in line, rightfully!"

Coran interjected his thoughts,  "Since you have asked...to put it bluntly...I believe that your temper disqualifies you for the position."

"My temper?" Lance suddenly shouted.  "There's nothing wrong with my temper!"

"Your forthcoming response is a perfect example to what I am referring to." Coran replied, staunchly. "You anger easily...you make irrational judgments and conclusions...and your outbursts show a lack in discipline."

"Now, you listen to me, 'Minister high-and-mighty'!  I will NOT take orders from a wet-nosed Princess, whose biggest asset is that she can break down and cry at the drop of a hat! Maybe, if she can cry for Lotor, he'll leave us alone, is that it?"

"Now, see here, young man!" Coran shouted. "You will show the proper respect..."

"I AM showing the respect she's due!" Lance shouted suddenly.  "A girl's got no place in a command position, in my book!"

"We're not interested in, 'your book', Lieutenant!" Coran shouted.

"Lance," Allura suddenly interjected, seeing that things were getting way out of hand. "We meant no offense!  All I'm trying to do is what's best of Planet Arus!  I feel that I am best qualified at this time. I plan on asking the Alliance to send us an experienced
commander to lead Voltron in the future.  But for the time being, with Keith's departure, as Princess, I'm appointing myself in that capacity, on a temporary basis only."

"Very convenient for you, as Princess, to chose yourself, don't you think?" Lance chuckled, sarcastically, with his hands on his hips.

"That's not fair, Lance." Allura said calmly.

"No...you're the one not being fair, Princess!" Lance shouted back.  "That job belongs to me! I deserve it!"

"Lance, I disagree." Coran said suddenly.  "You have not earned the right to be leader. Your attitude, here and now, proves that!  If this were Commander Keith standing here, disagree or not, he would abide by the wishes of the Princess!"

"Yeah, well, I'm not Keith!  I never was Keith!  And as for your decision to becoming the new leader of the Voltron Force, let your first duty be, to watch me resign!" Lance shouted.

"Lance!" Allura said suddenly.  "Please...be reasonable!"

"I won't be led!  Not when the job should be mine!  I'm the next in line...not you!  And I won't stand here and be told that I'm incapable of handling the job!" Lance scolded. He suddenly raised his finger, pointing it toward Allura and Coran.  "I quit!  Effective
immediately!  So, you'd better find yourself a new Red Lion pilot too, while you're at it!"

Allura rose from her throne and quickly ran down the stairs to where Lance stood.  "Please Lance...don't do this!  Try and understand..."

"I understand that you just couldn't wait to get rid of Keith, so you could take his job!" Lance shouted at her.

"That's not true!" Allura raised her voice back at Lance.  "You know that's not true!  You know that I tried everything to get him to stay here on Arus!  If anyone drove him away...it was you and your flaming temper!"

"My flaming temper?" Lance snorted angrily at her.  "Listen sweet thing...I'm not the one who dumped him!  I'm not the one who trashed over his feelings like they were dirt on the ground!  I'm not the one who broke his heart!  You did that, Your Highness!  You destroyed the man...quicker than you could appoint yourself as leader in his place!  You were the one who drove him away, Allura!  Not me!"

Allura's hand quickly rushed to her mouth, as she left out a long gasp.

"That is ENOUGH!" Coran shouted suddenly, coming down the stairs.  "You are dismissed, Lt. Andrews!"

"Gladly!" Lance shouted.  "And if you need me, I'll be packing my stuff!  I never hang around where I'm not wanted!"

Lance immediately turned on one heel and stormed back across the floor, exiting the throne room.

Allura was stunned by Lance's last barrage of comments.  Coran gently grabbed Allura's elbow.

"Princess...do not listen to him!  His arguments have no validity." Coran said.

Allura stared at the door as it slid closed behind Lance's exit.  She frowned suddenly.

"I don't understand, Coran." Allura said quietly.  "Lance was behaving irrationally.  I know that's something he does normally, but not to this degree.  Do you suppose that there is some validity in what he's saying?"

"Certainly not!" Coran replied firmly. "He is undisciplined with an untamed attitude!  He would undoubtedly, lead us all to ruin!"

Allura sighed gently. "I miss Keith, Coran. If he were here, none of this would be happening."

"But, Keith is not here, nor is he likely to ever return." Coran replied.  "I suggest that you accustom yourself to that simple truth... for your own well-being."

"I only wish that I could, Coran." Allura sighed once again.  "I only wish I could."