A Trilogy Series
The Voltron Force has returned from their gruling adventure on Planet Surbain, and now, its time to get back to regular life.  But for Commander Keith and Princess Allura... life is not so regular any longer.  Having had confessed love for one another, at long last, the Princess and the Voltron Commander begin the process of learning what love is all about...the ups...as well as the downs.

In the meantime, Arus is enjoying a rather peaceful respite from the evil forces of Doom. 

Life is good on Arus...at long last...

But that's all about to change.

Wicked Prince Lotor is at it again...but this time, he is set to conquer yet another unsuspecting planet.  But this one, holds secrets that go beyond his wildest expectations.  He frees a sorcerous by the name of Audra, who had been trapped in an escapable stone box.  The seemingly humble enchantress comes under Lotor's authority and agrees to help him conquer his enemies. 

Using this new found power, Lotor once again goes after Planet Arus, determined that this time, the planet would fall under his dominate hand.  And Princess Allura would finally become his bride. 

Audra is ordered to create chaos within the rank and file of the Voltron Force.  She does so, making frequent, undetected visits to the Castle of Lions, creating havoc and turning friends into bitter enemies.  Members of the Voltron Force turn against one another.  And once again, Princess Allura experiences personal anguish and loss, as she suddenly and unexplainedly loses contact with her father, King Alfor's spirit.

But that's not all.  Audra also summons a new enemy from another part of the galaxy...one that is not so unfamiliar to the earth members of the Voltron Force. 

The G'Donar, a fierce fighting species, come under Audra's influence, and she sends them, by Lotor's command, to attack and destroy poplulated areas of Planet Arus.  Audra is pleased and Lotor begins to make his intentions known to his love, Princess Allura, demanding her surrender to stop the vicious attacks.

But as for Audra... she finds that the more she becomes involved with members of the human race, the more intrigued she becomes with them.  Especially with one particular human... Commander Keith Hunter.  She begins to desire him in a way she has never experienced before. 

Lotor is not amuzed by her wanderings and orders her to continue her attacks on Arus, using the G'Donar and his own Doom Fleet. 

But little does he realize how dangerous the power is, that he holds within his grasp.   Not until Lotor's new found ally turns into his worst nightmare!   And the Voltron Force find themselves locked in mortal combat against Audra, with the future of the universe, now at stake.

Strange challenges, heart-pounding moments, tearful episodes and unexpected alliances all become a part of the, "Forever..." triology.  And what happens in the end...is anyone's guess

The Story Begins! 9/2/04
To be announced....
To be announced...