A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 4
What Next?

It was a long ride up the side of the Black Lion Monument.

Pidge had been riding up the side of the Monument on a hover-lift.  Once at the top, he would enter the lion through the paw panel entrance, located behind the foot of the left leg. The crawl space was narrow, but would be easy for Pidge to maneuver through.

As Pidge's ascent brought him closer to the top of the resting platform, his thoughts suddenly came to rest on the two missing
teammates he had grown so close to.

Keith and Lance...

With a heavy heart, Pidge bowed his head,
wishing that his friends were still on Arus
and that things were as they had been
prior to the G'Donar raids.

The hover-lift had reached the top at last. Pidge steadied the lift so that he could anchor it to the side of the Lion Monument.  Once that had been accomplished, he stepped off of the hover lift and onto the platform.

He gazed over the land in front of him...
and remembered some interesting times
that he and his friends had shared together.

Like the time when they all went swimming
in the lake...and Allura lost her bathing top! 
She had been trying to show off her 'perfect-
form dive' to all of them.

Instead, she ended up nearly showing off her,
'perfect-form', as she quickly huddled under the
water to cover herself.

Pidge remembered her shouts of anger, as he,
Lance and Hunk began tossing her bathing top
around in the water.

'Spoil-sport Keith' had been the one to end all the fun, having swam over and reaching his hand up, snatched the top away during a midair toss between Lance and Hunk.

A playful round of 'boos' were soon heard from all...that is...until Keith turned and gave everyone a stern look, as he tossed the top in Allura's direction.

Then, in true, 'Papa Bear Form', Keith ordered everyone to turn around so that Allura could put her top back in place, and threatened to drown anyone who dared to try and peek.

Party pooper...!

Then, there was the time when Pidge and some of the smaller children from the nearby village of Porter, decided to go on a treasure hunt.  But soon, they found that they had discovered more than they had bargained for, when they suddenly stumbled upon an old castle that was found to be a trap, set by Hagar the Witch, in order to capture the Voltron Force and take control of Arus.

And also, of the time that they were helping to rebuild the school in the village of Danon located near the bottom of the hillside near the Castle of Lions.  That was the time they had to fight against Lotor's tree beasts.

There were lots more good times too...

Like when the team used to picnic
together...goof around together...
go off to the beach and just have
fun together...

A time when life was so much simpler...
quieter...more peaceful.

From Pidge's perspective, those days were long over.  Lately, his heart was broken, seeing the Princess near tears, nearly at every turn. It was obvious that she was missing Keith, terribly.  He saw their final farewell.  He watched as Allura dropped to her knees, watching the ship carry Keith away from Arus...forever.

His own heart was sad too, feeling empty and lacking in purpose.  Things weren't the same anymore.

Shaking himself back to reality, Pidge stiffened his lip and headed for the entranceway in the paw.


Hunk had been tinkering with a few things of his own in the maintenance lab. He was working on perfecting the Castle's security system and external shielding circuitry.

He had been reprogramming the gamma peg-discs...when he realized that there was a malfunctioning microchip in the circuitry panel.  Rising from his chair, he went over to the cabinet and began looking for a specially designed tool that he and Pidge shared...the magno-tool, they had named it. It was a tool, especially for fine, detailed work.

As Hunk rummaged through the cabinet, he suddenly began to get frustrated, feeling angered that the tool had turned up missing.

In a sudden burst of anger, Hunk slammed the cabinet door shut, and then, bolted out of the room, leaving the circuitry panel opened.

As Hunk exited the room, he almost immediately ran into Allura, who had been returning from her unsuccessful visit with Jennica.

Startled, the Princess's face lit up in surprise and shock, as Hunk suddenly came to an abrupt halt right in front of her.

"Hey Princess." Hunk said, in a somewhat deflated tone of voice. 

"Hunk," Allura said. "You seem upset.  Is something wrong?"

"Yeah,,,I can't find a special tool I like to use." Hunk murmured angrily.

"What tool?" Allura asked him.

"It's a specially designed tool
for fine, electric detail work."
Hunk explained. "Pidge and I
use it a lot. Now, it's gone...
and just when I need it the most!"

"Well, maybe Pidge borrowed it
for his work in the Black Lion."
Allura suggested.

"What work in the Black Lion?"
Hunk asked in a curious tone of

"Well, he was...the last I knew...going to work on implementing his new cloaking device...the one he had developed." Allura replied. "I think Coran said he was working on it now. Maybe he borrowed the tool to use while he was working."

"Thanks Princess!" Hunk shouted.

Hunk ran past Allura without another word. Allura only bowed her head, shaking it softly. She knew she had to return to her studies… but she just didn't have the heart for it, right now.  Her heart... was elsewhere.

And she only wished she could have 'him' back.


Hunk stormed out of the Castle, fit with a jetpack on his back.  Anger was brewing fast within him. Logically, he wasn't sure why he was so mad at Pidge for taking the tool, unannounced.  After all, that was the agreement...the tool was designed for the both of them to share.

But, deep within Hunk's soul, he just felt the anger, bubbling up from deep within himself...unexplainably.

Hunk looked toward the Lion Monument in the distance, and could see the hover lift that had been anchored to the top of the monument platform.

"Why...that little pip-squeak!" Hunk growled in a low, angry tone of voice. "Just who does he think he is? Just because he's smarter than me at some things, doesn't give him the right to grab and take whatever he wants, without telling me first!"

Hunk quickly activated his jetpack, lifting off into the air...now on
a direct course for the Black Lion.


The door slid open softly...

The room was quiet...and dark. The window darkening filters were in place, giving the room a low-light, almost sad feeling to it. The maids must have activated them, after they had gone through the room.

Keith's room...

Allura walked in, carefully, somehow, finding comfort in being in a place where Keith's presence once dwelled.  In her hand was the letter he had written to her, carrying it on her person, nearly all the time, as a remembrance of him in her life.  She held it in silence, as she began to walk through the room.

Everything had been cleaned, carefully...and even so, it didn't need much of that, in the first place.  Keith had kept his room as neat as a pin, as the saying goes, and nothing could be said about his housekeeping skills...except that they were as orderly as his life was.

He had only been gone nearly two days...and still, she felt so lost without him...and so guilty for lying to him...and to herself.  Her love for him burned like a mounting fire within her soul.

But...he was gone.  And gone forever, apparently rejecting her invitation...more like a desperate plea...to come back to Arus, so that she could explain things to him.

Allura sighed as she walked over toward the smaller room...where the bed was.

The door opened as she stood in front of it.  The room was in pitch-blackness.  She activated the lights...and the tiny room suddenly lit up, illuminating the emptiness in heart, as well as in the room, itself.  She suddenly could imagine him lying in the bed, sleeping peacefully...having some kind of wonderful dream...perhaps of her.

She snorted to herself.  How facetious of her...to think that he was dreaming of nothing but her.  And yet...that was practically all she ever dreamed about.

Her Keith...

But now, her Keith was gone.  And the room was empty and abandoned.

Not a word from him, since she had contacted him, telepathically.

No wonder...she had broken his heart, same as she had her own.

She could hardly stand herself...why should she believe that Keith should do otherwise?

And where was the, 'guardian' that had given her the warning, in the first place?  Not a word from her, either, which she found very strange.

Her horrible dreams of death and destruction had nearly come to a halt...and yet, she felt more uneasy, now that they were all but gone, then when she was having them on a day and night basis.

It was all so unsettling to her...more so now, then ever before.

The G'Donar and Doom attacks had all but ceased.  Now that was a strange situation! After weeks of bombarding Arus, devastating the people, destroying so many towns, leveling countless cities and villages...why now, had Lotor chosen to halt his acts...especially
now...when Arus was so vulnerable?

The Princess found the thought, most peculiar. Lotor was certainly not one to abandon his claim on anything...and yet, he had suddenly stopped...becoming disinterested in Arus, seemingly.

Or was it, that he hadn't noticed that Keith and Lance were gone?

Surely...that wasn't the answer. Lotor has spies everywhere.  Someone had to have informed him of the grave state of the Voltron Force.

So...where was he? And why wasn't he attacking Arus with brute force?

It was all very strange, indeed. Lotor had to be brewing up some other plan of action. Knowing Lotor, as she did, it wouldn't be long until he made an ultimatum to her. And when that time comes...she would not surrender and not retreat.  And...she would not run and
hide, as in days of old.

Those days are gone, forever.

She would stand and fight...because that was the right thing to do.  It was what her father would have done...and in fact...had done already.  His love for Arus had cost him his life. And if it did the same for her...she would be content, knowing that she met death, staring it straight in the eye...and giving it a name...DOOM.

Allura sighed once again...remembering the loss of her father's spirit in her life.

Another loved one that had seemed to suddenly abandoned her.

Slowly, involuntarily, she moved toward Keith's abandoned bed...and then, laid down upon it. Quietly...feeling the comfort of the bed he had once slept in, she closed her eyes...and began to drift off to sleep.

At least here, she had him close to her...once more...if only in her dreams...


Pidge had already disassembled the circuitry panel of the Black Lion motherboard and had implanted the cloaking chip into the motherboard, itself, and was now in the process of reconnecting all of the lion's functions. He had just re-established flight capability and
maneuverability, by reconnecting the T-circuit path to the dyno-therm crystal, and was now in the process of beginning to reconnect the online weapons system.

The door to the cockpit suddenly slid open, catching Pidge off guard.

As Pidge's head suddenly snapped around, he quickly smiled, as he saw Hunk walking through the cockpit entrance.

"Hey Hunk!" Pidge greeted his friend. "What's shaking?"

"I am!" Hunk grunted back.

Pidge stopped what he was doing, taking notice suddenly, that Hunk appeared to be very agitated.

"What wrong?" Pidge asked him.

"Do you have the magno-tool?" Hunk asked Pidge, quietly.

"Well...yeah. I'm using it to install the new cloaking chip.  Wait'll you see this, Hunk!  I've been doing tests on the chip and the capabilities this thing can do, will give Voltron the added edge we need to fight off the G'Donar and the Doom fleet!"

"I don't care about some stupid chip that you invented!" Hunk grunted. "I want the tool...that you took...without even asking me if you could take it!"

"What are you talking about?" Pidge said to him. "You know that you and I have always used it whenever we need it, and we've never had to ask each other about it!"

"So...that gives you the excuse to steal it from me?" Hunk shouted.

"Steal it...from you?" Pidge suddenly said. "I'm the guy who invented it!"

"Yeah, well...I'm the guy who came up with the idea that helped you invent it!" Hunk shouted back, suddenly balling his fist up in front of him. "And if that makes you think that you can just...waltz off with it anytime you please..."

"Hunk! What the heck's going on with you?" Pidge shouted. "You've been acting like a crazed spaceball for days now!"

"Who you calling, crazed!" Hunk shouted angrily. "Just...give me the tool!"

"I'm using it!" Pidge hollered back. "I'm not through reconnecting Black Lion's systems yet! I have to re-establish its weapons system and I have to..."

"I'm going to give you to the count of ten!" Hunk shouted.

"Look! Check it out with the Princess! She knows I'm here!  Besides, I can't just leave Black Lion like this!  The Princess won't be able to fly..."

"I don't care about that! I want that tool...and I want it NOW!" Hunk suddenly shouted. "I'm starting my count, Pidge!  Don't let me reach one!"

Pidge slammed the control panel lid shut, leaving the job undone.  He had a bigger problem now...Hunk.

"Take it easy, Hunk!" Pidge tried to reason with him, suddenly.  "Just...calm down!  You're not yourself..."

"Ten...Nine...Eight..." Hunk began to count.

Pidge slowly got up from the command chair. "Okay...okay...take it easy!  I'm coming with it!"

Pidge reached down and grabbed his toolbox, but held the magno-tool in his hand.  He began to walk up to Hunk, who had since stopped counting...seeing that Pidge was coming to give him the tool.

But suddenly, Pidge threw the box into Hunk's chest...knocking him off balance...just enough for Pidge to run past him and out of the cockpit.

But Hunk was back up in seconds, and right on Pidge's heels.

The Green Lion pilot bolted from the cockpit, with the tool still in his hand.  He made a be-line for the hover lift, activating it immediately.  Seconds later, Pidge was aboard and unhooking it from the side of the Black Lion Monument floor.

He began a hasty retreat from Hunk, who had now just appeared from the cockpit, screaming at Pidge in an infuriated tone of voice.

Hunk activated his jetpack and jetted out after Pidge.

As Hunk sailed over the edge of the platform, he saw Pidge's hover lift, hastily heading toward the ground.  Hunk zoomed in after him, and within moments, was now on the hover lift with Pidge.

"Thought you could get away, did ya?" Hunk shouted angrily. "Now, you're gonna get yours!"

Hunk abruptly grabbed onto Pidge's shirt and began shaking him.  Pidge dropped the controller box for the hover lift...and the lift immediately paused in midair, rocking back and forth as a result of the struggle between himself and Hunk.

Hunk lifted Pidge off of the floor of the hover lift by his shirt collar and immediately swung around, holding him now over the edge of the lift...with Pidge's feet dangling in midair. Below them...was more than three hundred feet of space to the ground...and Pidge was
suddenly helpless as Hunk was now threatening to drop him to his certain death.

Pidge began to panic...

"HUNK!  MY GOD!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Pidge screamed.

"I'm letting you feel a bit inferior for a change!" Hunk shouted.  "How's it feel, Pidge, to know that I hold your life in my hand!"

"NO, HUNK!  DON'T...DON'T DROP ME!  PLEASE!" Pidge began begging, tears building up his eyes.  "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

"Oh, I know EXACTLY what I'm doing!" Hunk shouted suddenly as he extended his free hand toward Pidge. "Give me the tool...NOW!"

Almost immediately, Pidge's hand thrusted forward toward Hunk's... delivering the tool to him, instantly.

Hunk smiled, content suddenly. "That's more like it!" he shouted with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, he swung Pidge back around and set him down on the floor of the hover lift. Hunk eyed the tool in his hand, as if it were some sort of prize...and then, looked to Pidge.

"You see? All you had to do, was give me this!" Hunk said. "And all of this could have been avoided!"

Pidge just stared at Hunk, wide-eyed in shock...offering no reply to him.

Hunk activated his jetpack once again...and as he lifted off of the floor and into the air, he looked down at the frightened late-teen genius.

"I'd suggest you never touch this again, Pidge!" Hunk said to him. "Next time, I'll kill you!"

Breathing heavily, Pidge watched as Hunk zipped away. Suddenly fearful, Pidge quickly reached over and grabbed the hover lift controller, activating it immediately.

Thoughts of escaped ran through his mind. He suddenly felt that he had to leave...get away from the Castle.  It was now, all to clear in Pidge's mind that Hunk was definitely out to get him.

But...why should he be afraid of Hunk? A guy he's learned to call his closest friend? Something wasn't right...he felt it...deep in his soul.  It was like a voice, screaming at him, that something was wrong with this whole thing.

Even his own reaction seemed unreasonable.  Pidge tried to rationalize it all out.

The Hunk that Pidge knew would never do this...

And yet...he had. And the anger in Hunk's eyes suddenly frightened Pidge beyond logical, explainable reasoning.

As the lift quickly approached the ground, Pidge began to formulate a plan of action...he had to leave...and quickly...before Hunk thought of something else to blame Pidge for.

A wave of panic suddenly had overwhelmed him.

And just over his head...the air above the place where Pidge stood shifted slightly, similarly to the way it did above Jennica's head in the playroom.  Then, just as suddenly as it stirred, the air became still once again.