A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.


Chapter 3
Heavy Hearts

Hunk helped Lance load the last of his things onto his ship, preparing to say goodbye to his friend.

"Well, that's about it." Hunk said, brushing his hands together. "You're all packed and ready to go.  I did some last minute flight checks and you seem to be A-Okay."

"Yeah." Lance replied somberly.

"What's the matter?" Hunk asked. "Thinking about changing your mind, are you?"

"Well...no.  Not exactly." Lance said quietly. "I'm just going to miss it around here...know what I mean?"

"Yeah...I think I do." Hunk said, crossing his arms in front of himself.  "Nothing's much the same around here, lately.  The Princess is so distant...and me and Pidge...well...we've been having a few moments ourselves...if you catch my meaning."

"Yeah...like me and Keith." Lance said.  "You know...I never thought I'd say this... but...maybe I was too hard on him, you think?"

"Not for the way he treated the Princess!" Hunk blurted out suddenly. "Where I come from, you don't grab at a girl like that!"

"I'm sure Keith didn't mean for her to fall on the ground." Lance snorted.  "I think it was an innocent accident...that's all."

"Well, innocent or not, you don't go around doing that to a girl...making her cry...breaking her heart the way he did!" Hunk commented.

"Uh...Hunk...I think it was the other way around." Lance said to Hunk.  "She's the one that dumped him."

"Yeah...I know.  I guess I was kind of hard on him, too.  And funny thing is...I'm not really sure why." Hunk replied, then quickly changed the subject.  "So...uh...where you off to?"

"I don't know.  I talked to Sven yesterday.  He said I can hang out on Pollux, while I get my head together."

"That's a good plan." Hunk agreed.  "That way...you can think about the future and what you plan on doing from here."

"Yeah...no sense making a hasty decision." Lance replied.

"You know...I'm going miss you around here." Hunk said.

"Yeah...I'm going to miss you around here too." Lance replied back.  "I've kind of grown more attached to this place, then I thought.  And the worst thing about it is, I kind of feel funny now.  I mean...I guess I was leaving because I was jealous of the Princess wanting to be the leader.  But...now that I look at it...it does make sense...you know?  I mean...I am a bit of a pot-stirer."

"So...why are you leaving?" Hunk asked.

"I can't turn back now and admit to her I was wrong!" Lance shot back.  "Besides...it would ruin my tough-guy attitude!"

"Do you think you'll be back, then... maybe?" Hunk asked Lance.

"We'll see. I've got some thinking to do...and Pollux is just the right place to do it." Lance replied. "Who knows?  You may see me back here sooner than you think!"

"Sure hope so, Lance." Hunk replied.  "Things won't be the same around here without our resident 'lady-killer'!"

Lance ducked his head and chuckled.  "I'm sure there's more than one woman around here who would like to be a resident,'Lance-killer'!"

Hunk joined in with Lance and the two of them had a good laugh.  But then, Lance extended his hand toward Hunk…

"Take care of yourself, Big Guy." Lance said.

"You too, Lance." Hunk replied.

After the two shook hands, Lance turned and walked up the ramp to the cockpit of his shuttle.  The ramp slowly retracted into the underneath of the ship, while the cockpit door slowly closed.

Hunk stepped backward...a safe enough distance away to avoid the heat of the engines. As they began, the load roar was enough that Hunk had to cover his ears.

The shuttle began to lift off from the ground.

From an observation desk that overlooked the ground, Princess Allura stood at the window...watching in silence.  Yet another one of her friends was leaving her.

She began to wipe the tears from her eyes as she watched Lance's ship lift off into the air.

The consolation was that at least she knew where he was headed...and not by his divulgence...but by way of an ultra wave link she had received only hours ago, made by her Polluxian cousin, Princess Romelle.  She had called to inform Allura that Sven was prepared to do all that he could to convince Lance that the right thing to do was to return to Arus.

Allura took comfort in knowing that she at least knew that Lance would be safe on Pollux.

She left the window and walked to the exit of the observation desk.

Hunk sighed as he cupped his hand over his eyes to shield them from the punishing sun's rays, gleaming in them.

Shaking his head, he moved back toward the Castle.


Pidge had been working in the science lab, fine-tuning his new cloaking device that he had created.  Now that his tests were complete, he could install it in the motherboard circuitry in the onboard computer system of the main Black Lion.  Once in place, it could be activated during any point in time either before or after transformation into Voltron.

He had planned on doing the work that afternoon, having received Allura's permission previously, to move forward with the project.

With the last test now ending successfully, Pidge gathered his techno-equipment, including some specially designated tools that he and Hunk shared, and then, headed over to Castle Control, taking care to place the cloaking chip in a safe place...in his pants pocket.

With a tool box hung over his shoulder, the teenage genius made his way to Castle Control. Coran was present in the room, ever vigilant over the skies of Arus...and even more so, now that they were two pilots down.  If Lotor caught wind of that information, which he was
sure to do, Arus would pay dearly.

"Coran, I'm heading over to Black Lion." Pidge announced as he entered the room.

"Heading over to the Black Lion?" Coran questioned.  "I have not been notified by the Princess that you were..."

"I've been cleared, Coran." Pidge interrupted.  "It's for the special modifications for the cloaking device that she approved."

"Oh, yes..." Coran suddenly recalled.  "Of course."

"I've got a lot of work to do," Pidge said.  "I might not make it back for dinner."

"I understand, Pidge." Coran said, frankly.  "I will inform Her Highness where you have gone off to."

"Sounds good." Pidge replied.


Allura was in her study, trying to catch up on her inter-galactic diplomacy studies.  But she found herself daydreaming, her mind
not at all on her studies.

Her thoughts were with her two friends,
who have now departed Arus.

Keith must be on Earth by now, she
thought to herself. It had been
three days since he had left Arus.
Three very long days...

A buzz on the COM broke her woeful thoughts and she quickly lifted up her hand, wanting to bless the person who had just interrupted her.

"Allura here."

"Coran, Princess.  Pidge has gone to the Black Lion to install the special cloaking device he head been working on perfecting."

"Yes...I'm aware of it." Allura sighed. "Although, I can't see much good it does us now. With only three of us to pilot the lions, there's no Voltron to cloak."

"Do not lose faith, Princess." Coran said to her. "Things have a way of working out for the greater good."

"Somehow, I'm having trouble believing that right now, Coran." Allura replied back solemnly. "But...thank you for keeping me up to date."

Allura disconnected the COM link.  She propped her head up with her right arm.  She certainly was in no mood to study.  All she wanted to do was…cry.

But she had to be strong...for her people's sake.

But for now, her studies would have to wait. She decided, instead, to go and take a walk down to the Castle's playroom...to check in on Keith's little friend...Jennica.


The playroom attendants were becoming concerned.  Nothing they were doing was helping at all.

Jennica had isolated herself off from the rest of the class and refused to participate in any of the activities that the program had to offer.

When Allura stepped up to the door, one attendant came to greet her.  She bowed before the Princess, in honorable fashion.

"Your Highness!" the attendant said.  "What a pleasant surprise!"

"Oh please!" Allura giggled.  "Please...rise!"

The woman did as she was asked to do.  The Princess was always so pleasant and kind...a joy to have as a visitor.

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything…" Allura said quietly.

"No, Princess! It's our honor to have you here!" the attendant said.  "Did you come to observe?"

"Actually, I came to visit one of the children." Allura said with a smile.  "Jennica Gibbs, please."

The young woman suddenly frowned.  "Oh, Princess.  We've become so worried about little Jennica.  Why, ever since Commander Keith left... she seems to have become somewhat reclusive...isolating herself off from the rest of the world.  Maybe if you were to speak to her...she might accept you better than one of us?"

"I can certainly try." Allura said softly.

"I would so appreciate it, Princess!" the woman said. "Come this way."

Allura walked with the young woman quietly through behind the activity in the front, avoiding the sight of the other playing children.

"There she is, Princess." The woman pointed out. "She goes there every day...never saying a single word."

Allura sighed quickly, taking in a deep couple of breaths before finally nodding to the attendant, signaling to her to leave them alone for awhile.

The Princess came to stand right behind Jennica...whose back was turned toward Allura.

"Jennica?" Allura called softly out to the little girl.

"Go away!" she snapped back.

"Oh, Jennie...now you really didn't meant that." Allura replied.

"Yes I did!" Jennica snarled.  "And don't call me that!"

"Don't call you, what?" Allura asked her.

"Jennie!" she snorted.  "That's a name that Keith only calls me by."

Allura sighed.  This wasn't going to be easy.

"I'm told you come to this corner all the time, Jennica." Allura said, choosing to use the girl's given name.  "Don't you want to play with everyone else?"

"No." Jennica replied.  "Just...go away and leave me alone!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Allura replied softly.  "You see, I owe it to Keith to come and look after you, from time to time."

"You made him mad...and he went away!" Jennica shouted.  "You made my friend go away!"

"No...I didn't make him go away, Jennica." Allura tried to reason with her.  "That was his decision."

"He's never coming back now!" Jennica snarled again.

"I don't know whether he will or not...but right now, I'm concerned about you." Allura said quietly.  "I don't like seeing you like this."

"I don't like you!" Jennica said in a low tone of voice, as she whipped her head around and stared at Allura.   "You're a mean Princess!"

"Well...I suppose that makes two of us who don't like me very much." Allura said quietly.

Jennica paused for a moment...then turned her head back around.  "Why did Keith have to go?"

Allura knelt down beside Jennica. "I don't know, honey.  I'm trying to understand it all, myself."

"He said that he couldn't stay anymore." Jennica added.  "He said that when we were all in the garden.  He was mad at you!  And I'm mad at you too!"

"He's not mad at me, Jennica.  We're still friends.  And I'd like to be your friend too, Jennica, not your enemy." Allura reasoned with the child.

"The only way you can make me like you, is if you bring Keith back!" Jennica shouted.

"I'm...I'm afraid that that's going to be a bit difficult." Allura replied back.  "Keith's...already on his way back to Earth.  In fact, I...imagine he's already there by now."

"Then...leave me ALONE!" Jennica shouted at Allura.

Allura back up suddenly…startled by the girl's shout.

"I'm sorry, Jennica." Allura said quietly.  "I never meant to hurt you.  Please find it in your heart to forgive me, for whatever I've done wrong to you."

"I just want you to bring Keith back...or else...leave me alone!" Jennica shouted.  "Go away!"

Jennica suddenly recoiled into a very tight position, balling herself up in the corner.

Allura stood up to her feet, deciding that perhaps leaving was the best thing to do, since the child was obviously unresponsive to her.

The Princess walked back across the room to where the first attendant stood, now with a second young woman.

"No luck, eh, Your Grace?" the first attendant said.

Allura shook her head slightly. "I'm afraid not." the Princess replied.  "She won't respond for me either."

"She started this just after the Commander let Arus." The second attendant said.

"Yes...so I was told." Allura affirmed.  "Please let me know if there's any change in her behavior.  I'll come back another time to check on her progress.  Maybe then, she'll be in better mood to have company."

"Very good, Your Highness." The first attendant said, while bowing to the Princess, along with the second attendant.

Allura nodded and exited the room.

As Allura left the playroom, the air above the place where Jennica sat shifted slightly, for some unexplained reason.  Then, just as suddenly as it stirred, the air became still once again.