A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 20
'Alluring' Captivity of the Mind

The Castle of Lions sent word to Planet Pollux...advising them of the situation of attack, and asking Lance to delay his departure to Arus. The lions were recharging from their last narrow victory and without their full strength and power, they would be ill prepared to defend Lance against a sudden attack, should one arise during his return trip home.

Coran dismissed the Alliance pilot, explaining that Commander Keith had decided he was still needed on Arus and has chosen to fulfil his duties to Princess Allura.

Then...after a quick visit to his small friend, Jennica, Keith opted to miss lunch...choosing instead to rest in his room.

He couldn't help but notice the fragrant smell that had been on his bedspread, as he laid in peace on his bed. It reminded him of the sweet fragrance of Allura's perfume.

Little did he know that the Princess had found comfort in his bed while he was away.

Soon...Keith was peacefully asleep.


As he slept, his mind suddenly began to drift...and he began to dream, once again.

But this dream... would prove to be a nightmare.

Keith suddenly awoke, to find himself in, what appeared to be a cage...and a very large, confining cage. He had been lying on the floor...and he could actually feel the coldness of the concrete
beneath him.

Rising to his feet slowly, he began to survey his environment. He didn't recognize this place. The cage was light up on the inside. On the outside...was nothing but blackness.

"What's going on here?" Keith said quietly, in an even tone of voice. "Where in the heck am I?"

He walked up the bars. They were old fashion iron bars...girded and refined for strength and endurance.

"Welcome, Keith Hunter of Earth." a deep, female voice echoed from out of the blackness that surrounded him.

Startled, Keith began to quickly look around. "Who's there?" he shouted, suddenly on the defensive. "Show yourself!"

"In due time, young, brave Commander." the female voice echoed once again.

After a few more moments, Keith slowly took hold of the cold iron bars in his hands, trying to peer into the blackness for a glimpse of whatever might be out there. He found that he couldn't see a thing.

Looking upward, he said, "Are you responsible for bringing me here... whoever you are?"

"You haven't been brought anywhere, Keith Hunter." The voice echoed out loud again. "Right now...you are safe and warm in your bed...in the Castle of Lions."

"Who are you? And how do you know so much about me?" Keith shouted out loud.

"Because, Keith...I've been watching you with a great peek of interest. You are a fascinating being...for a human, that is."

"I'm not amused by your compliments."
Keith's voice echoed out into the blackness
that surrounded his cage. "I'm asking you again...
why am I here?"

"You intrigue me, Keith. And I am not easily
intrigued by anything... or...anyone."

"What am I doing here?" Keith shouted out loud, now in an angry one of voice. "And why won't you show yourself to me?"

"Ah...I will show myself to you...soon...very soon, my young hero."

Keith slowly released his grip on the bars, allowing his hands to rest gently at his side. "Look...I don't know who or what you are, but I'm not interested in playing childhood guessing games! What is it you want of me?"

"Very well...since you've asked, I will tell you. I want you...Keith Hunter of Earth...to surrender yourself to me."

"What?" Keith said in an elevated voice. "Surrender...myself?"

"Body and soul, Keith. I want you to agree to be subservient to me."

"You're joking, right?" Keith snorted, now crossing his arms over his chest in definance. "Now I know this is a dream!"

"It is a dream...but, it is also as real as anything that is real in the real world. Laughter... joy... sorrow...and yes...even...death... can occur here...with a simple wave of my hand."

"This is crazy," Keith said, standing defiantly.

"Not so crazy, Keith."

"Well...for starters...I'm not giving myself up to you or anyone... period!" Keith replied back, firmly.

"I think I can persuade you into changing your mind."

"This is a dream..." Keith said, now uncrossing his arms. "I can just wake myself up..."

"Hardly..." the female voice announced. "Yes...it is a dream...a very vivid dream. One that I control. But...the question is...how much is a dream...mere fantasy...and how much is reality, being
played out for you in another dimension?"

"In a...in a another...dimension?" Keith repeated slowly. "Okay... I've had enough! Show yourself!"

Suddenly... a wisp of green smoke begins
to fill the darkness, bringing light into the
room that only moments ago had been nothing
but blackness. Materializing before him…
was a woman. A lengthy woman... slender...
beautiful...with green complexion.

"Hey...I...I know you!" Keith said revelation in his voice. "I've seen you before in my dreams! Who are you? And why am I here?"

"My name is Audra. And I have someone with me that I think you know."

As the smoke began to clear, Keith suddenly sees someone in the distance...and when he sees who it is before him... a boiling angry suddenly comes over him.

"I believe you know...Princess Allura?" Audra said.

The Princess was sitting on the cold cement floor...her head down... hands resting gently in her lap. She was in her pink gown.

"ALLURA!" Keith shouted to her, suddenly charging to the iron bars.  But she made no move to look up at him.

"I see you do know this girl." Audra said with a wicked laugh.

"What have you done to her??!? Release her!" Keith shouted. "She's done nothing to hurt you! Let her go...now!"

"YOU...are in NO position to give orders, Commander Keith Hunter! I alone had control over her...much like I have control of her father's noble spirit! They are both mine!" Audra shouted. "Return to your world!"

"And what about the Princess?" Keith shouted.

"Foolish, self-righteous being...she is mine!" the woman shouted suddenly. "You have much to learn, human!  And you shall learn!"

The green mist once again filled the room, slowly disappearing... until...only blackness remained once again.




Keith immediately bolted upright in his bed...
drenched with perspiration and breathing
heavily in anguish. He took his hand and
slowly wiped the perspiration from his brow,
trying to calm himself

Then...suddenly... he recalled the horrible

"Allura!" Keith cried out, now leaping from his bed and bolting for his wall COM.  He activated, calling into it…

"Computer...locate Princess Allura...hurry!"


Keith quickly dashed from the room...the door sliding closed silently behind him.

Allura woke to the sound of someone forcefully pounding at the door and screaming.


"That's Keith's voice," Allura noted, suddenly becoming alert.  She rose from her bed at once.

Marie, the Princess's personal maid went to the door, just as Allura had walked into the main living room area. As the door opened, Marie suddenly gasped, as she meant the frantic, intense stare of Commander Keith Hunter...looking as her, as if he had just seen a ghost.

"Commander?" Marie asked him. "Are...are you…okay?"

Allura moved quickly to the door. "Keith...what's the matter with you?" she asked him. "You look like...oh!"

Saying nothing, Keith immediately pushed passed the two young ladies, forcefully entering the Princess's chambers. Marie moved to object, but Allura motioned for her to hold her objections.

Keith was searching...searching in every corner...every closet... under the furniture...in the air vent...

But as he entered Allura's bedroom...

"What are you looking for?" Allura shouted out loud, now rushing in after him. "What's going on? Keith!" Keith squatted down on the floor next to her bed. She suddenly reached down to the floor where he now was, grabbing abruptly at his arm. "Keith...talk to me!  What's the matter with you? What are you looking for?"

Keith paused suddenly, now lying on the ground, looking beneath her bed. He quickly rose to his feet and reached over and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Are you okay?" he asked frantically.

"Am I...but I'm beginning to question whether or not you are! Why are you acting so funny?" Allura said, staring at him curiously.

He slowly released his hold on her...and then, bowed his head.

"I...I had thought...something had happened to you." Keith replied slowly. "I...uh..."

Keith suddenly stopped speaking, now looking passed the Princess to someone who was now standing behind her.

Allura turned her head and looked back...seeing Marie, standing within hearing distance. Allura smiled her... "Marie, would you mind if I speak to Commander Keith for a few moments, alone?"

"Of course not, Princess." Marie replied back, curtsying to her, before turning around and exiting the Princess's chambers.

They were now alone. Allura turned back to Keith. "Now...what's going on, Keith?"

"Allura...I...I'm not exactly sure where to begin." Keith replied, somewhat bewildered.

"Try starting with what brought you to my door...banging on it like a mad man!" she said to him.

"I...had a nightmare...and you were in it!" he said to her.

Allura stared at him, oddly. "I was in it? How was I in it?  What happened that..." Keith suddenly pushed passed her once again, heading into her living room. She followed him with her head.
"Keith! This is ridiculous! Now... you must tell me what's got you all stirred up like this! Exactly, what are you looking for here in my room?"

"I don't know what I'm looking for! Maybe...I'm looking for nothing!" Keith cried out to her, startling her somewhat. Then, he breathed deeply while taking a seat on the couch. "I'm sorry, Allura. I know I'm acting crazy...but..."

Allura quickly came around and took a seat next to him on the couch.  "Keith...whatever it is...I'm here for you. You can tell me anything."

He sighed...and then, looked at her. Those blue eyes...

"Did you have any weird dreams?" he looked up to her.

Allura paused...then shook her head. "No...not that I recall.  Exactly...what kind of dream are you talking about?"

"It's the same dream I had on Pollux…the one where I had made the decision to come home early…without Lance." Keith said to her.

"What dream was that?" she asked him. "Tell me."

"I...I dreamt that you were being held captive against your will. I dreamt it, first on Pollux." Keith began to say to her.

"And when you returned, you found us in battle." Allura finished.

"Yeah! I thought it was a coincidence or something like that! You guys really were in trouble and I thought...that's why I had the dream! I had to come home!" Keith added.

"But now..." she said quietly.

"But now," Keith echoed her as he continued, "I've had the same dream again...here...on Arus."

"Keith...how much sleep have you gotten over the last 72 hours?" Allura asked him.

"It's not a matter of sleep, Allura!" Keith exclaimed. "Aren't you hearing me?"

"Shhh...just calm down for a minute. You're working yourself up again." she said in a soft and soothing tone of voice. "I'm sure it was just a dream. I'm certain everything will be okay."

"I thought so too...but I saw the same green skinned woman again..."

"GREEN SKINNED WOMAN!" Allura suddenly shouted out loud, taking Keith back a bit.

"Yeah...a green skinned woman." Keith said slowly. "Why?"

"Quickly! Tell me what she looks like!" Allura suddenly asked.

"Well...she had a clean green complexion, jet-black hair...kind of on the short side and cropped around her neck. She had a black gown on too." Keith said...when he suddenly paused, seeing Allura's jaw open wide. "Are you okay?"

"That's...that's the guardian, Keith!" Allura suddenly blurted out loud.

"What guardian..."

"The guardian that came to me in my dreams! The one that warned me that you would die, if I didn't relinquish my love for you!" Allura gasped suddenly. "Don't you remember?"

Keith stared at her blankly. "That's your guardian? Are you sure, Allura?"

"The way you've described her...it has to be her!" she replied.

"Wonderful..." Keith mumbled. "Just what we need...some psychopathic woman on our hands, to add to our troubles."

"She threatened you with my life...if what?" Allura asked him.

"If I didn't surrender myself to her." Keith finished.

"Surrender yourself...I...I don't understand!" Allura said.

"Me either." Keith said to her. "But...I'm sure we will soon."

"Could she have something to do with my father's missing spirit?" Allura asked him.

Keith stared quietly at the floor. "It's possible. In my dream...she mentioned something like that. She said that she had control of you...just like she had control of your father's spirit."

"Oh...my poor father." Allura said quietly. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know...exactly." Keith replied quietly. "Maybe...we do nothing...and just see what happens next."

Allura nodded, then, leaned over, laying her head on Keith's shoulder. He in turn tilted his head and rested it gently on the top of hers.

They remained that way for several minutes...cherishing the solitude...while waiting for the next move from the mysterious woman that had been plaguing their dreams.