A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 19
Waking Nightmare

Keith had contacted the Castle of Lions shortly after the reunion.  He checked the status of things and found that everything appeared to be on the quiet . . . for the time being, at least.

Allura spoke to Lance via ultra wave, and the two of them had also patched up their differences.  Keith then informed her that he would be staying the night at Castle Pollux, but if anything came up, to call him immediately, and he and Lance would head home, directly.

She agreed, but assured him that all was fine for now.


That night, Keith joined Princess Romelle and Prince Bandor at their guest table, having been extended the best possible treatment for an official welcomed guest.  Keith enjoyed a fine meal and a fine dessert and the company of good frieneds, and together, they all enjoyed talking the evening away.

It was a nice change of pace.  It had been a good deterrent for his mind . . . getting his thoughts away from what was happening on Arus.

War . . . devastation . . . destroyed homes and lives . . . death . . . sadness . . .

Before parting, he and Lance agreed that they would leave early in the morning, with Lance's travel pod piggybacking on top of Black Lion . . . so that Keith could extend the new cloaking device over them both.  They both parted company for the night to get some much needed rest.


Several hours had passed into the night . . .

The time was one-thirty-seven in the morning.

Keith had been asleep, soundly . . . for several hours.  But  now, he began to feel restless in his slumber.  His head, tossing and turning. . . . back and forth . . . as he seemed to be having some sort of disturbing dream.

Moments later, he bounced up in bed, screaming . . .  "ALLURA!  NO! ALLURA!  LEAVE HER ALONE!!"

It took him only moment to regain
his composure, and then to know
that he had been having a bad dream.
But the dream . . . seemed more like
a vision, than a dream.

"Whoa," Keith sighed, breathlessly,
while wiping the sweat from his
brow. "That...that couldn't have
been . . . real."

He decided to lie back down once
again and try to get comfortable...
but found he couldn't. The dream
seemed to haunt his awakeness.

His mind was focused in on what he saw . . .

And he suddenly found it was consuming his mind . . .

Bouncing out of bed, he quickly grabbed for his clothes and then, summoned a Castle page to his guestroom.  While he was changing, the pageboy arrived, quietly knocking at the door. Keith quickly ran for the door and opened it up.

"Yes, Commander Keith.?  What can I do for you?" the pageboy said.

"I want you to have someone prepare the Black Lion for me." Keith said. "I'm leaving."

"Leaving sir?" the boy replied.  "In...in the middle of the night, sir?"

"Yes . . . now, get going. And walk Commander Sven!  Tell him to meet me at landing pad four . . . right away!" Keith said.

"Yes, sir!" the young boy replied back, before running down the hallway.

Keith turned back to gather the rest of his things . . .


A hovercraft pulled up to landing pad four, some thirty minutes later.  Keith quickly got out of it, reaching back inside to grab his lion helmet and his duffel bag. Thanking the driver for his trouble, Keith quickly ran to the Black Lion's head, keying in the security code to open the hatch, allowing him admittance into the robot lion.


Keith turned as the hatch opened up.  Sven was coming up to where he was standing . . . and his expression was bewildered, to say the least.

"Keit!  What are you doing up at dis hour of da night?" Sven asked him.

"I'm sorry, Sven." Keith replied quickly.  "I've got to return to Arus, now!"

"What's da matter wit you?" Sven asked.  "I taught you were staying da night?"

"I had a dream," answered Keith, his eyes steady upon his friend.

"A dream?  And now you're leaving?"

"Sven I . . . I don't know if it was just a dream or what, but . . . I've got to get home.  I think Allura's in trouble.  I can't explain it, and I know it doesn't make much sense, but, I just have a feeling." Keith rambled.

"But . . . how do you know dis?" Sven asked.  "Dat Allura's in trouble?"

"I don't . . . not really." Keith replied. "I just have a feeling.  And I usually trust my feelings, Sven."

"Did she contact you, telepathically?" Sven questioned him.

"How . . . how do you know about that?" Keith questioned Sven.

Sven smiled. "I'm admitting jealously, Keit.  Romelle has da same gift.  But my mind is too weak to link wit hers.  But I could tell you and Allura share dat gift."

"Well. . . . no . . . she didn't contact me, telepathically." Keith answered, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

"Den. . . . what's da rush?" Sven asked again. "It was only a harmless dream."

"Sven, call it a harmless dream, or a vision of things to come, but . . . I swear I saw -"

"You saw what, Keit?  Tell me!  What did you see?" Sven asked him.

"I saw a - a strange woman with a green complexion, and ---and she was . . . she was holding Allura against her will, and . . . and I . . . Look!  I know it doesn't make much sense--"

"Have you ever seen dis woman before?" Sven asked him.

"No!  That's the strange part!  I don't know who she is or where she comes from!  I only know what I thought I saw!  And real or imagined . . . I can't stay here.  I have to go back . . . tonight." Keith said.  "I'd feel better being there with Allura, watching out for her, do you understand?"

"I understand." Sven replied, laying his hand on Keith's shoulder. "Shall I wake Lance -"

"No . . . let him sleep. Just - tell him that I went on ahead of him.  You can tell him I had one of my bad feelings again." Keith said.  "I'll hear about it later, I'm sure . . . Lance's usual teasing about being too overprotective and all that.  But I'd rather be overprotective, than sorry for ignoring my gut."

"Do you tink some'ting is wrong wit Allura?" Sven asked him.

"I'm sure nothing is wrong." Keith replied back with a half smile, but, shifting his body weight, giving off a non-verbal signal that he wanted to leave promptly. "But . . . I'd just feel better.  And besides, I've got to tell the alliance pilot I've decided to stay on Arus.  She needs to be released to go home.  That's another thing I've got to straighten out too . . . what to tell Garrison about my sudden decision to stay, after calling for a ride back to Earth. I'm sure that won't go over too well with high command."

"Dey will understand, Keit." Sven replied.  "I'm sure you'll see to dat."

"Yeah, I hope so.  I feel kind of guilty . . . leaving Lance to travel back home, by himself," Keith began to say.

"I'll accompany him home." Sven said. "Wit Arus under da threat of attack, I will fly back wit him in an armed ship...jist in case he gets into trouble."

"I appreciate it, Sven.  That makes me feel better." Keith replied.  "Pass on my excuses to Romelle and Bandor, will you?"

"I will." Sven said.

Keith extended his hand toward Sven and both men shook hands, vigorously.  He then turned and jumped into the cockpit.  The hatched slowly began to close.

Sven turned and moved back from the lion ship, as he now heard the sound of the ship coming to life with a mighty lion's roar.

The Black Lion rose to its feet and with a leap upward, it rose into the air, suddenly gaining speed and zooming up into the deep black night sky.

Sven watched until it had completely disappeared from sight.  He bowed his head . . . and sighed out loud.  Things were not the way they once were.

Nothing was, anymore.


Allura bounced up out of bed . . .

What was that awful sound?  A high-pitch screeching noise, piercing her ears and walking her up from her restless dreams . . .

It was then, as she began to become more coherent,
that she recognized the sound . . . the Castle's klaxons
were blaring a warning . . .

"The Castle's under attack!" she said with a gasp.

Quickly grabbing for her robe and slippers, she
hurriedly put them on as she raced for the door
to her bedroom, heading in the direction of
her chamber's exit.


"Oh for crying out loud...not again!"
Hunk groaned,  hearing the sirens'
awful sound,  screaming in his room.
"Can't these guys learn that night time
is for sleeping...not for attacking?"

Hunk flung his covers from his body
and abruptly jumped from bed in a
snip. "These guys will be sorry they
woke Hunk Simon from a deep

A sudden banging on the door disrupted his anger, as he heard Pidge's voice calling to him from the other side of it.


"No kidding, Pidge...I'm COMING!" Hunk grunted miserably, as he began walking to the door.

The door slid open, revealing Pidge...standing there in his pajamas and moppy brown hair. Pidge began to turn and run...but noticed that Hunk wasn't following him.  He stopped and turned his head back toward Hunk.

"Come on! Get the lead out, Hunk!" Pidge cried.

"I said I was COMING!" Hunk shouted. "I'm still waking up!"

"Well...while you're still waking up, our Castle will be destroyed!" Pidge cried out. "Now, come on!"

Pidge took off running down the hallway, with Hunk lumbering behind at a somewhat slower pace.


Princess Allura arrived at the Control Room first...even before Coran had had a chance to make there, himself. The young, on-duty security officer sounded the alert.

Allura ran up to the young man. "I'll take it from here." she said hurriedly.

"Yes, Your Highness!" the young man said, suddenly rising and vacating the center seat. "I have two squads of G'Donar ships on the radar... heading in fast to our location, with more on the way."

"I see...let's just see how many we're actually dealing with..." the Princess said, as she zoomed in on the image. "Three...four...five...six..."

Coran immediately entered the Control Room and ran as quickly as he could to where Allura and the young man were standing.

"Princess!" the stately adviser called out. "What is happening?"

"I'm showing six squads of G'Donar fighters...heading directly toward the Castle of Lions." Allura said calmly. "Twelve ships to each squad."

"Seventy-two fighters." Coran said, doing the math out loud. "We are severely outnumbered, Princess. And with the Black Lion gone..."

"Get ready to defend the Castle!" Allura ordered. "Lotor must have surmised that we are with out Black Lion as well as the Red Lion."

"And is no doubt, trying to take advantage of our disadvantage." Coran added.

"Raise the lion tunnels, Coran!" Allura commanded, as she vacated the center seat.

Coran took his place in the seat and immediately activated the tunnels, while shouting a warning down toward Allura, "Princess...you must wait for Hunk and Pidge! Do not attempt to engage the enemy alone!"

"Then...what are we waiting for?" Pidge's voice called out as he ran into the room. "I'm here...and Hunk's right behind me...sort of!"

"Hurry, Pidge! We've got to intercept them...before they reach the Castle!" Allura shouted. "We have to, somehow, keep them away as much as possible."

"We'll be ready for them, Princess!" Pidge rallied. "Let's get going!"

"Wait for me!" Hunk's voice echoed, as he too, now entered the room. "You can't start the party without me!"

"Okay...now that we're all here, let's get moving, team!" Allura shouted. "To the lions!"

"RIGHT!" Hunk and Pidge cried back.


Minutes later, Blue Lion was bursting forth from the lake that surrounded the Castle of Lions. The robot lion turned and took a defensive posture...standing its ground.

Inside the lion, however...

"Uh-oh!" Allura gasped. "We've got company, incoming! Hunk... Pidge...where are you boys?"

"On the way, Princess!" Pidge's voice echoed through the COM link.

"Me too, Princess!" Hunk shouted through the COM as well. "Just hang on!"

"Hurry, guys!" Allura shouted, readying her weapons system. "I can't handle all of them myself!"

"Just say, 'boo' and see if they run off!" Pidge giggled.

"Somehow, I get the sneaking suspicion that these guys ain't afraid of ghosts!" Hunk added.

"No...but I'll just bet they'd love to make ghosts out of us!" Allura said back in return.

From the left...Green Lion suddenly zoomed into position, taking its place next to Blue Lion.

From the extreme right...came Yellow Lion, streaking through the night sky in a blaze of yellow energy fire. It too, flew up next to the Blue Lion, taking its place to the opposite side of Green Lion.

"We could sure use Keith and Lance!" Pidge said suddenly, preparing for battle. "This isn't going to be easy!"

"Never mind that now!" Allura said, suddenly. "We have to make do with what we have! Pidge... how long before the enemy engages us?"

"Time to impact...sixty seconds."
Pidge said. "I'm confirming...
seventy-two ships...coming in,
fast, Princess!"

"This is going to be a washout!"
Hunk shouted.  "Holy cow!
We're outnumbered... twenty-four to one!"

"Steady, boys!" Allura said. "Steady..."

"Forty-five seconds, Princess..."
Pidge said to her.

"If we just had Keith...
and the Black Lion...we could
show these guys whose boss!" Hunk said.

"We don't have Keith." Allura said. "He's still on Pollux...and by the time he reaches us..."

"We'll already be tomato juice!" Hunk cried out.

"Twenty seconds...and counting..." Pidge said. "Nineteen... eighteen...seventeen...sixteen..."

"Get ready, boys!" Allura said. "Maintain a straight line formation...and watch each other's backs."

"Roger that, Princess!" Pidge replied.

"Check!" Hunk added.

"Here they come, Princess..." Pidge warned.

"Target incoming fighters," Allura said.

"Targets...confirmed and locked on, Allura." Hunk replied.

"Six seconds," Pidge continued the count. "Five...four...three...two..."

"Let's rock and roll!" Hunk shouted.

"Fire all weapons...now!" Allura ordered.

The lions immediately opened fire on the squads of G'Donar as they came into range. The G'Donar began to swarm, as was their usual tactic.

"Watch that they don't separate us!" Allura warned.

"Come here...you lousy, stinking...!" Hunk's voice echoed over the COM, as he began firing lion torches and heat-seeking missiles.

Suddenly and very quickly...it became apparent just how outnumbered they were.  The G'Donar kept on firing shield-weakening lasers, targeting the lion ships, in an effort to wear down their defenses...which apparently, wouldn't take too long to do.

"Princess!" Pidge shouted. "Energy levels are down to seventy percent!"

"We're sitting ducks here," Allura said. "We've got to move...fast!"

"But...we can't let them separate us!" Pidge cried.

"If we stay here like this, we won't last much longer!" Hunk shouted.

"Pidge...flank left! Hunk...flank right!  I'll kick in my afterburners and zoom upward." Allura ordered. "Keep each other in range...just in case one of us needs help!"

"Needs help?" Hunk chuckled. "You're joking, Princess! They're like a swarm of bees out here! And they're just waiting for the chance to sting us!"

"Which won't be too much longer," Pidge added. "Our shield power is down to forty-one percent...and dropping...fast!"

"Move out, everyone!" Allura commanded.

Yellow Lion immediately moved off to the right, while Green Lion zipped off to the left. The Blue Lion banked upward.  But each lion had more than twenty ships hot on its heels.

"I can't shake them!" Allura shouted, as she watched her sensor screens.

"Then, turn and fight!" Hunk shouted back. "There's no way we can win!  There's too many! So let's just go out of here in a blaze of glory...and take a few of these guys with us in the process!"

"ARUS FOREVER!" Pidge's voice rang out triumphantly over the COM.

Allura bit her lower lip, nervously.

"So ends my first command," she whispered to herself. "Quick...think, Allura!  What would Keith do in a situation like this?"

The G'Donar continued firing on the lions...two of them were in retreat, while Yellow Lion turned to engage. The shields were down to twenty-seven percent...and overall lion energy was rapidly being depleted as well.


Time seemed to fly as fast as Black Lion was flying through space. It wasn't long before Keith had a fix on Planet Arus. Only a few more minutes and Black Lion would be entering the atmosphere...

Keith had activated the cloaking device again, once he began drawing nearer to Planet Arus. He began to do a nominal sensor sweep of the area he was about to enter...making sure he would be able to slip past the G'Donar and Doom forces...if they were close by his approach.

But suddenly...he began to pick up multiple signatures on his sensor sweeps. Investigating the situation further, he targeted the sector near the Castle of Lions, where all the main activity seemed to be centered on. He quickly surmised that his friends must be engaging
enemy forces once again.

Activating the distance monitor,
Keith was able to pick up and isolate
several signature signals...coming
from several ships in that region. 
He quickly scanned the signatures
and analyzed them.  A gasp suddenly
escaped his mouth.

"No...NO!" Keith cried out loud.
"I KNEW something was wrong!"

He instantly identified one chased ship as the signature of the Blue Lion.  Yet another, heading in a different direction, was that of the Green Lion. And hovering near the Castle, was Yellow Lion. The other signatures...were G'Donar fighters. Several were about to overtake the Blue Lion and the Green Lion...while several more were now attacking the Yellow Lion...and its power was nearly depleted.

Keith had to think fast...how could he save them all?  The G'Donar would, no doubt, swarm after him, as they were the others...

"Wait a minute!" Keith suddenly shouted in revelation. "The cloaking device! I can sweep in...and pick off those ships, one by one, without even being detected!"

Keith quickly activated his COM to monitor his team's progress.  He then began hearing COM chatter...frantic COM chatter...

"They're catching up with me!" Allura's voice shouts. "I can't outrun them!"

"We're done for!" Pidge's voice cries.

"Nothing left to do but to turn and fight!" Hunk shouted out loud. "So do it, while we still have time!"

Keith immediately realized that his friends had precious few minutes left of power...and perhaps...even less of life, itself.

"C'mon, Black Lion!" Keith cried in the cockpit. "We're needed!"


Yellow Lion had been surrounded and was taking hits from all around it. Hunk was returning fire as well, using every last once of robot lion energy to fight off his attackers. Looking down at his power levels...he knew it wouldn't be long until the end.

Blue Lion swept upward through the skies, zigzagging back and forth...attempting to shake off the pursuant ships that were quickly catching up.

Inside the Blue Lion, Allura had her side monitors focused in on Yellow Lion and Green Lion...both in dire trouble. But knowing Lotor...her destiny was not destruction, as was apparently in store for her friends...her destiny was to live...as Lotor's slave-mate.

The attacks Blue Lion was suffering were severe...but not devastating. Just enough to deplete her lion's power and force her back to the ground...where she could be easily captured.

Green Lion had now turned to fight as well...Pidge, having decided to take Hunk's lead and go out of this life in a blaze of glory.

Hunk's board began going critical. "This is it, guys!" Hunk shouted. "My power board is reading ten percent energy and three percent shield power! Another couple good hits...and I'm done for!"

Suddenly...several explosions rocked the Yellow Lion, jarring the ship and its pilot. Hunk quickly checked his monitors to see what damage he had sustained.

"Hey?" Hunk said slowly and suspiciously. "What's going on here?"

"Report, Hunk!" Allura's voice cried out. "What's happening?"

"Ships are blowing up all around me...and I ain't doing a thing to them!" Hunk replied back.

"Confirmed, Allura!" Pidge's voice rang out. "The ships appear to be...self destructing somehow!"

"Self destructing?" Allura repeated. "What's causing that?"

"Reason unknown!" Pidge replied back. "But whatever the reason...it's good timing for Hunk's benefit! His lion's about out of juice!"

"Hunk! Can you move?" Allura asked him.

"Just a few more of these babies blowing up...and I can!" Hunk shouted back.

"Then as soon as you can ...do it!" Allura cried back. "Get yourself to safety!"

"What about you?" Hunk shouted back.

"Never mind about me!" Allura replied back. "They aren't out to kill me!"

"Only to capture you!" Pidge replied back. "And we're not going to let them do that!"

"Just see to yourselves!" Allura ordered. "Protect the Castle of Lions! That's a direct order!"

Several more ships began exploding around the Yellow Lion...and soon Hunk saw a way of escape...and quickly took advantage of it.

Yellow Lion zipped through the smoky remains of several destroyed G'Donar ships, blasting upward into the sky once again. But...Yellow Lion's power was nearly gone.

"Got to recharge...quick!" Hunk shouted angrily.

Turning his Yellow Lion around, Hunk headed it into a collision coarse with a nearby mountain. Zooming rapidly across the skies, Hunk built up enough speed to boar his way into the side of the mountain. Yellow Lion virtually disappeared, with rocks and debris spewing from the point of impact.

Green Lion was on the ground near the Castle...firing the last of its weapons. Pidge frantically rerouted energy power from the dyno-therm chamber, trying to draw on reserve energies. Suddenly...he took a direct hit.

"NO!" Pidge screamed.

"Pidge!" Allura's voice rang.

"My shields have been penetrated! I've got a weak side...the G'Donar found it before I could beef it up!" Pidge reported back.

"Damage, Pidge?" Allura's voice shouted.

"Too hard to tell!" Pidge cried back. "But the rest of my shields are buckling now under the pressure!"

"Can you fly, still?"

"Fly where?" Pidge shouted back. "In a few minutes...they'll be nothing left of me to bury!"

"Pidge!" Allura's voice shouted. "Hold on! I'll come back around!"

"No! Run for it, Allura!" Pidge cried back. "Save yourself!"

"Hold on!" Allura replied back. "I'll be right there!"

Blue Lion swung back around...and several G'Donar ships swung around after her. But several more swung around underneath her...on an intercept course with her lion ship.

Pidge feverishly worked on finding any remaining energy to feed to his nearly depleted shields. But suddenly...

"WHOA!" Pidge's voice cried out.

"PIDGE!" Allura shouted.

"Something's happening over here!" Pidge replied back.

"What...…" Allura began to say, before Pidge cut her off.

"Just like Hunk said...something's making these ships destroy themselves!" Pidge said back in a tone of revelation.

"And still no cause?" Allura shouted out loud.

"No...just as before...they're just...kind of blowing up...all by themselves!" Pidge replied back. "I don't understand why...or how..."

"Forget it, Pidge!" Allura ordered. "Never mind trying to figure it out…...just get out!"

"Roger that, Princess!" Pidge shouted.

Green Lion suddenly lifted off and into the air.

Blue Lion came back around, swooping in toward the ground. Suddenly, Allura saw her sensor array...

"Uh-oh!" Allura gasped. "G'Donar...coming around to beneath me!"

"Flank left, Princess!" Pidge's voice shouted back.

"I'm being surrounded!" Allura cried out. "I can't get away...in any direction!"

"I'm coming, Princess!" Pidge hollered back.

"Blue Lion...water blast!" Allura shouted, as she attempted to defend herself.

Blue Lion's mouth opened up wide...and a suddenly burst of rushing water came blasting forward, dowsing several G'Donar ships and leaving a path clear for Blue Lion to escape. But the path was quickly filled again with more G'Donar attackers.

Seconds later...a voice bellowed over the COM link...

"Allura...give up this foolish attempt at escape! Surrender...and your planet shall be free and strong, once again!"

Allura suddenly recognized the voice, now coming through the COM.

"Never, Lotor!" she shouted back.
"I'm ready to die for my world...
while you conveniently hide
yourself away from harm!"

"Ah...the benefits of being a
victorious leader!" Lotor replied
back in a subtle tone of voice.
"Very soon, Allura...you too, will know
what its like to benefit from my
benevolent leadership!"

"Over my dead body!"
Allura seethed back in return.

"Get her, you fools!" Lotor's voice bellowed over the COM, before terminating the link.

Suddenly, all of the remaining G'Donar attack ships swoop in and began to swarm around the Princess's Blue Lion. Allura is frantic... now knowing her escape route has once again been cut off.

Green Lion came back around, offering rounds of fire into the massive group of ships... but it does little, if any, damage.

Suddenly, Yellow Lion bursts forth from the mountainside.

"Hunk?" Pidge shouted. "Where were you?"

"Getting some restored lion energy!" Hunk cried back. "I'm back up to half power!"

"I need you, Hunk!" Allura's voice began to cry out.

Suddenly...an energy net began to form between four G'Donar ships.  They were now preparing to snare the Blue Lion within the net.

"I'm in trouble, guys!" Allura shouted. "Real trouble!"

"It's an energy net!" Pidge shouted. "Quick, Hunk...we've got to do something...before they snarl the Princess with it!  We've got to...what???  What in the world... is...happening?"

An unexplained burst of energy suddenly plowed into the middle of the surrounding wall of G'Donar ships...creating a pathway clear to the Blue Lion. Then...several G'Donar ships began to once again, unexplainably explode...right in front of the Blue Lion.

"There they go again!" Hunk shouted. "They're blowing up...and we're not doing a thing to them!"

"What's going on?" Allura cried from Blue Lion. "Something has to be causing this! Is it possible that their compulsion systems are not stable?"

"I don't know...but there's got to be a reason!" Pidge shouted back. "I'll check it out!"

Pidge immediately initiated a static code scan... attempting to find out the source of the explosions that were seemingly destroying the G'Donar fighters.

After a few seconds...Pidge quickly focused in on one particular area...and suddenly, pinpoints the remains of a bomb. After another quick scan...Pidge says out loud in the COM...

"Guys! I'm picking up remnants of OUR weapons! I just identified the remains of one of our spike bombs! Allura...did you fire it?"

"No! I haven't been able to fire anything!" Allura replied back.

"And Hunk's still out of range..." Pidge replied. "And...it wasn't me either! So...that could only mean one other person..."

"KEITH?" Hunk and Allura shouted.

"It's got to be him!" Pidge replied back. "He's cloaked...running in stealth and destroying the enemy!"

"Giving us time to regroup!" Allura added.

"But...how did he know to come...in the middle of the night?" Hunk said, as Yellow Lion was now arriving to join Green Lion.

"Who knows and who cares!" Pidge shouted back, gleefully. "I'm just glad he's here!"

"But...why didn't he let us know he was here?" Allura said, trying to maneuver Blue Lion through the path of exploding ships.

"He can't...or he'd give away his position to the enemy!" Pidge replied back. "The G'Donar can piggyback his COM transmissions...and locate him...just like that! It would act like radar. He's got his outgoing COM signal completely shut down!"

"But...he can hear us!" Hunk said in return.

"He sure can!" Pidge replied. "I'm willing to bet, knowing our Commander, hes probably monitoring our transmissions...even now!"

"Keith!" Allura cried out through the COM. "If you an hear me...you're a welcomed sight!"

"Or rather...lack there of!" Pidge added.

The remaining G'Donar began to regroup and swarm once again...their main objective was still the Blue Lion.

"Allura!' Pidge screamed. "Get back to base! They're still after you! Repeat..."

But as Pidge was finishing the warning...
a suddenly burst of laser energy blasted
from six, lined up, G'Donar ships, that had
rallied together to try and disable the Blue Lion.

The laser blast enveloped
Blue Lion completely, sending waves of
static shock throughout the ship.

Inside, Allura was screaming...
struck by the pain of the static
blast, and now, unable to respond.

The Blue Lion began to fall out of control..back toward the ground...with several G'Donar ships directly on its tail, following it all the way.

"Quick, HUNK!" Pidge screamed. "They're after the Princess again!"

"I'm on it!" Hunk shouted back.

Yellow and Green Lions immediately turned and dove toward the now, falling Blue Lion. Allura desperately tried to react through her fit of pain...but she was unable to concentrate.

"HELP ME!" she finally cried out through the COM.


Allura's body jolted forward as she suddenly felt the robot lion straighten out and level off. It was no longer falling helplessly toward the ground, but instead, was now swooping upward.

"Great job, Princess!" Hunk's voice boomed over the COM link.

"But...but I didn't..." Allura said with a gasp, but suddenly, chose not to finish the verbal thought. She knew it wasn't her maneuvering the lion in an upward thrust. She quickly opened up her mind...

*Keith...Keith...is that you out there?* Allura thought.

*Yes...it's me,* Keith's voice rang out in her mind. *Are you okay, Allura?*

Her heart leapt with joy at the sound of his voice in her mind.

*I'm okay now, but we're outnumbered Keith!* Allura thought. *And about out of energy!*

*Listen to me, Allura...and listen carefully!  I want you to instruct the other guys to initiate a frontal assault! Laser cannons, eye beams, spike bombs, lion claws, lion torches...open up with everything you've got! And I mean, everything! I'll do the same from here, but I'll stagger my attacks and move around. Just don't let the others know we're talking! I want to keep the G'Donar guessing...in case they are monitoring transmissions too! Just give the order, got it?* Keith thought back. *And follow my lead! I'll let you know where I am and where I'm going...and you can relay it to the rest of the guys!*

*But...it's not me giving the orders. That's deceptive...*

*Exactly Allura,* Keith thought out. *And that's just what I want the G'Donar to think! The less they focus in on finding me, the better it'll be for me to help you guys out! Just do as I say and we'll get through this!*

*Understood, Keith.* Allura thought back.

*Give the order, Allura.* Keith ordered. *I'm heading back around.*

Allura grabbed onto her flight levers, regaining control of Blue Lion, while feeling a quick jolt from beneath, as the invisible Black Lion relinquished control back to her.

She suddenly called out through the COM. "Listen up! We've got a plan! Get lined up for a frontal assault! We're going to release all weapon fire, directly at the enemy attack ships...and I mean...everything...front and back!"

"Gottcha, Princess!" Hunk called out.

"Great plan, Allura!" Pidge said. "We can fire forward and aft, protecting ourselves all at once..."

"And take out lots of them in the process!" Hunk finished.

"Line up!" Allura shouted.

The three lions drew a proverbial, 'line in the sand', daring the G'Donar to approach.

"Get ready, team," Allura said firmly.

The G'Donar began to swarm, yet again, heading in their direction, both forward and aft. Laser cannons, both back mounts and side mounts, suddenly materialized on the robot lions. An ominous glow began to appear in them. Tails were now pointed behind them, while additional bomb-launching cannons began to pivot and turn around, facing the rear of the lions.

*NOW, ALLURA!* Keith's voice echoed in her mind. *FIRE ALL WEAPONS!*

Allura suddenly echoed Keith's words... "NOW FIRE!" she ordered verbally to the team.

A massive array of weapons instantaneously began to fire from the lions...directly at the attacking G'Donar ships.

*Keith...where are you?* Allura thought out.

*Right above you guys,* Keith's voice boomed back in thought. *Just keep firing!*

The lions let loose blasters, bombs, tail lash lasers, eye beams, lion torches... everything. The G'Donar were taken off guard...and suddenly, the remaining ships began to separate and split off...heading hastily into retreat.

Pidge and Hunk whooped up a victory cry...while Allura just breathed a sigh of relief, tempering her victory celebration. She knew...if it weren't for Keith... and for Pidge's new device... the outcome would have been seriously different.

Soon, all the attacking enemy ships had gone into retreat...with a remaining count of only thirteen G'Donar ships escaping to fight another day. The rest...had been sent to an early, fiery grave.

"Great job, guys!" Keith's voice could now suddenly be heard through the COM.

"Keith!" Pidge shouted.

"Where are you?" Hunk cried out.

"I'm right here..."

Suddenly, the Black Lion re-materialized right before the three other lion ships.

"So...that was you, blowing up the ships!" Pidge said with a smile in his voice.

"Yep...right there with you." Keith replied back. "Good thing the G'Donar didn't know that!"

"Well....am I ever glad to see you!" Hunk shouted.

"Or rather...glad not to see him!" Pidge added with a laugh. "Looks like the cloak is a complete success!"

"More than a complete success," Keith said to him. "A crowning achievement! We've finally got the weapon we need to fight off these guys...once and for all!"

"Great job, little buddy!" Hunk added. "If you were here with me...I'd kiss you!"

"Then...I'm glad I'm in here!" Pidge laughed out loud.

"Allura...you did a great job!" Keith suddenly asked her.

"Thank you, Keith." she replied back quietly. "But...what are you doing back here so soon? Not that I'm complaining, mind you...but...where's Lance?"

"I'll explain it all back at the Castle of Lions." Keith replied back. "Right now, let's get these kittens on charge. We haven't heard the last of the G'Donar. As soon as they've had a chance to regroup...they'll be back...with Doom ships along side. And we'd better be ready for them!"

"Right!" Pidge and Hunk shouted.

"Okay...everyone...back to the Castle!" Keith ordered.

The four lions flew through the air...heading back toward the Castle of Lions for a much-appreciated rest.