A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 15
A Piece of Reality In Her Eyes

Prince Lotor had summoned Audra nearly five minutes ago...and still, she had not appeared before him.  He was beginning to become impatient with her.  His anxious ears waited for word from Arus...

What was going on, on the miserable planet in the Azure Quadrant?

His plans to capture the Princess, Allura, were fading quickly... and as of lately, it seemed as if Audra's mind were preoccupied with something else...other than his wishes.

"Where is that woman!" he hissed to himself.  "She late...as she has been a great many times, as of recently!"

The evil prince stood, pacing in his private chambers...having had dismissed all of the slaves girls and servants.

"AUDRA!" Lotor shouted out loud.  "You will appear before me... NOW!"

The air suddenly began to stir... and Lotor turned his head in that direction, waiting with evil anxiety...as the sorceress  had now decided to appear to him.

In front of him, a green smoky hue appeared once again, in swirling fashion.  Lotor took a seat on a nearby chair.  Crossing his arms over his chest, he waited for her appearance to be complete.

The smoke cleared, leaving Audra,
standing before him. 

"Your Highness."
Audra patronized him. 
"I apologize for my tardiness."

"You'll do more than apologize
if I don't like what you have to say."
Lotor seethed.  "Let's here it, Audra. 
What of my bride on Arus?"

"Sire, Princess Allura has reassembled three of the four space explorers.  I overheard that Commander Keith is preparing to travel to Pollux...to retrieve the one called, Lance."

"Yes...yes... I need no magician's trick to tell me that!" Lotor hollered.  "I knew that, as a point of common sense!  She needs all five pilots for Voltron!  Do you think her foolish, that she wouldn't try to get Lance back among them?  The question is...how do we stop Commander Keith from reaching Planet Pollux?  Have you thought of that?"

"I am not sure that there is away." Audra replied.

"Not sure?  You...not sure?" Lotor spat back at her.  "You're supposed to be, a so-called, 'powerful sorceress', and yet, you stand here and tell me that you're not sure if he can be stopped?"

"The younger among them has developed a technology that I am unable to track...even with my magic." Audra replied.

"So...you do have...limitations." Lotor growled, lowly.

"Yes, Sire." Audra said, before, choosing to fall into silence.

Lotor's eyes narrowed as he looked ate her.  "Why are you feeding me useless information?  What occupies your mind, Audra?"

She remained still...saying nothing.  Lotor suddenly rises to his feet and goes to stand in front of her.  Eyeing her, he smiles...

"You're not planning on defying me...are you?" Lotor said to her.  "After all, it was I, who released you from your prison.  You owe me."

"A debt, repaid in full, a hundred times over, Highness." Audra finally replied back.

"Oh...so I see.  And tell me... if not to serve me forever... what is it that you are planning on doing, Audra?" Lotor hissed with a smile.

Audra smiled, deciding to plan this little game.  "Shall I ask to speak?"

"You have my permission!" Lotor said, suddenly amused by her apparent defiance.  "Go ahead...speak...I'll indulge you!"

"I have...other interests now.  I desire to move in my own direction.  I request...that you release me from my vow to you." Audra said.

"And what if I feel that you have not yet fulfilled your obligation to me?  Then, what shall you do?" Lotor asked her.

"Prince...do you realize the power that you toy with?" Audra chuckled back her reply.  "I was not merely placed in a stone imprisonment for idleness.  Those people were afraid of me... as should you be, Your Highness."

"As should...I... be?" Lotor laughed back.  "What in all of Doom do I have to be afraid of...especially…with you...a woman?"

"I am here to serve you.  I have never disputed that..." Audra replied back.  "But...do not toy with me.  The last thing you desire is to make an enemy of me, Sire.  It is my desire to be released of my vow.  Whether you release me...or whether I terminate the agreement...
makes little difference to me.  But you WILL release me."

Lotor thought to reply...but something in Audra's eyes made him decide otherwise.  Her eyes suddenly lit up with an ominous green hue, sending a shiver down Lotor's spine.

A truly evil shiver...

Her eyes narrowed as she wickedly smiled.  "I believe...we understand each other, Sire."

"That will be all, Audra." Lotor said to her in a more relaxed tone.

Audra bowed before him...and vanished instantly.

As the evil Prince pondered what had just transpired...he wondered to himself if Hagar had perhaps been correct, when she said that this woman was pure evil.  Perhaps...a small serving of that had been given to him.  Never, had he been so afraid of any woman before...not even Queen Merla held that power over him.

But this woman... this...Audra...was different.

He sensed a deep wickedness that he had never sensed before...until now.

And...suddenly, Lotor began to wonder to himself, just who was the slave...and who was the master.