A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 12
Twilight's Deepest Colors

The evening sunset had shown brilliantly through the haze of the pre-dusk sky.

And Allura stood quietly, looking out the window in the team's lounge, catching a glimpse of the setting Arusian sun as it dipped ever so slowly beyond the horizon.   She only wished she could enjoy it, completely.

Smoke could still be seen in various places in the distance, as many cities, towns and villages remain smoldering and abandoned...the people fleeing for their lives from the horror that plaqued their once peaceful planet.

Her troubled thoughts, however, rested more on an incident that occurred earlier in the day.

Keith was right, when he said that something had forced them apart, during their earlier reunion.   As she had been contently resting her head on the chest of her Commander and dearest love, she distinctly felt the, 'push' of some type of force...literally prying her from
Keith.  The feeling was chilling, as her mind recalled it.


She startled slightly, but caught a glimpsing reflection of the person who uttered the single word that cut through the silence of the room.  She turned and smiled...

"Hello, Keith." Allura greeted him.  "Any luck reaching Lance on Pollux, yet?"

"Well," Keith started with, as he began to cross the room to meet her by the window.  "Not exactly.  I did connect with Pollux and I did get to talk to Romelle."

"And, how is my cousin?" Allura asked him.

"Fine." Keith replied simply.  "She sends her regards."

"Did she have any news on Lance?" Allura asked, as Keith walked up to where she was standing.

"Yes...and no." Keith replied with a sigh, as he crossed he arms in front of him.  "She said Lance was okay...he arrived without any problems.  She said Sven had been talking to him...but as of yet, nothing much has come of it."

"I see," Allura replied back slowly.  "So, what's our next move regarding our wayward Red Lion pilot?  Do you have a plan of bringing him home again?"

"I've got something in mind, yes." Keith replied back to her.  "But it requires me to go to Pollux.  And with the Black Lion back in operational condition and with Pidge's new cloaking device in place, I plan on making a personal plea directly to Lance, myself."

"Is that wise?" Allura questioned him with concern in her voice.  "I mean...with the G'Donar and Doom ships scattered around Arus, as they've been?"

"I really don't see any other way around it, Allura." Keith replied back.  "He won't answer my hails.  So, I guess I'll have to go there myself to talk to him.  I've got to somehow help Sven talk him back into returning with me to Arus.  Besides...it's a good time to test Pidge's gadget."

Allura turned her head away and glanced back out the window.  The sun had nearly set in the sky.

"I don't like it, Keith." Allura said quietly.  "What if something happens to you while you're away?  I mean, we don't even know if that device of Pidge's even works.  To test his theory out with your life..."

"Will you stop inventing trouble, Allura?" Keith said to her, taking her by the shoulders and turning her around to face him.  "I'll be just fine.  I can take care of myself."

"All I'm saying is that with all of the enemy activity going on, you shouldn't go alone." Allura repeated her concern.  "If you suddenly find yourself needing back up, you might be too far away for us to reach you in time."

"Allura...we've got few options to work with.  Besides, I need you and Pidge to remain here while I'm gone, and be on the defensive." Keith replied.

Allura said nothing.  She turned her head to look out the window.

"There was a time, not so long ago, when you and I were out on a day adventure, together.  Remember, Keith?"

He released her shoulders and sighed as he turned his head toward the window to look out of it as well.  "Yeah...seems like such a long time ago, doesn't it?"

"So much has happened to us," Allura reflected.  "Our once, peaceful world, has again been ripped away from us.  I can hardly believe that these last several weeks have really been happening.  I almost wish that it were a dream."

"Me too." Keith replied back to her.  "But its reality.  And we have to deal with it."

Allura bowed her head and sighed as well.  "Did you...did you see Jennica yet?"

"Yeah," Keith replied back.  "She was so thrilled to see that I had come home, that she nearly knocked me over jumping into my arms!  She's a cute kid."

"She missed you." Allura noted, before adding,  "And so did I.   And I hope to never feel that way again."

Keith looked at Allura, suddenly catching the glaze in her eyes.  Her eyes were beginning to tear.

"Listen...I um...I was planning on finding Hunk before I leave." Keith said to Allura, trying to change the subject.  "Uh...any idea where he is?"

Allura nodded solemnly.  "Yes.  The last word we heard was that he was going to stay in the town of Weldon.  He loves playing with the children there and has managed to make several friends there over the last several months, with all of the charitable work he's been doing
for them.  I believe Coran said that Hunk was helping them rebuild."

Keith nodded.  "Then I'm heading there."

"Tonight?" Allura said suddenly.  "But...Keith...it's getting dark out!"

"I'm not afraid of the dark, Princess." Keith smiled, throwing her a playful 'wink'.

"I meant that it's getting late and for security sake, perhaps staying within the Castle until morning..."

"The sooner I get Hunk back here, the better." Keith replied back.  "We don't have time to figure out when's the safest time to be out.  There are no safe times in war, Allura.  You above all people, should know that."

"I know..." Allura bowed her head again.  "Its just...that I..."

Keith shook his head and smiled.  "Look...if you want to come with me to find Hunk...I guess that'll be okay.  I could use the company... and the back up."

Allura's eye glimmered as they met Keith's suddenly.  "Oh, could I come, Keith?"

He suddenly laughed out loud.  "You're one of the strongest people I know...and yet, you still show the delight of a child, sometimes!"

"When do we leave?" she asked him, hurriedly.

"Whoa...whoa...slow down, Princess!  What's the rush?" Keith laughed at her. "A minute ago, you were telling me how dangerous it was to be out there at night!   Now, you can't wait to go!"

"That's because now, I'm going with you!  And I feel better knowing that I can keep my eye on you!" Allura winked at him.

"Hey...that's my line!" Keith snickered in return.

"I just borrowed it for a time!" Allura smiled back.  "I'll give it back, don't worry!"

The sound of a voice clearing behind them suddenly caught their attention.  As they turned, they saw Coran standing in the open doorway of the team's lounge.

"Forgive the intrusion, Your Highness.  But I have the information you were waiting for, Commander." Coran said, suddenly walking toward them with a handheld mini-computer.

Keith turned to accept it from Coran and immediately began to view the readout display. Allura moved in to look over Keith's shoulder.

"What is this, Keith?" Allura asked him.

"It is a tactical display, laying out in detail, the enemy's exact locations around our planet." Coran replied.

"Yeah," Keith added in a low voice.  "And it looks like these guys are getting paid overtime to do their job.  Lotor's got attack positions set up all over Arus...both on the surface of the planet and in the air."

"Then, he could strike at any moment." Allura said.

"That is correct, Princess." Coran confirmed.  "I have ordered our military troops on high alert.  They are ready to defend against any enemy movement."

"A good idea, Coran, but I think we all know that that won't stop these guys." Keith said.  "Once they start their attack...I'm afraid we've got a snowball's chance in hell to fight them off."

"I agree," Allura added.  "Without Voltron...I'm afraid Lotor has a tactical advantage over us."

"Our only chance is to get Hunk and Lance back here...as soon as possible." Keith said.

"Yes.  Keith and I are going to Weldon to find Hunk." Allura said.

Coran's eyebrows knitted together.  "And what if Hunk chooses not to return with you.  Then what?"

"Hunk will return." Keith said back to Coran.  "He's got his head in a fog.  We all do.  We've got to get back to doing what we do best... working as a team."

"And once Hunk is back among us, Keith is going after Lance on Pollux." Allura added.  "I'll contact Princess Romelle and let her know of Keith's plan."

"Be careful, Allura." Coran said in a near whispered voice.  "Lotor's eyes are everywhere.  He need only catch you in a vulnerable position..."

"Keith and I will look after each other." Allura affirmed.  "You needn't worry."

Coran bowed his head slightly.  "In that...I have no doubt."