A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 11
Personal Reflections

Allura returned to Castle Control, absolutely frustrated.  She was so sure that Keith would understand her situation, once she had explained it to him.  Instead, not only was he unsympathetic...but absolutely contrary!

She came to stand next to Coran, who had slipped on a headset, trying to block out the irate conversation between the Princess and her Commander.

He had determined that Allura should handle the issue herself...that is...unless, she happened to ask for his opinion on the matter.

Allura furiously paced the floor of the Control Room...back and forth... in a fevered pace. Her arms were crossed and her brow was slanted downward, giving her face the careful appearance of a, 'scowl'.

Coran avoided gazing in her direction, knowing that it wouldn't be long before the young Princess exploded...

She finally paused in her steps...her body turned away from Coran.

He waited...

And the wait was short...

"I just can't believe him!" Allura suddenly shouted, her voice escalating in intensity with each word she spoke.  She unfurled her arms and forcefully dropped them to her sides.

Coran sighed gently, removing the headset and lying it, carefully on the control panel surface.  He turned in his chair and crossed his arms in front of him...she wasn't finished yet. He knew that for certain, if he knew anything at all about this feisty, spunk-driven
young woman he had had the pleasure of raising to adulthood.

And...he was right.

The angry Princess turned on one heel...spinning around...and glaring straight at her royal advisor.  Her facial expression was nothing less than pure aggravation.

"He's the most stubborn, crass and
blunt individual that I have ever
met!" she blew out.

"Who is, Princess?" Coran asked her...
knowing full well the answer.
But she gave it to him anyway.

She shot her Royal Advisor a bitter glare.

"KEITH!" Allura screeched at him.
"He as much as told me out there
that he's not the least bit understanding
of my position in this!  I tried to explain to him...tried to tell him that I had made a mistake... and what was his response?  Bullheadedness!   Utter and complete bullheadedness!  He, 'heard' what I had to say, but he didn't, 'listen' to what I was saying!  Ooh!  He can sometimes infuriate me to no end!"

"Tell me, Your Highness," Coran began. "What makes his careless response to your injured feelings, any less valid than your response to his?"

"What are you talking about, Coran?" Allura huffed.  "He's being completely unsympathetic to my situation!"

"As are you to his, I suspect." Coran added.

Allura's mouth hung open...stunned by Coran's last comment.


Pidge had just removed the protective panel on the console and was sorting through his tools that he was going to need to finish the job he had started in the Black Lion...when Keith entered the cockpit.

He had a noticeable frown on his face.  Pidge right away detected that something had gone wrong, somewhere...and if he had to take a guess at it...he figured it was something that had happened between Allura and him, after he had left the Control Room.

Keith came in next to Pidge and squatted down next to him.

"So, what's the scoop, Ace?" Keith asked Pidge. "Can we get this in working order soon or what?"

"Yeah...everything looks okay, circuitry-wise.  I guess I can adjust the gyro-sensor and then, redirect the weapons matrix around it...bypassing the X-fuse, where I installed the cloaking device." Pidge replied back.

"Speaking of which," Keith added.  "Will that thing actually work in combat?"

"Like a dream!" Pidge gave Keith a wink of the eye.  "It's like being in stealth mode, only we're not just on a new phase frequency...but we'll actually be phased out altogether!  No ship's sensors will be able to track us...expect by guessing our movement based on our last
position. And that will be hard to do!"

"Awesome!" Keith replied with a sudden burst of enthusiasm.  "And it will either cover Black Lion, singly or Voltron, as a whole, when assembled?"

"You got it!" Pidge replied with a nod of his head and a smile.  "We'll finally have the upper hand on Lotor's goon patrol!"

"Sounds good to me!" Keith replied back.  "Let's get to it, then!"


The two of them had been working for fifteen minutes...when Pidge finally gather up enough nerve to redirect their conversation from circuits and technologies...to women.

One woman in particular...

"So...uh...Keith," Pidge began, as his hand stretched into the inner panel.  "I saw you come in here with a sour face.  Did you and the Princess have a disagreement?"

"I don't want to talk about it, Pidge." Keith replied, suddenly monotone.

"Why not?" Pidge dared to ask.

"Because right now, my priority is to get this cat fully functional again." Keith replied back, staunchly.  "I have no time for anything else."

Pidge asked again.  "I know something happened...you came here looking like you were steamed like a clam."

"I said...I don't want to talk about it." Keith repeated himself.  "Let's just get this done, okay?"

"Okay...so you don't want to talk about it." Pidge said, shrugging his shoulders a bit.  He then redirected the conversation.  "I was a bit surprised to see you back here, Keith.  What changed your mind and brought you back to Arus?"

"I told you...I didn't want to talk about her!" Keith blasted back suddenly.  "Did you hear me the first two times, Pidge?"

Pidge wrinkled his nose a bit.  "Gee, Keith...I didn't think I was talking about, 'her'. I thought I was asking why you came back.  Unless of course...it had to do with the Princess..."

Keith sighed and shook his head.  He immediately backed away from his work on the panel and placed his hands on his lap.

"Okay...I'm going to say this one time...and one time only." Keith said in a low toned voice. "I came back, because Allura summoned me here by telepathy.  She told me that she had something very important to tell me and that I had to come back here to Arus, because she had to clear her conscience, in person.  When I got here, I found her running for her life in the Black Lion.  I took Blue Lion and went up there to help."

"I know what comes next." Pidge said, looking at Keith's face.  "Now...what happened after we got back to the Control Room...did she tell you what she had to tell you...after I left the room?"

"Yeah...yeah, she told me." Keith replied back. 
His face suddenly dropped in anguish.
"And what did I do in response?  
I made her feel worse...that's what I did!"

"What was the big thing she had to tell you, Keith?"
Pidge asked anxiously.

Keith's lips puckered together.  "She...she told me
that she lied to me. She does love me, Pidge. 
She does.... But..."

"But...what, Keith?" Pidge asked, beckoning
his friend and leader to go on.

"Oh...I made an idiot out of myself, Pidge!" Keith shouted out loud, suddenly. "I ignored her...worse...I made her feel like her private, little pain didn't mean a thing to me!  And even worse still...I'm not sure what came over me to make me say some of the things I said to

Pidge stared at Keith in a bewildered fashion. "Like...what?"

"I kept going on and on about how much it hurt me...and it did...no denying that.  But I made it seem as if her anguished feelings and dreams were less important, compared to mine.  I made her feel worthless, Pidge!  What was the matter with me?"

"Relax, Keith," Pidge replied, patting him on the back.  "You're not the first guy that ever said something to a girl that he wishes he could take back.  Besides...the Princess is a pretty smart person.  She'll understand if you explain it to her.  And besides that...she loves you…remember?"

"I'm not so sure anymore, Pidge." Keith replied back.  "I hammered her, like a nail in the coffin.  I even went so far as to say that I might not feel the same for her anymore, after all of this.  I know it's not true!  She knows it too!  But, still, the words cut her like a knife.  Who knows if she can ever forgive me, now."

"Nah...she's tough AS nails.  She'll recover.   Besides... you both need each other.  You're both made for each other.  You're both cut from the same cloth." Pidge said, with a wink of his eye.  "She's probably, right now, regretting being mad at you!"

Keith stared at Pidge, blankly...absorbing what he was saying.


"Coran...what do you mean that I'm unsympathetic to Keith's feelings?  What are you saying?" Allura gasped at his last comment.  "That I'm not considering how Keith feels in all of this?  What about how I FEEL in all of this?"

"I am merely suggesting that you examine your heart clearly, Allura.  Keith was a broken man when he left Arus, some days ago.  I saw him...he was downcast...sorrowful...and wanted nothing more than to do whatever was necessary to relieve himself of those feelings...even if it meant leaving Arus...and leaving you."

"Coran...I never asked him to leave!" Allura replied.

"Not in words...but in actions...perhaps." Coran said.

"I never... meant..." Allura began to say.

But Coran quickly cut her off... "Princess...you became reclusive...especially toward Keith. A man's feelings are a deeply personal thing, and not often shared with very many people through his lifetime.  Keith, especially, has seen much sorrow in his lifetime.  Like you, he has lost many of the people he has loved in his life.  Callusing over his heart has become something of a full time venture for him.  Then, after meeting you, he had dropped his guard...and suddenly, found himself in the unwelcome grips of love.  And not just with any woman, mind you...but with a Royal Princess.  For any man...that would be intimidating, enough.  But for Keith, it is not only intimidating...but dangerous, as well."

Coran took two steps forward toward the Princess as he continued, "He is your protector and the protector of Arus.   He guards his passions, protectively.  And I dare say...that you are one of them, Allura.  Perhaps... the most important of them all.   He returned to us
today...not just because you had summoned him...but because he was looking for a reason to return."

"How did you know that I summoned him, Coran?" Allura questioned him. "I never told you that I..."

"Your grieving spirit could be felt in every area of the Castle.   My spirit is uniquely in tuned with yours.  I sensed it.  There was no other reason for his return...except for his passion for you and for your protection.  He was made protecting and loving you...his top
priority.  This is his life." Coran said.  "He lives to protect you...and to love you, Allura...
and will stop at nothing to do both."

"Which was why he risked his life out there today." Allura added quietly.

"Yes." Coran replied back.  "And he did it...with no expectation of a return of affection on your part.  He did it...unconditionally...and without reservation.  Just to see the passion in his movements, the moment he had returned to Arus...would have taken your breath away.
He took command of the alliance ship that he had been traveling in... landed it with reckless abandon...raced through the Castle to the Blue Lion...all because he knew you were in danger...and never once, thinking of the consequences to his own life.  He was prepared to die for you, Princess.  Have you not felt that in your own soul?"

Allura bowed her head and sighed.  "I had." she replied simply.

"He loves you, Allura.  And I know you feel the same...deep within.  Your spirits are joined by an inseparable bond...forever united together." Coran finished.

"I feel it, Coran." Allura said quietly.  "I've felt it...for a long time."

"Do not be quick to judge Keith, Allura.  He is a complicated man.  But his heart is noble and genuine.   He would die for you...if need be.   He was prepared to do that today...and in fact... it almost came to that...until Pidge returned back to us."

Allura paused, looking up for a moment...and then...bowed her head, once again.

"Oh Coran...I'm so ashamed of myself.  I was a perfect fool...wasn't I?" Allura said softly.

"No one is, 'perfect' at anything, Your Highness." Coran replied with a quick wit and a bright smile on his face.

Allura looked up at him... and she was suddenly able to find a smile of her own to share with Coran.

"I must find him, Coran!" Allura said suddenly, now running for the exit.

"He is probably in the Black Lion cockpit!" Coran shouted at her.

After she threw him a wave of her hand and disappeared from sight, Coran sat back in his chair and turned back around to resume his work...satisfied that Allura would work things out on her own.  She just needed a little help to see past her emotions.


"Pidge... look, I know you're just trying to help...but I've got to work this out for myself." Keith said.

"Maybe...if you just go and talk with her again..." Pidge winked at Keith.

"Look...I've got to concentrate on this right now." Keith replied firmly.  "They'll be time to make up later.  Our security is at risk...that's our top priority."

"Suit yourself." Pidge replied, shrugging his shoulders, then, leaning back into the panel to work.

Keith leaned into the panel as well, viewing what Pidge was doing... yet...his mind wasn't truly there.  He was thinking of Allura.

After a few moments, Keith suddenly rose to his feet and began to head for the cockpit entrance.  Pidge lifted his head up and called after him.

"Hey Keith!" Pidge shouted.   "Where're you going?"

"Just keep working!" Keith called back him.  "I'll be right back!"

Keith exited the Black Lion cockpit hatch.  As it closed up behind him, Pidge couldn't help but crack a smile...

"Now, I wonder where he's off to?" Pidge snickered, then returned to his work.


Keith had just made it out of the Black Lion and prepared to ride the hover lift he had arrived on, back down to the ground.  As he jumped onto it...his thoughts began to race.

He had to find Allura...he had to straighten things out between them....whether she wanted to...or not. 

He had realized just how childish he had behaved toward her.  He also realized, that given the circumstances that she was facing, had it been him facing the decision instead of her...he would have done the exact same thing in order to save her life.

"What an idiot!" Keith reprimanded himself.  "She wanted to explain...and you were too busy worrying about your own bruised feelings!  How can I expect her to forgive me, after the way I behaved?  Hell, I wouldn't blame her if she hated me for the rest of my life!"

The lift reached the ground and no sooner had it done so, but Keith was off of it...and was now sprinting toward the Castle.  His mind was concentrated on finding the Princess.

Since Castle Control was the last place she was at when he last saw her...that was the first place he would start with, to finding her.

He had reached one of the Castle's smaller, secured maintenance entrances and activated the security code to open the maintenance door.  Keith shot past it as fast as he could, once it opened to him, only pausing briefly to make sure it had closed up again behind his

He bolted down the corridor on his way to Castle Control...running at full speed.  Keith took a sharp left turn to make the final run for the Control Room when....


Keith cried out, as his body ran full force into another human being, coming around the corner at the same time.  The blunt force of the impact knocked them both to the ground.

Keith shook his head, trying to gather his senses to apologize to the person he had just plowed into...when suddenly...



Keith and Allura sat on the floor, staring across at each other!  Keith quickly scrambled to his feet.

"Oh my gosh!" he said quickly, reaching over to help Allura to her feet.  "Did you get hurt?"

"No." she replied, accepting his hands as he pulled her to her feet as well.  "Are you hurt?"

"No." Keith replied back.  "Actually, I was just coming to find you."

"Me too." Allura said with a smile.  "I think..."

"...we need to talk," they both said together, finishing Allura's statement.

They suddenly both broke into chuckles.  After the ice had been broken, Keith bowed his head and began to speak...

"I'm sorry...about what happened...when we got back to the Castle.  I acted like a little kid who didn't like the way the game was being played."

Allura squeezed his hands... "No...I'm the one who's sorry.  I was the one who had acted childish and immature.  I just wanted you to understand what happened..."

"And I should have!" Keith agreed, suddenly cutting into her statement.  "I should have put my emotional baggage behind and taken the time to listen to you!  Instead, I made rash judgments against you!"

He suddenly released her hands and looked at her. "I don't expect you to forgive me. But...I'd be grateful if you did."

"Oh Keith," Allura sighed, suddenly rushing into his arms.  She rested her head gently on his chest as she wrapped her arms around him. "I've already forgiven you.  Can you forgive me, as well?"

"You did nothing to forgive." the young commander replied back in a whispered voice, as he wrapped his arms gently around her as well.

They held each other...and suddenly...the world around them seemed to melt away...as if nothing was more important than the moment they were sharing with each other...right now.

A blissful peace came between them...and all was forgotten, instantly.

As they stood and contently held each other for a few moments... suddenly...both of them parted... quickly...and abruptly.

They began staring at each other with bewildered expressions.

"Did you feel that?" Keith said to her suddenly.

"Yes!" Allura replied, now looking around.  "It was as if..."

"...someone or...something...pushed us apart!" Keith finished.

"What was it?" she asked him.

He looked up to the ceiling...scanning it with his eyes.

"I...don't know." he replied, cautiously.

"...I just...don't know."