A story based on, "Voltron, The Third Dimension"
Copyright 2004
By Adele Previte

"Voltron" and its characters are a trademark and copyright of World Event Productions.
All other characters are copyrighted by me and can be used with my permission.



Chapter 5
The Last One Left

The Princess awoke to the sound of her personal wrist COM going off.  Disoriented, she paused for a moment, attempting to get her bearings.

Where was she?  This wasn't her room!

Then...it hit her.

As she looked down upon the bed that she had been lying on, she realized, instantly, that it was Keith's bed that she had fallen asleep in.

Keith... oh Keith...

Suddenly...all of the grief that had, for a short time, slipped away into the peaceful rest of Keith's bed, had once again, crept its way back into her mind.

Reality had returned.  Keith was gone.... and would most likely never return.

Her COM was going off repeatedly.  Wearily, she sat up in bed and swung her feet to the floor. Reaching her other hand over, she activated her wrist COM...

"Allura here..." she said, in a sad tone of voice.

"Princess!  Thank heaven, I have finally found you!"

The reply was from Coran, who was obviously upset over something.

"Coran," Allura replied, now suddenly concerned. "What is it?  What's  wrong?"

"Hunk and Pidge, Princess...they are leaving!"

"LEAVING?" Allura shouted, aghast suddenly.  "What do you mean...leaving?!? Leaving...where?  Why?"

"I am told, there was an altercation..." Coran began to say.

"What altercation?" Allura said, now rising to her feet and flying from the bedroom to the main living area of Keith's former quarters.  "What's going on, Coran?"

"Pidge had been working on the Black Lion, installing his cloaking device, when Hunk apparently entered into the cockpit, insisting on obtaining a certain tool that Pidge was using for his work..."

"Wait...stop!" Allura shouted.  "Did you say that they were fighting over a tool? Wait...wait just a minute...I seem to remember..."

"Princess?" Coran's voice said her name in a questioning manner.

"Coran, I ran into Hunk a short time ago in the corridor.  He seemed agitated over some tool that he was looking for.  He didn't say much about it, other than he was looking for it." Allura replied. "I made the suggestion that perhaps Pidge was using it for his work on
Black Lion..."

"Well, that, 'tool', was the apparent cause of an incident between Hunk and Pidge, that almost left Pidge dead!" Coran's voice replied.

"WHAT?" Allura shouted. "DEAD?  What are you talking about?  Coran...what's happened..."

"Your Highness, according to Pidge's account of the matter, Hunk entered into the Black Lion cockpit where he had been working, and demanded the tool you are speaking of. When Pidge was reluctant to give it up, the altercation ensued, with Pidge somehow knocking Hunk of balance, in order for him to escape the cockpit.  But Hunk soon recovered and went after him, catching him on the hover lift that Pidge had used to scale the exterior wall of the Black Lion Monument.  Enraged, Hunk grabbed onto Pidge and threatened to drop him over the edge to the ground below.  From what I have been told, Pidge was literally dangling in Hunk's grasp...in midair, Princess!"

"Oh my goodness!" Allura gasped.  "Those two are the best of friends!  What would make Hunk go berserk like that!"

"I am sure I do not know the answer to that question, Princess.   However, the results of the confrontation have become devastatingly real to us!  Pidge had fled the Castle, afraid of Hunk, suddenly.  He is seeking refuge at a nearby village, and has divulged only that for
now.  He wishes to keep his location hidden for the time being.  And as for Hunk...he is packing, as we speak.  He shall be leaving shortly!"

"This is a nightmare!" Allura sighed, shaking her head.  "First Keith...then Lance...now Pidge and Hunk too!  This is leaving us at an extreme disadvantage against Lotor!"

"Which brings me to my next subject…" Coran suddenly added. "You have received a communiqué from Prince Lotor, demanding to speak to you within the hour."

"I have no time for him, Coran!" Allura shouted, angrily.

"Your Highness...you are in no position to turn down an opportunity to at least speak to him...perhaps, find out if, in some way, he is at all reasonable for what has been taking place lately." Coran reminded her.  "Remember...we no longer have Voltron to protect us!
We are at the mercy of Doom, at this point!"

"I will NOT bow to Doom, Coran!  And I will not allow Lotor to dictate my life to me!" Allura shouted back.  "Where's Hunk now?"

"Packing...in his room, Princess." Coran replied.

"I'll contact you shortly, Coran. Allura out."

Allura immediately disconnected the link and walked out of Keith's former quarters, heading down the corridor to Hunk's quarters...a short distance away.

"Just what in the name of heaven does he think he's doing?" Allura mumbled to herself regarding Hunk's recent behavior. "As if I don't have enough to worry about...now this!"

She came to stand in front of his door.  Stopping herself for a moment, she took in a breath of air...and then, released it once more, trying desperately not to lose her temper.  As she was about to ring the door buzzer, the door quickly slid open, startling Allura...and Hunk, who was now, standing squarely in front of her.

Allura blinked rapidly for a moment or two...then, she raised her eyebrows at the Yellow Lion Knight.  She suddenly became aware that he had a carry bag over his shoulder.

Hunk stared at Allura with a somewhat bewildered expression on his face.

"Princess!" Hunk suddenly said to her.  "Wha...what are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here?" she repeated his words back to him, however, the meaning was much different.

"I'm...uh...leaving." Hunk replied quietly.

"Why?" she said, shaking her head at him. "Hunk...what's going on?"

"Well...I'm...I don't know what you mean.  I just know I have to get out of here." Hunk said suddenly.

"I don't understand this, Hunk!" Allura said in an exasperated tone of voice.  "First, you attack Keith...now Pidge...and now...you're just...leaving...and that's it?"

"Yeah...yeah that's about the size of it, all right." Hunk replied smugly, suddenly brewing with anger once again.  "And don't you try to stop me, either!"

"What's become of the lovable Hunk I once knew?" Allura said in a much softer tone of voice.

"He's finally developed a backbone, I guess...and finally stopped taking all the guff everyone tosses at him all the time!" Hunk shouted.

"Hunk, are you treated so terribly unfair?" Allura said softly.  "I think you're taking all of this out of context, don't you?"

"Well..." Hunk replied in a calmer tone.

"Hunk, please..." Allura pleaded.  "Let's you and I sit down and talk about what you're feeling.   I know together, we can work out whatever is troubling you."

"But... I...no...wait a minute...you're just trying to confuse me, Allura!" Hunk said ssuddenly, his expression was confused.

"No, I'm not." Allura said to him.  "Think about this...carefully.  Does any of what you've done, make sense to you?  Scaring poor Pidge... hitting Keith..."

"Keith started it!" Hunk shouted suddenly.

Allura stepped back for a moment.  "Keith started...what, Hunk?"

"He was the one who made you cry!" Hunk shouted back.  "I saw him... in the garden!  And he pushed you too...in the dining hall!"

"No!  Keith would never hurt me!" Allura defended.

"Oh yeah?" Hunk snorted.  "Then...why did he leave?"

"Ask yourself that same question, as to why you're leaving now." Allura replied back in a curt tone of voice.  "If you find the answer for yourself, then you've found it for Keith as well."

Hunk paused for a moment...thinking things through... trying to hear her words...

Suddenly...Hunk's anger welled up once again... and he looked at Allura straight in the face.

It was as if he were being...forced... to act this way.

"I've got to go!" Hunk shouted, suddenly pushing past her.

"Hunk!  Wait!" she shouted. "Answer me!  Why are you leaving?  What reason do you have?"

"I don't need a reason!" Hunk shouted back.  "But if you want to know... it goes back to the same old thing!  Hunk...always picked on...never appreciated!"

"Hunk, that's not true!" Allura cried out.  "You are appreciated... much more than you realize!"

"Yeah...well, maybe that's the reason why Keith left!  He wasn't appreciated enough by you...you're...you're such a...a ...a royal snob!" Hunk stammered as he turned to walk away, leaving her stunned.

Allura paused... trying to sort through what had just happened.

"A...royal...snob?!" Allura said, repeating each word carefully.

She shook her head...feeling as if she had been stabled by an emotional knife.  This was not the Hunk she knew.  Something has changed him, somehow.

As Hunk stormed out of sight down the corridor, the reality of what had just happened quickly impacted her.  Arus was truly defenseless, with all but one pilot, gone.

Her wrist COM began to go off once again.  Sighing, Allura lifted her hand up and activated the COM link.

"Princess!  Princess!  Are you there?" Coran's panicked voice cried through the COM.

"Yes...what is it, Coran?" she asked him.

"We are receiving another message...from Prince Lotor!  He is demanding to speak with you, now!"

"Coming!" Allura shouted.

She was in no mood for him, today.  The ultimatum she had been expecting had arrived. And she was the last member left of the Voltron Force.  Whatever had happened to this point, made no difference going forward.  She knew Lotor was going to demand the
surrender of Arus. And that was the last thing he was going to get...at least, get willingly.

Lotor was going to find out, quickly, that this Princess was not going to be easily frightened off. Allura's face dawned a look of determination, as she marched down the hallway to confront her enemy...alone.

Without Keith...
Without Lance...
Without Hunk...
Without Pidge...

...Without Voltron.

It was time to do...or die.